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Topics in this special issue:

1. students V
2. students VI
3. Iran/Reuters: Iran students start third day of democracy rallies
4. Iran/AFP: Iran Students and Police Clash Over Press Curbs
5. Iran/IRNA: Minister of Higher Education resigns
6. students VII
7. Iran/AP: Italian company lands $846 million contract with Iran
8. students VIII
9. students IX
10. students X
11. students XI
12. students XII
13. Fundamentalists are united
14. student XIII
15. students XIV
16. Grand Leader a shepherd who has left his dogs loose
17. students XV
18. students XVI
19. Iran/Reuters: Iran's Khatami faces worst crisis of his tenure


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 08:07:25 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: students V

thr 003
tehran's security council seeks release of arrested students
tehran, july 10, irna -- deputy interior minister for political and
social affairs mostafa tajzadeh said here friday night that the
security council of tehran province seeks the release of all
students arrested following the protest rally of tehran university
a group of university students staged protest demonstrations
at tehran university dormitory at kargar shomali avenue on thursday
night which continued until friday. they protested to the approval by
majlis of the outlines of the amendment to the press law and also the
ban on the persian daily 'salaam'.
speaking to the protesting students, tajzadeh expressed regret
over the unauthorized interference of the law enforcement forces in
the gathering of students saying the lef should either accept command
of the interior ministry or the matter must be made clear so that the
interior ministry would know how it should act in such cases.
''in none of the previous terms, the government has ever received
so much popular support as this term and in none of the previous
terms, unfortunately, the administration and its plans have ever been
target of so much attack,'' he said.
tajzadeh added that the people have been paying for their
appropriate and right election in the recent two years.
''in which term, had a minister and member of government been
beaten at public gatherings?'' he asked.
''through popular support, the government intends to campaign
against treasons and crimes, an instance of which occurred today,''
he said.
minister of culture and higher education mostafa moin, minister of
health mohammad farhadi, deputy minister of information mohammad
shafiee and majlis deputy from tehran majid ansari were present during
tajzadeh's speech.
::irna 10/07/99 11:02

thr 004
mrm issues statement in support of freedom of press
tehran, july 10, irna -- a cleric association in a statement here
friday said the ban on the publication of the morning daily 'salaam'
which was declared simultaneously with the approval of the outlines
of the motion on amendment of the press law, made the public opinion
sensitive towards the seriousness of the dangers which had been
repeatedly noted.
the statement which was issued by the militant clerics league or
majma rouhaniyoun-e mobarez (mrm) and a copy of which sent to irna on
friday night, said freedom and the press are complementary to each
other in a civil society.
it stressed that freedom is the origin for the press and press
are the sweet fruit of freedom, adding that freedom of press and
expression is the yardstick to measure the degree of social and
political development of each nation.
''unfortunately, in every single era of the history of islam,
mean and narrow-minded people in an attempt to realize their political
and material objectives have constrained islam within the framework
of their limited outlooks. based on their faulty and one-sided
interpretation of the outward appearance of the religion, they never
reflected any opposition and through their thoughts and deeds
represented a distorted image of the progressive, charming and
humanitarian aspects of islam,'' read the statement in part.
stressing that the founder of the islamic republic, imam khomeini,
presented the world with a graceful profile of islam through his
sacred movement, the statement said the imam valued freedom of thought
and analytic debates in the society so high that the leader
recommended that even if he commits anything against regulations it
should be reflected.
::irna 10/07/99 11:12

thr 005
mrm-statement-salaam ... 2 - tehran
be reflected.
expressing deep regret over the ban on the daily salaam, the
statement termed the move as a step taken against the plan for
political development as the core program of president mohammad
khatami's administration.
the statement hailed the intelligence minister hojatoleslam ali
yunesi and his devoted colleagues who by making a sound assessment of
the country's sensitive situation, made a reasonable and brave
decision in this connection. such a decision both prevented
fomentation of unrest and tension in the society and provided the
nation with the opportunity to benefit from the said daily which, in
the period of its fruitful activity, has rendered outstanding
services to the public through sincere dissemination of information.
''the ban on salaam or other independent newspapers cannot
reverse the society to the era before may 23 (1997 presidential
elections) and impose preferences of a certain political faction on
the people through one-sided decisions... banning of newspapers not
only will not silence the inquiring minds of the contemporary
generation but, as experience has shown, such unprincipled and
miscalculated measures will backfire in the society,'' said the
the measure taken by the special clerics court and its
interference in the affairs of the press which has high status in
the islamic republic, is against principles 24 and 168 of the
constitution, it stressed.
such an illegal interference of the court will pave the way for
other illegal measures and spread of anarchy in the society, adding
that when laws are violated by the executives, how ordinary people can
be prevented from resorting to illegal means to realize their
objectives? argued the statement.
::irna 10/07/99 11:15


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 08:11:09 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: students VI

Information Ministry Drops Complaint Against Salaam

* Salaam Editor Released After Seven-Hour Detention

* Newspapers Likely to Close Down for One Day in Protest


TEHRAN -- Following an order by the Special Clerics Court (SCC) on
Wednesday that the publication of the morning daily Salaam must be
suspended until further notice, the deputy executive editor of the
daily, Morad Veisi, was detained on the same day.

