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Topics of the day:

1. Vacation
2. Fwd: A Major Statement By Iranian Academics: Updated and Corrected Version


Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 11:40:01 +0200
From: "Kazem Vafaeian (ERA)" <Kazem.Vafaeian@ERA.ERICSSON.SE>
Subject: Vacation

During my vacation, I have to interrup my all auto-e_mail prenumerations,
(it fills the server otherwise) and stablish again after the vacation. I
wonder if there is any program to stop durindg a period and start it again
according to given indata?
Best Regards


Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 11:57:48 EDT
Subject: Fwd: A Major Statement By Iranian Academics: Updated and Corrected

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Subject: A Major Statement By Iranian Academics: Updated and Corrected
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A Major Statement By Iranian Academics: Updated and Corrected Version
(If you are interested in adding your name to the list, please forward an=20
E-mail to

About Iran has translated the following statement by 61 Iranian exiled and=20
immigrant academics in support of the pro-democracy student movement in Iran=
This statement is the first of its kind since the revolution of 1979, as is=20
the secular student pro-democracy movement. About Iran calls on all freedom=20
loving academics throughout the world to join with the signatories of this=20
statement in supporting the pro-democracy students in Iran. =20

Statement in Support of the Pro-Democracy Movement of Iranian University=20
Students, Faculty and Researchers by Iranian Exiled and Immigrant University=20

We, the undersigned, the Iranian exiled/immigrant university faculty and=20
researchers, express our admiration for your struggle and our concern about=20
the detrimental circumstances against which you struggle. Some of us, who=20
were involved in similar struggles in the past, are familiar with the sheer=20
danger confronting you. There is no doubt that the movement of the young=20
generation of Iranians and the student movement on its forefront face a=20
perilous path. [In reality], any conscientious person, including us, knows=20
the [oppressive] nature of this regime, against which you struggle. And it=20
is this reality which makes your struggle overly critical.

Your movement correctly seeks to regain the lost goals of the [Iranian]=20
Revolution [of 1979] and give them back to the people of Iran. =20

Your struggle, as the harbinger of Iran's movement of enlightenment, also=20
carries the legacy of the enlightenment movements of the Constitutional=20
Revolution [of 1906] and the Oil Nationalization [of 1951-53]. May this be =
felicitous mandate for you!

Although we, the undersigned, are far from you, we responsibly commit=20
ourselves to be on your side [and in your support] and to bring your=20
righteous voice to the world. We shall use all [legal and peaceful] means i=
order to assist you with your demanding struggle. We are committed to you i=

June 1999

Ervand Abrahamian (City University of New York, United States)
Janet Afari (Purdue University, United States)
Haleh Afshar (York University, England)
Reza Afshari (Pace University, United States)
Ramin Ahmadi (Yale University, United States)
Hamid Akbari (Northeastern Illinois University, United States)
Kazem Alamdari (California State University at Los Angeles, United States)
Elaheh Amani (California State University at Long Beach, United States)
Hossein Bagher Zadeh (Formerly at Tehran University)
Sohrab Behdad (Dennison University, United States, and Formerly at Tehran=20
University in Iran)
Yadi Delaviz (Formerly at Ahavaz University in Iran)
Mohammad Eghtedari (Formerly at Morgan State University, United States)
Seif-Ollah Ehdaei (University of Texas at Permian Basin, United States)
Anna Enayat (Oxford University, England)=20
Fatemeh Etemad-Moghadam (Hofstra University, United States)
Mansur Farhang (Bennington College, United Sates)
Mohammad-Reza Fashahi (Paris 8 University, France)
Mohsen Ghaemmagham (Columbia University, United States)
Shahram Ghanbari (Formerly at Tehran University)
Vida Hajebi-Tabrizi (Formerly at Tehran University)
Amir Hassan-Poor (University of Toronto, Canada)
Azadeh Jahanbegloo (Wright State University, United States)
Asad Jalali-Naeini (Saw&Sea University, England, and Formerly at University=20
of Tehran)
Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak (University of Washington in Seattle, United States)
Hooshang Keshavarz-Sadr (Formerly at Tehran University)
Farhad KhosrowKhavar (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociales in Paris,=20
Habib Ladjervardi (Harvard University, United States)
Akbar Mahdi (Wesleyan University in Ohio, United States)
Hassan Mansur (American University in Paris and Formerly at Tehran Universit=
Abbas Milani (Notre Dame College in California, United States)
Masoud Mirshahi (Medical School of Paris and CNRS, France)
Valentine Moghadam (Illinois State University, United States)=20
Hiedeh Mogheisi (York University, Canada)
Shahrzad Mojab (University of Toronto, Canada)
Amir Hooshmand Momtaz (Formerly at Esfahan University in Iran)
Mehdi Mozafari (University of AARHUS, Denmark)
Azar Nafisi (Johns Hopkins University, United States)
Majid Nafisi (University of Southern California, United States)
Nasrollah Nejatbakhsh (Aviation School of France and College de France in=20
Paris and Formerly at University of Esfahan in Iran)
Bahman Niroomand (Formerly at Tehran University)
Farhad Nomani (American University of Paris)
Nasser Pakdaman (Paris 7 University, France)
Kourosh Parsa (Formerly at City College of New York, United States)
Mohammad Parvin (State University of California and Ariyamehr (Sharif)=20
Industrial University of Iran)
Saied Payvandi (Paris 8 University, France)
Hassan Pir-Hosseini (Nante University and CNRS, France)
Hassan Rahmani (Antioch, United States)
David N. Rahni (Pace University and New York Medical College, United States)
Saeid Rahnama (York University, Canada)
Hossein Rayvani (Formerly at College of York Haven in Dallas, United States)
Ali Razavi (Formerly at Tehran University in Iran)
Manuchehr Sabetian (University of London, England)
Sima Samadian (Westminster University, England)
Shahla Shafigh (ADRI Institute, France)
Vali Siadat (Daley College in Chicago, United States)
Bagher Samsami (Formerly at Albert Einstein Medical College, United States)
Nayereh Tohidi (California State University, Northridge, and Center for=20
Middle Eastern Studies at University of California, Los Angeles, United Sate=
Mehrdad Vahabi (Paris 8 University and CNRS, France)
Shadab Vajdi (School of Asian and African Studies in London, England)
Hora Yavari (Columbia University, United States)
Ali Zolfaghari (Formerly at College of Science and Industry in Iran)

Translated by About Iran=85 PO Box 768, Morton Grove, IL 60053, USA, Telepho=
(847) 729-5925,=20
Fax: (847) 729-5926, E-Mail:

(Please Distribute Copies of This Statement)



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