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Topics of the day:

1. Iran: Female Student Leader wounded by assailants...


Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 23:36:14 -0500
From: "Aryo B. Pirouznia" <aryopirouznia@EMAIL.MSN.COM>
Subject: Iran: Female Student Leader wounded by assailants...

Dear Friends, Dear Participants,

Once again, some members of the islamic intelligence services
have forced the home entry of one of the outspoken female student leaders
and injured her badly...

Based on this confirmed report issued by the National Coalition of the
Iranian Students for Democracy in Iran; 3 assailants have entered by force
the home of "Mariam Chancy" and have injured her seriously to the point that
the official institution of the Legal Medical of Tehran has had to report
the injuries and to prescribe intensive cares for this activist.

Based on this report, "Mariam Chancy" had the life safe due to the rapid
intervention of her neighbors alarmed by her screams...

The assailants not pleased by the latest interview that she has given the
Persian Program of abroad Radio and hearing the neighbors running to the
stair case have threat her to death if she continues her activities ...

We shall all and in a common voice condemn the barbaric methods of the
clerics and to request from the Free World to make pressure on them; In
order to stop their oppressive ways and to guarantee the right of speech to
the citizens placed under their un-desired rule..

In a communiqué dated on 6/01/1999, Amnesty International has issued a
Notice of Watch till 07/13/1999 in reference to the Iranian Students; We
shall all of us ask from this Well Known organization to intervene beside
the Free Government of the World and the islamic regime for the protection
of the students and the REAL arrest of their assailants most likely attached
to the intelligence services of the regime...

In my prior e.mail, I've sent you the e.mail addresses and fax numbers of
the International Organizations to contact; Please to contact me If you
haven't received this listing.

These students will have the life save only by your constant protest and
alarming the World.

May God Bless you all...


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