The order by the SCC that Salaam must stop publication came a day after
the pro-Khatami daily disclosed a top secret document from the
Information Ministry calling for more restrictions on the press.

Veisi who was released after being interrogated for seven hours, told
IRAN NEWS yesterday that he had been taken away by three SCC officers on

Wednesday "after showing me my arrest warrant." He said he had published
the Information Ministry document after receiving the permission of the
paper's managing director Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Musavi Khoeiniha.

The Information Ministry withdrew its complaint against the paper on
Thursday "to prevent provocative developments, unnecessary tension in
political atmosphere of the country and also in a bid to bolster the
policies of the administration for political progress and for the
liberties of the
press." Asked whether the paper would publish on Saturday, Veisi told
IRAN NEWS that the staff was preparing Saturday's edition but that they
were waiting formal word from the Special Cleric Court.

IRAN NEWS also learned yesterday that if the ban on Salaam daily and the
pressure on the press continue, Tehran's major dailies are likely to
down for one day in protest.

The ban on Salaam followed a decision by the Majlis on Wednesday to
amend the Press Law which in the opinion of observers would impose news
restrictions on the press.

The Majlis approval and the ban on Salaam daily sparked violent
demonstrations by Tehran University students on Thursday and yesterday.
students protested the closure of the daily and the decision by the

(For more details see page one)

University Students Clash with Hard-liners, Security Forces Act without

Interior Ministry Permission


TEHRAN - The siege continues at the Tehran University where students
have been protesting the closure of Salaam daily calling it a move
President Khatami and the freedom of the press.

Students began a peaceful march, without a permit from the Interior
Ministry, Thursday night and when they returned to their dormitories
they were
confronted by the hard-line conservative group of hard-line

According to the students, the hard-liners began taunting them and when
one of their (hard-liners) entered the dormitory he was set upon by
students who seriously injured him and threw him out. The hard-liners
then attacked the dormitory setting fire to parts of it and demolishing
number of the students' bedrooms.

The security forces then entered the fray. The students claimed,
however, that the police took the side of the hard-liners and beat up
and arrested a
large number of students without apprehending any of the members of the
hard-line group.

Dozens of students, police and hard-liners were injured in the fighting,
but there were no official reports of fatalities. However, Reuters
quoted an
ambulance driver as saying that he was told of at least one death.

All night Thursday and all day yesterday the students kept their vigil
barricaded inside the University campus and called for the lifting of
the ban on
Salaam and chanted slogans in support of President Khatami.

On Friday evening our reporter saw a group of about 250 male and female
students gathered in front of the gate to the male students' dormitory
chanted pro-freedom and pro-Khatami slogans and swore that they will not
move until their demands are met or President Khatami comes to talk to
them in person.

Further down North Kargar (Amirabad) street, police and riot police in
full gear blocked the road separating about 500 stone-throwing students
about 150 hard-liners Hizbollah who intermittently attacked the students
and retreated when beaten back.

Interior Minister, Abdolvahed Musavi Lari, Culture and Higher Education
Minister, Mostafa Moin and Health Minister, Dr. Farhadi were inside the
compound last evening talking to students who complained that members of
the hard-line group had illegally entered their dormitory and destroyed
parts of it. They also demanded the release of their fellow students as
well as the lifting of the ban on Salaam daily.

Mousavi Lari promised them that all the arrested students will be
released and said some of them had already been set free. He said he
will see to it
that those who entered the compound illegally will be identified and
brought to justice. The students, however, were in no mood for talking
and kept
shouting for Lari to resign, presumably because he had no control over
the security forces who acted without his ministry's permission in
the students.

While this was going on inside the campus, running battles were being
fought with stones and batons between students and the hard-liners while
security forces were holding the spectators back but allowing the
hard-liners to retaliate against the stone throwing students.

One of the hard-liners, who said he belonged to the Ansar Hizbollah,
told our reporter that the group has a surprise for the students and
they will find
out what it is later in the night.

Others said that the hard-line group plans to attack the dormitory under
the cover of night.

The Ministry of Culture and Higher Education released a statement
regarding the campus disturbance and requested that the Leader,
Khamenei, and President Khatami and all the relevant officials use their
influence and good offices to bring the crisis to a peaceful end.

The ministry's statement further said that this incident is
unprecedented and has gone beyond all the accepted limits. It said acts
such as entering the
quarters of foreign students and physically attacking them, setting fire
to student bedrooms, and burning copies of the holy Quran cannot be
forgotten or remedied. The ministry statement further said that attacks
on students within the sacred compound of the University point to a
well-planned campaign aimed at creating a national crisis. The ministry
apologized to the students and promised them to diligently follow up the
until all those who were guilty of entering the university compound and
attacking the students are brought to justice.

Interior Ministry Spokesman, Bahaoldin Sheikholeslam, told IRNA that
following the protest march of the students (about 200 of them on
around 10 pm) the majority of students returned to their dormitories
while a few stayed outside the campus. At this time a group of people
dressed in
civilian cloths began attacking the students with stones which caused
the students to retaliate and more of their comrades joined in the

The Interior Ministry spokesman added that these skirmishes continued
well into the early hours of the morning (Friday) when security forces,
without getting permission from the interior ministry, entered the
student dormitories and tried to arrest the students. Sheikholeslam said
a number of
students were hurt in scuffles with the security forces and their rooms
were ransacked and partially destroyed.

