Date: Jun 19, 1999 [ 5: 29: 41]

Subject: The Arrest of 13 Iranian Jews and two Muslem Iranians


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Subject: The Arrest of 13 Iranian Jews and two Muslem Iranians
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Journalist, Activist Arrested

TEHRAN, June 18--As per the
ruling issued by Branch VI of the
Revolutionary Court of the capi-tal,
the managing director of the
biweekly Hoviyat-e Kheesh
(One's Identity), Hossein
Kashani, and secretary-general of
the Islamic Union of University
Students and Alumni,
Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, were
arrested on Thursday.
"Kashani was arrested for
spreading propaganda against the
Islamic system. The publication
has been banned and the Ministry
of Culture and Islamic Guidance
has been officially notified in this
respect," reported the public rela-tions
department of the
Revolutionary Court.
It declared that Tabarzadi was
arrested for issuing an anti-estab-lishment
The report also said that some
families of martyrs and the war
disabled have filed complaints
against both Kashani and

Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati: No Deals Over Arrested Jews

TEHRAN, June 18--Ayatollah
Ahmad Jannati in the capital's
Friday prayer ruled out striking
any deals over the 13 Iranian
Jews arrested on charges of espi-onage.
"The case of these people,
which has no relation to their
religious faith, will be heard fair-ly.
The same verdict that applies
in similar cases, will be applied
in this situation.
Those who think that agreeing
on a deal in this affair is possible
are wrong. The verdict for a spy
is capital punishment," the crowd
of worshippers were told.
Jannati, whose remarks were
approved by the congregation
who chanted in his support, went
on to say, "These Iranian Jews,
some of whose relatives reside in
Israel, for years transfered infor-mation
they had accumulated to
Israel via Turkey. As soon as
there was a word of the arrest of
the 13 Jews, Israel, the United
States and then England,
launched extensive propaganda
about human rights and alleged
the rights of
minorities are
being violated
in Iran.
Where in the
world are spies
free to do any-thing
they wish
to do?
Even in the US, after quite a
few years, there are arguments
over the arrest of an Israeli spy."
The secretary of the Council of
Guardians pointed out that the
case of the Jewish spies will be
prosecuted and whatever decree
issued against a Muslim spy, will
be issued in their cases.
"We should clearly convey our
message to the international
If an Iranian national had been
arrested in the United States on
charges of spying, it is obvious
what Americans would have
done and how they would have
treated that person even before a
court hearing.
But, in Iran such persons are
tried fairly. Their cases are heard
like all other criminals and a
decree is carried out as per the
rule of law only," observed
Turning to the ratification of the
statutes of the Union of
Parliaments of Islamic
Conference, he said, "This in
itself reveals that despite the ene-mies'
propaganda, the Muslim
World has accepted a strong and
stable Iran. Forging solidarity
among Islamic states was always
a wish of the late Imam
Khomeini and the revolution."
He also pointed to the need to
combat the cultural invasion
masterminded by the West, par-ticularly
the US, and said, "I real-ly
do not understand those who
have become increasingly obedi-ent
to Washington and keep
apologizing for the moves adopt-ed
throughout the revolution and
the history of Islam. Do they
really think that the enemy will
be satisfied when they regret the
past like this?"



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