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Topics of the day:

1. Reuters: Iran Says More Than 13 Arrested In Spy Network


Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 21:37:58 -0500
From: "Aryo B. Pirouznia" <aryopirouznia@EMAIL.MSN.COM>
Subject: Reuters: Iran Says More Than 13 Arrested In Spy Network

Iran Says More Than 13 Arrested In Spy Network

12:07 a.m. Jun 15, 1999 Eastern

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Iran's U.N. mission indicated in a press
statement Monday that more alleged spies were recently arrested than the 13
already accused of espionage for Israel and that they included some Muslims.

It appeared to be the first indication that the number of those arrested
went beyond the 13 believed to be Iranian Jews and that they included

The statement, which did not give the total number of arrests, quoted an
Iranian security official as announcing on June 9 that ``a number of active
members of an espionage network have been identified and subsequently
arrested'' and that ``13 out of the total number of arrested individuals are
suspected to have spied for Israel.''

The case was still under investigation, said the official, indicating there
was no likelihood of them being released despite pressure from several

``Those arrested include both Muslims and Jews and their arrests followed an
extensive undercover operation,'' the press statement said.

The Iranian mission criticized calls by the United States and Israel for the
release of the 13 suspects which Iran's intelligence officials said Thursday
were from a ``Zionist'' spy network in Shiraz. Both the United States and
Israel have denied the Iranian Jews were spying on their behalf.

``To call for the release of arrested suspects, out of good intention or
otherwise, before they are even tried, only because some of them happen to
be Jewish, is absurd and irresponsible,'' said the statement.

It rejected assertions that ``the Jews were arrested merely on account of
their religious belief, that they were scapegoated because of factional
politics in Iran, and thus they are innocent and must be released

Such demands ``constitute open interference in the legal system of the
Islamic Republic of Iran and practically amounts to demanding immunity from
investigation and prosecution for the accused on account of their
religion,'' it said.

Iranian hardline conservatives have demanded that those arrested be hanged.

Earlier Monday, U.S. civil rights leader Jesse Jackson failed in a bid to
meet with Iran's U.N. representative to appeal for the suspects' release,
but vowed to press ahead for their freedom.

The Iranian U.N. mission cited a statement that it said was issued on June
13 by the leaders of the Jewish community in Iran saying Iran ``has
demonstrated to the world that it has treated the Jewish community and other
religious minorities well, the Iranian Jewish community has enjoyed
constitutional rights of citizenship and that the arrest and charges against
a number of Iranian Jews has nothing to do with their religion.''

Saturday, an Iranian Jewish leader called in published remarks for ``true
justice'' for 13 arrested Jews.

``As the representative of (Iranian) Jews, I demand true justice for the
suspects. If the results of investigations prove them guilty, they should be
punished. But if the opposite was proved, they should be released
immediately,'' Manouchehr Eliasi, the representative of Iran's 27,000-strong
Jewish community in parliament said in an interview with the centrist
Entekhab daily.


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