The interior ministry spokesman also said that Tehran's Security Council
had met Friday morning to evaluate the situation and had decided to
all the students. It also decided to appoint a committee to investigate
the incident and report its findings to the National Security Council.

Sheikholeslam requested that all parties concerned refrain from further
violence and condemned any illegal action taken by any of the parties
in the fighting.

He said the ministry will inform the public of the facts as soon as the
special committee hands in its report. He said all those who broke the
law will
be apprehended and put on trial.


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 02:09:27 -0500
From: aryopirouznia <aryopirouznia@EMAIL.MSN.COM>
Subject: Iran/Reuters: Iran students start third day of democracy rallies

Iran students start third day of democracy rallies
02:42 a.m. Jul 10, 1999 Eastern

TEHRAN, July 10 (Reuters) - Pro-democracy students in Tehran began a third
consecutive day of rallies on Saturday, demanding the release of hundreds of
detained classmates and the resignation of the hardline police chief.

Around 1,000 supporters of President Mohammad Khatami began a sit-in at the
main campus of Tehran University while many others marched to the campus
from a dormitory complex several miles away.

Some of the marchers covered their faces in black and wore traditional Arab
head-dresses over their heads to disguise their identity.

Witnesses said students from other universities in the Iranian capital were
also heading to the central campus, swelling the number of protesters in
what one senior minister said was a budding national crisis.

The students were outraged after an earlier rally in support of expanded
press freedoms was set upon by hardline vigilantes, abetted by the security
forces. Scores were injured and witnesses, including an ambulance driver,
said one student may have been killed.

Police later moved in to arrest hundreds of students, invading the
dormitories in the process.

That prompted a senior minister to denounce the police and to seek
accountability from their officers, a demand echoed by the students on

Many chanted demands that Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who
is also commander-in-chief of the armed forces, intervene to stop the
attacks on students.

``The commander-in-chief must take responsibility,'' they shouted, as plain
clothes police mixed with the crowd. Others called for the release of
hundreds of people reported to have been arrested following the clashes on
Thursday and Friday.

They also demanded punishment of police officers and vigilantes involved in
clashes with students. ``Students, rise up, your brother has been killed,''
they shouted.

The protests began over the closure of a popular reformist newspaper, Salam,
and the approval this week of measures to curb Iran's fledgling press

The students have accused the police, which are not under Khatami's command,
of siding with the vigilantes who have waged a violent campaign to reverse
the president's political and cultural reform policies.


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 02:14:26 -0500
From: aryopirouznia <aryopirouznia@EMAIL.MSN.COM>
Subject: Iran/AFP: Iran Students and Police Clash Over Press Curbs

July 10, 1999
Iran Students and Police Clash Over Press Curbs


TEHERAN, Iran -- Iranian students were in a tense stand-off with security
forces Friday night after protests against curbs on press freedoms led to
violent clashes, for which the Higher Education Ministry quickly blamed the

The students, hunkered down in Teheran University dormitories surrounded by
hundreds of riot policemen and stick-wielding Islamic militants, demanded a
personal visit from President Mohammad Khatami to resolve the dispute.

They rejected calls to leave the dormitories, the official IRNA news agency
reported, as Interior Minister Abdol-Vahed Mussavi-Lari and Higher Education
Minister Mostafa Moin tried to talk with student leaders but failed to
restore calm.

The trouble erupted early Friday after civilians who witnesses said were
linked to Islamic fundamentalists attacked students protesting the shutdown
on Wednesday of the leading pro-Khatami newspaper, Salam.

Then, in what the Higher Education Ministry called a "violent intervention
of law enforcement forces," riot policemen stormed the dormitories, beating
dozens of students and arresting hundreds more.

In a statement published by IRNA, the ministry said the security forces had
raided the dormitories "without prior permission and coordination with
responsible officials." An Interior Ministry spokesman also said the raid
had not been authorized.

An Interior Ministry spokesman said an unspecified number of students and
security officers had been wounded in the clashes and hospitalized, the news
agency reported.

The clashes resumed in the afternoon, as student demonstrators set fire to a
barricade they had erected near the school's Amirabad campus.

Riot policemen fired tear gas and hurled stones at the students, who fled
behind the university gates.

Security forces sealed off the area around the campus, and witnesses said
later that the police had closed off a number of neighborhoods. The Interior
Ministry issued a public appeal for calm.

"This incident cannot be analyzed in simple terms, and it cannot be accepted
that it was not part of a calculated plan with the motive of plunging the
country into crisis by a number of willful forces," the Higher Education
Ministry said. It defended the students as "wise and pious" and said they
"do not deserve such insulting treatment," the news agency reported.

The agency said all students arrested would be released, though earlier it
reported that those responsible for organizing the demonstration would not
be freed.

The protests were sparked by fresh crackdowns on Iran's moderate,
pro-Khatami press.

In addition to the closing order against Salam, decreed by a hard-line
special clerical court, the Iranian Parliament on Wednesday approved
sweeping new legislation tightening press restrictions.


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 02:26:59 -0500
From: aryopirouznia <aryopirouznia@EMAIL.MSN.COM>
Subject: Iran/IRNA: Minister of Higher Education resigns

Tehran, july 10, irna

minister of higher education Mostafa Moin
in a letter to president Mohammad Khatami submitted his resignation
in protest to the recent violence against tehran university students.

irna July 10th, 1999 (11:37 am)


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 08:32:15 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: students VII

thr 011
minister resigns-2 tehran
university students.
"the tragic incident of the security forces entering into the
tehran university campus and their beating up of innocent students
at the midnigh on friday which resulted in violation of the respect
of the university and honor of the students, is not acceptable under
any basis and expediency.
"i consider this incident a suspicious measure with an aim to
turn the society into turmoil and to sabotage the trend of political
development and undermine the islamic republic system," said the
minister in his letter addressed to the president.
::irna 10/07/99 11:46

thr 012
minister resigns-3 tehran
the president.
"since the numerous efforts launched since midnight on friday
to check the unrest have produced no result, therefore, due to my
failure to respond to my divine duties and legal responsibilities,
and because of the innocence and homelessness of the children of the
nation and their worrying families, and due to the unpleasant
consequences of these violent and seditious breaches of law, i hereby
submit my resignation as minister of culture and higher education.
"i pray to almight god for your excellency's patience and
success under these sensitive circumstances in safeguarding the
valuable legacy of the islamic revolution and the system which is
a fruit of blood of martyrs."
::irna 10/07/99 11:57


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 02:33:08 -0500
From: aryopirouznia <aryopirouznia@EMAIL.MSN.COM>
Subject: Iran/AP: Italian company lands $846 million contract with Iran

Italian company lands $846 million contract with Iran
July 9, 1999

Web posted at: 8:55 PM EDT (0055 GMT)

ROME (AP) -- A state-owned engineering company has landed a $ 846 million
(862 million euros) contract with Iran in its first major deal with Italy
following the ground-breaking visit by the Iranian president in March.

Finmeccanica SpA said Friday that its Ansaldo Energia unit had won a
contract to supply 30 gas turbine engines and related generators and
machinery for seven power stations.

Finmeccanica said the orders were won after an international bidding contest
and were made possible by the full resumption of official ties between Italy
and Iran.

A year ago, then Premier Romano Prodi became the first Western leader to
visit Iran since 1992.

In March, President Mohammad Khatami came to Italy and the Vatican, marking
the first state visit to Western Europe by an Iranian leader since the 1979
Islamic Revolution.

The three-day trip to Italy was Khatami's most important move yet to improve
relations with Europe and attract investors.

That has been a boon to European companies, which have received lucrative
contracts to rebuild Iran's oil industry and strategic facilities devastated
during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war.

The United States maintains an economic embargo on Iran, which it accuses of
supporting international terrorism, but has permitted sports and cultural
exchanges with Iran under Khatami.


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 11:17:18 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: students VIII

thr 014
snsc expected to issue statement on university unrest
tehran, july 10, irna -- the supreme national security council held a
session saturday morning under the chairmanship of president seyed
mohammad khatami to review the violent clashes that broke out at
tehran university dormitory on thursday and friday and the
unauthorized intervention of the security forces in the incident.
an informed source who did not want to be named, told irna that
the council is expected to issue a statement at the end of the
following a peaceful rally by a group of tehran university
students on thursday night to protest the closure of the daily
salaam and approval of a motion by the majlis to amend the press
law, the law enforcement forces without coordinating with the
interior ministry, intervened in the incident and as a result of
ensuing clashes dozens of people were injured and many others
arrested. extensive damage was also inflicted on the tehran
iversity dormitory at kargar shomali avenue, the site of the clashes.
the demonstration by the students also did not have the
authorization of the interior ministry.
in protest to the incident and in support of the students, the
minister of culture and higher education submitted his resignation to
the president saturday morning.
::irna 10/07/99 12:27

thr 015
students-law enforcement forces
lef issues statement on varsity incidents
tehran, july 10, irna -- following the violent incidents at the
tehran university dormitory in kargar shomali avenue on thursday night
and friday, the law enforcement forces of the metropolitan tehran in
a statement termed the student gathering as illegal and disturbing
the public order.
the statement said that following "instigations by a number of
opportunist and adventurous elements" at the tehran university
dormitory on thursday night, some 200 persons on the pretext of the
closure of the persian daily salaam held an illegal gathering
trying to disturb the public order by shouting slogans insulting
the sanctities and the officials. in continuation, they tried to
break the windows of the buildings and vehicles parked at the site by
throwing stones.
the repeated calls by the commanders of law enforcement forces
and the officials present at the scene inviting the demonstrators to
stop their illegal acts failed and the insurgents, insulting the lef
personnel, entered into clashes with them.
performing their legal duty and to carry out the orders of their
superior, the law enforcement forces of the metropolitan tehran tried
to disperse those disturbing public order and arrested a number of
them at the scene of the clash and introduced them to relevant
judicial sources.
investigations on the incident still continue and more details
will be announced later, said the statement.
::irna 10/07/99 12:31

thr 016
students gather in front of tehran university
tehran, july 10, irna -- hundreds of students held a gathering in
front of the tehran university saturday morning demanding immediate
inquiry into the violent incidents that broke out at the university's
main dormitory at kargar shomali avenue on thursday and friday.
the incidents caused extensive material damage to the dormitory
as well as the injury of dozens of students. many others were also
arrested by the law enforcement forces.
voicing their support for the programs of president seyed
mohammad khatami, the students urged the officials to seek ways and
means to safeguard the honor of the university and its students.
the gathering was called by the students islamic association of
ehran university and medical sciences university in protest to the
dormitory incidents.
according to irna reporters at the scene, more and more
students are joining the gathering.
::irna 10/07/99 12:48

thr 018
students-tehran university
varsity's presiding board calls for dismissal of lef commander
tehran, july 10, irna -- the presiding board of the tehran university
in a statement conditioned continuatin of its activities on
restoration of the prestige, status and honor of the hurt students,
release of the arrested students and immediate dismissal of the
commander of the law enforcement forces who was in-charge in the
recent attack on tehran university dormitory.
the board expressed its hatred towards the "dirty and willful"
move of the law enforcement forces which it said was away from all
legal and humane dignities. it also condemned the plain-clothes
accompanying them who it said were armed with clubs, fire arms,
chains, sticks and who attacked the safe residential limits of the
university and embarked on acts of beating, injuring, plundering,
destroying and insulting.
the board sterssed that all students, instructors and staff of
the university will defend the sacred boundaries of knowledge and
university student with all their power.
::irna 10/07/99 13:25

thr 021
students say will stage sit-in in front of tehran university
tehran, july 10, irna -- hundreds of students have gathered in front
of the tehran university in protest to the violent clashes that
broke out at their main dormitory in northwestern district of kargar
shomali avenue on thursday and friday. as a result of clashes
between the students and police force extensive damage was inflicted
n the dormitory and dozens of students were injured and many others
the clashes occurred after a group of students staged a
demonstration against the closure of the daily salaam by the special
clerics court as well as the approval by the majlis of a motion to
amend the press law. the protesting students believed that the press
law amendment would restrict the freedom of press in iran.
although the peaceful demonstration by the students did not
have the prior permission of the interior ministry, the intervention
of the police force also was not coordinated with the ministry.
despite mediation efforts by a number of ministers, including
the interior minister hojj. abdolvahed musavi lari, the unrest which
had started on thursday night continued until friday night. the
students wanted to meet with president mohammad khatami and inform
him of their demands.
the minister of culture and higher education mostafa moin
resigned saturday morning in protest to the intervention of the
police force and in support of the students.
the students who have staged a sit-in in front of the university
say they will continue their strike until the release of all the
arrested students.
according to some placards carried by the students, they are from
the universities of tehran, sharif, amir kabir and beheshti.
the gathering was called by the islamic associations of tehran
and medical sciences universities to protest the tragic incidents at
the kargar shomali dormitory.
the police has closed the streets near the tehran university to
traffic and the law enforcement forces are watching the
according to irna reporters, minor clashes occurred between the
students and counter-demonstrators in front of the tehran university
and at a nearby street saturday morning but no one was injured.
those in charge of the protesting students' security urge them to
avoid clashes.
::irna 10/07/99 13:59


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 11:35:53 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: students IX

thr 028
dailies on closure of salaam, freedom of press
tehran, july 10, irna -- two morning english dailies here saturday
focused on the closure of the salaam daily and the consequent
demonstration by the students in tehran university dormitories and
described the whole affair as another national experience.
referring to the students' gathering which was prolonged for 24
hours and faced with counter-demonstrators, the `iran news' commented
in its editorial that ``the students' move and the strong reaction of
the pro-salaam dailies on thursday spoke of a critical situation in
the country's political developments indicating the people's support
for freedom of the press. but regrettably the closure of salaam faced
the reaction of some journals, which look at the issue from factional
colored glasses. these journals, ignoring freedom of press activities,
resorted to moves which showed their factional attitudes. this was of
great surprise!''
it further believed that ``the hasty but nevertheless natural move
by the students changed the shape of the issue which may turn more
complex in the coming days than what it is now.''
the article concluded by expressing the hope that ``first of all
president khatami would intervene and respond to the students' demands
especially those in line with political and press freedoms. the
president must also pay attention to the students' state of security
especially in a holy place like university.
"secondly, the majlis, in enacting laws, must look into all
aspects of its approvals and refrain from factional attitudes.
"thirdly, the activities of the judiciary and the law
enforcement force must be in full cooperation with other organs of
the country keeping in mind the exigency of the system and possible
consequences of failure to do so.''
::irna 10/07/99 14:46

thr 029
press-editorials-2 tehran
do so.''
meanwhile, concentrating on the same topic, the `tehran times'
stressed its disapproval of any move to muzzle the media but
believed ``in the case of salaam, the issue is not as simple as it
appears. in its complaint, the information ministry claimed that
salaam published ``a classified document'', and the court maintained
that the newspaper had violated ``islamic principles, provoked
public opinion and endangered national security.''
saying that ``the withdrawal of the information ministry's
complaint regarding salaam newspaper is understandable, for errors of
the press must be dealt with by high-minded government officials so
that an opportunity may arise for correcting such errors,'' the daily
went on to point out in its editorial that ``however, what must not be
forgotten is that during a press conference, the managing director
of salaam, or a member of its council of editors, did not take any
stance with regard to the publication of classified documents of a
ministry, or express any regret over their action. this behavior of
the information ministry can only result in the following
interpretation: that in the future, other publications will be
permitted to publish any kind of classified document from any
ministry, even from the office of the president.''
the article further said that ``with such a precedent, any future
protest by the government will be ineffective. the government will be
hard put to justify that due to having a close relationship with the
president, mr. musavi khoiniha is an exception. for president
khatami's motto has been the rule of law, and the rule of law means
nothing other than the elimination of exceptions.''
``what would have been the stance of the information ministry if a
similar error had been committed by others, particularly by the
segment of the media which holds an attitude different from of
the tehran times editorial concluded by noting that ``the ministry
of information plays a crucial role in the safety and security of the
system and the nation. one may advocate freedom of the press; however,
if a nation's classified information is made public by a newspaper in
the name of freedom of press, it would deal a heavy blow to the entire
country, threatening the nation's security.''
::irna 10/07/99 14:46


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 11:41:45 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: students X

Alliance for Defense of Human Rights in Iran
PMB 197, 344 Maple Ave. West, Vienna, VA 22180 -
Tel: (703) 319-1807;

June 9, 1999

In a press release issued today in Tehran by Iran Nation's Party
it is reported that in a peaceful demonstration of students in Tehran
University, five students were killed and many more injured. The
demanded the release of Mr. Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, Hossien Shams and
other compatriots. The students also protested the legalization of
of press censorship adopted by the conservative Assembly. Despite this
attack, demonstration are now spreading to other campuses. People open
houses to students hunted by "special security forces."

ADHRI strongly condemn the attack on students rights to demonstrate and
those responsible to be brought to justice and appeal to the
human rights organizations to use their influence on the Islamic
Republic of
Iran to end their brutality.


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 12:06:38 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: students XI

thr 034
students hold protest gatherings in tabriz and gilan
tehran, july 0, irna -- despite announcement of the student forum
concerning achievement of ''positive points'' in the investigations
conducted by the interior ministry into recent incidents at tehran
university dormitory, students are still pressing for their presence
until the full clarification of issues in connection with thursday
and friday incidents.
the speaker of the students forum condemned thursday and friday
incidents before students left for the noon congregational prayer,
he said investigations into recent incidents at the university
dormitory have reached positive results and invited the students to
remain calm.
however, he announced that the students will continue their
protest until probe into the incidents as well as identification and
punishment of agents involved in the assaults are completed.
meanwhile, a separate report saturday said that some of the
students attacked and beat a number of people riding a motor cycle
who are said to be opposed to the students gathering.
in another development, students of gilan university held a
gathering in rasht in protest at the tehran university incident.
the students numbering more than 1,000, condemned the attack
of the law enforcement forces on the students.
another report from tabriz, east azarbaijan province, said that
students of tabriz university were preparing for a sit-in at the
university campus saturday by installing placards in condemnation
of the performance of the law enforcement forces in recent tehran
university incidents.
a statement is expected to be released by members of the islamic
association of tabriz university and university of medical sciences.
::irna 10/07/99 15:24


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 12:09:13 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: students XII

thr 035
students stop protest gathering for three hours
tehran, july 10, irna -- students gathering in front of the tehran
university temporarily stopped their sit-in protest saturday
afternoon, setting a three-hour deadline for the national security
council to meet their demands for immediate inquiry into the violent
incidents that broke out at the university's main dormitory at kargar
shomali avenue on thursday and friday.
otherwise, the students warned, they will resume their sit-in
protest at 18:00 hours local time (13:25 gmt).
the gathering was called by the islamic association of tehran
university and medical sciences university in protest at the
dormitory incidents.
the students called on the national security council to identify
and punish the agents responsible for the incident. keeping in touch
with the arrested students was among other demands of the students.
::irna 10/07/99 15:36


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 12:43:20 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: Fundamentalists are united

Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (MKO)
Council of National Resistance of Iran
The Editorial Borad of Keyhan Newspaper
The Editorial Borad of Jomhuri Eslami Newspaper
Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcast (IRIB)
Jam-e-Jam Network (JJN)

They all hate Khatami and his supports among Iranians


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 12:44:34 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: student XIII

thr 037
leader's representatives-statement
leader's representatives: suspicious event has hurt leader's heart
tehran, july 10, irna -- the supreme leader's representatives to the
universities said that the suspicious event at tehran university
domitory has hurt the heart of the leader of the islamic republic
of iran ayatollah ali khamenei and other ranking officials.
issuing a statement, the leader's representation council
expressed regret over the incident and voiced their sympathy with
those injured in the suspicious incident.
the statement strongly condemned the acts of several members
of law enforcement forces and irresponsible elements who invaded the
dormitory of tehran university apparently to stop the students'
gathering in protest at closure of the persian daily 'salam'.
the leader's representatives said the sanctity of the
universities have been violated by such acts taken by the police
force and suspicious elements.
the statement said avoiding any violence in society especially at
the academic centers is a must and those committed to the islamic
revolution should honor it.
the leader's representatives called on the national security
council (nsc) to examine the case and introduce those behind the
regretful event, to the nation by bringing them to justice.
the leader's representatives called on the students to exercise
vigilance and neutiralize the attempts made by the enemies to create
obstacles in the way of president khatami's programs in the field of
political and cultural development.
::irna 10/07/99 15:50


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 13:21:14 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: students XIV

thr 042
ihrc: people should be briefed on recent incident at tehran
tehran, july 10, irna -- secretary of islamic human rights commission
mohammad hassan ziaeefar said on saturday that relevant organizations
should brief people on the recent events at the dormitory of tehran
speaking to irna, he called for release of the students arrested,
for compensation of the moral and material damage inflicted on
them and for bringing to justice those responsible for the incident.
''unfortunately the incident severely violated the islamic human
rights in the worst possible manner damaging the prestige of the
country,'' he said.
the secretary of islamic human rights commission called on
people to exercise vigilance and sensitivity in watching the situation
and to stop those attempting to take advantage of the event in order
to disturb the security which is the cradle for human rights.
::irna 10/07/99 16:32

thr 040
tehran court sentences naqdi to eight months in jail
tehran, july 10, irna -- a tehran court sentenced commander of the
police security forces, gholamreza naqdi, to two four months in jail
and a fine of one million rials but acquitted him of charges of
persecution of the former municipality officials.
branch 7 of the tehran's military court here saturday issued
ruling acquitting naqdi of charges of persecution of the accused and
sentenced him for four months in jail for disobedience of military
rules and another four months for insulting to the accused.
the court sentenced mohammad reza taqi-zadeh to five months
imprisonment and a five million rial fine instead of being barred
from holding government post.
amir mohammadi was sentenced to 91 days in jail and payment of 3
million rials instead of being barred from holding governmental
posts and a fine of two million rials.
the court also sentenced mohammad kargarian to 91 days in jail.
the verdict is revokable and could be appealed within 20 days.
according to the court's investigations charges of torturing or
persecuting the accused mainly the former municipality officials
were not substantiated.
::irna 10/07/99 16:25


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 14:25:53 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: Grand Leader a shepherd who has left his dogs loose

Dr Moeen and Dr Farhadi resigned.
Hujatul Islam Musavi Lari resigned from his post as the commander of the
Law Disturbing Forces.

It seems that the grand leader is so grand that he has lost his control
on his dogs. Khamneyi's dogs who were wondering on the streets at the
middle of night (4 a.m.) invaded students residence in Amir Abad.



Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 15:00:24 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: students XV

thr 052
deputy minister comments on university unrest
tehran, july 10, irna -- a deputy minister who was an eyewitness to
clashes in the dormitory of tehran university said the officials
on friday morning had managed to persuade the students to withdraw
from the street and go inside the campus.
speaking to irna on condition of anonymity, he said after the
clashes a number of officials including vice-president, ministers of
health and medical education, and of culture and higher education,
deputy minister of information and a number of majlis deputies had
come to the university to calm down the students.
the students at first expressed distrust in them but the officials
after delivering speeches managed to build confidence with the
students, he said.
according to the deputy minister, presence of the deputy interior
minister, mostafa tajzadeh, helped students cool down as he ensured
them that the issue will be followed up and investigated.
the officials further assured the students that there would be no
more attacks and this persuaded the students to leave the street and
go back to tehran university dormitory, he said.
the officials held direct talks with them, he said adding the
students called for guarantees for their security against the law
enforcement forces and ansar-e hezbollah group.
the main question raised by the students was that who led ansar-e
hezbollah and why they should appear side by side with the law
enforcement forces.
he further said on friday morning students realized that it was
better to elect some students from among themselves to follow up and
control the situation.
the students had become very angry with the insult to their
families by ansar-e hezbollah.
according to the deputy minister, masha'llah shams-ul vaezine (a
reformist newspaper writer) who also attended the scene helped the
students cool down.
he said member of parliament from tehran majid ansari also talked
to the students and promised them that he would ask for an
extraordinary meeting of the parliament to study the case.
asked about the number of casualties and possible death, he said
there has been no authentic information about casualties until
saturday morning but rumors indicate that there might be five or six
according to the eyewitness one of those who opened fire on the
students was in plain clothes holding a hand-gun.
the manager of the dormitory dr. kohi was another person who
his friendly speech with the students helped them calm down, he said.
he said the reason behind the incident which lasted for 36 hours
was that the students could not trust the promises made by the
interior minister and his deputy for security affairs, tajzadeh.
the clashes occurred after a group of students staged a
demonstration in protest at the closure of the daily salaam by the
special clerics court as well as the approval by the majlis of a
motion to amend the press law. the protesting students believed that
the press law amendment would restrict the freedom of press in iran.
as a result of clashes between the students and police force
extensive damage was inflicted on the dormitory.
the unrest which started on thursday night continued until friday
::irna 10/07/99 18:20


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 15:31:20 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: students XVI

thr 055
dy guidance minister: salam expected to resume activity soon
tehran, july 10, irna -- deputy minister of culture and islamic
guidance in charge of press affairs, sha'ban shahidi mo'addab,
said saturday that salam newspaper is expected to resume its
activity soon.
speaking to reporters, shahidi appreciated the move by the
information minister hojjatoleslam ali yunesi for dropping the
ministry's complaint against newspaper salam on thursday.
salam was closed by the authorities for publishing extracts from
a top secret document wednesday, following a decision made by the
special clerics court.
the information ministry said in a statement that it withdrew the
complaint "to prevent unnecessary tension in the political
shahidi said following this respectful move by the information
minister people and the media community expect the daily salam which
is being run by a revolutionary cleric and a member of the expediency
council to resume its activity soon.
asked about the culture and islamic guidance ministry's measures
to lift the ban on salam, shahidi said the ministry is doing its
best and hopes its attempts would bear fruits.
as for the ministry's stand toward ruling by the special
clerics court for press offenses, shahidi stressed any press offense
should be dealt with in a press court and in the presence of a jury
and that the special clerics court is not a court under justice
the deputy guidance minister stressed that the ministry
is in contact with the court and hopes its efforts would bear fruit.
asked about the jury of the press court, shahidi said the ministry
maintains that the current seven members of the jury is sufficient
for the convention of the court but the judge maintains that it is
possible for one of the members to be absent. thus the judge argues
that the jury members should be more than seven persons.
according to the judiciary the council which is responsible for
electing the jury cannot elect the jury members earlier than october.
::irna 10/07/99 18:55


Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 09:38:25 -0500
From: aryopirouznia <aryopirouznia@EMAIL.MSN.COM>
Subject: Iran/Reuters: Iran's Khatami faces worst crisis of his tenure

Iran's Khatami faces worst crisis of his tenure
08:35 a.m. Jul 10, 1999 Eastern
By Jonathan Lyons

TEHRAN, July 10 (Reuters) - Moderate President Mohammad Khatami, facing the
worst crisis of his two years in office, summoned Iran's top security body
Saturday to discuss widening protests that threaten to swallow up his
cautious reforms.
The Supreme National Security Council, chaired by the president, met as
thousands of angry students rallied to demand an end to a crackdown by
and Islamic vigilantes on peaceful protest in support of greater freedom of
The meeting comes amid a new radical mood among students, who have played a
leading political role in Iran's history.
``They have declared war on the universities,'' said one student spokesman.
``We will resort to legal measures to fight them. If that does not work, we
will take up revolutionary struggle.
The crackdown by hardline toughs, abetted by the police, saw dozens of
students injured and hundreds arrested. It also sparked the resignation of
the higher education minister and the university chancellor in protest at
police, who ran riot through dormitories in pursuit of students.
More important, it has also widened student demands -- limited at first to
lifting of a ban on a leading pro-Khatami newspaper and the expansion of
press freedoms -- to include calls for deep-seated reforms and an end to
domination by the conservative establishment.
At the gates of Tehran University, students shouted defiance of security
forces and demanded the dismissal of the hardline police chief, whom they
hold responsible for the attacks. They also sought the resignation of the
conservative-led parliament, which earlier this week voted to tighten limits
on the media.
In contrast to similar previous incidents, the Khatami administration moved
swiftly to denounce security forces and to demand that police be put under
the direct control of the interior ministry, rather than the clerical
Senior ministers and their aides toured the dormitory complex of Tehran
University, a Khatami stronghold, late on Friday to survey the damage and to
denounce the security forces. Deputy Interior Minister Mostafa Tajzadeh, a
leading reformist, said the time had come to rein in the police.
``This force has to make up its mind, whether it is under the command of the
interior ministry or not. This has to be clarified, so we know where we
stand,'' he told students.
``With the backing of the people, the government has decided to fight
these acts of betrayal, such as what took place today.''
President Khatami and his allies have long pressed for authority over
security and police forces, controlled by senior clergy. This comes amid
increasing signs that the patience of many Iranians, particularly students,
with the slow pace of reform is wearing thin under relentless factional
The approval earlier this week of tough new restrictions on the media -- the
biggest beneficiary of the Khatami thaw -- and the closing the next day of
the moderate daily Salam supplied the spark for the latest unrest.
``This is not just about Salam but about freedom in general,'' said one
student near the scene of Friday's bloody clashes. ``We are not even allowed
to breathe.''
The frustrations of many students, some of the most loyal backers of
Khatami's reforms, were reflected in a new-found resolve to fight back
against their hardline attackers. In the latest protests, students turned on
their assailants.
This new militancy also found expression in increasingly radical slogans and
a new boldness against the establishment. On Saturday a turbanned cleric was
booed off the podium as he tried to calm the crowd.
The new mood on campus has clearly caught the government, including
Khatami, by surprise. It has underlined just how far he has to go to meet
enormous expectations created by his 1997 landslide victory.
Khatami, elected on a platform of broad reforms and the creation of a civil
society within Iran's Islamic system, now faces unprecedented pressure to
the cronyism, corruption and clerical domination that has prevailed for much
of the period since the 1979 revolution.


End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 9 Jul 1999 to 10 Jul 1999 - Special issue