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Topics in this special issue:

1. Iran/Reuters: Iranian Students Wind Down Street Protests
2. Iran/Student Movement: Notice of Rally
3. Iran/NY Times: Despite Police Dismissals, Iran Protest Is the Angriest Yet
4. Journalists to Strike in Support of Salam
5. students XXV
6. students XXVI
7. students XXVII
8. students XXVIII
9. students XX} Sit-in ended temporarily
10. students XXIV: One killed in Tabriz


Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 15:34:14 -0500
From: aryopirouznia <aryopirouznia@EMAIL.MSN.COM>
Subject: Iran/Reuters: Iranian Students Wind Down Street Protests

Iranian Students Wind Down Street Protests

Reuters Photo
By Mehrdad Balali

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Thousands of pro-democracy students ended their protests
Sunday after briefly taking to the streets of Tehran and turning up the heat
on Iran's political and religious leaders.

The students dispersed without serious incident, abandoning earlier plans to
march to the city center. Further protests, including a sit-in by faculty
members, were set for Monday.

Along the way, columns of students chased away three traffic police cars
that tried to block their march. A police minibus was surrounded by students
but managed to escape.

``I am going to kill my brothers' murderers,'' chanted students, many of
whom wore scarves over their faces to hide their identities.

Protesters say students have been killed by police and vigilantes during
pro-democracy unrest over the last four days and some demand the execution
of police chief, Brigadier General Hedayat Lotfian, who reports to the
dominant clergy.

``Either Islam and the law, or another revolution,'' the marchers chanted,
referring to Iran's 1979 revolution.

Drivers caught up in the protest honked their horns in support of the
students, while residents offered them iced water to counter the sweltering
summer heat.

The students earlier rallied outside their dormitories at Tehran University,
scene Thursday of a peaceful rally in support of press freedom which was
attacked by Islamic vigilantes and police with iron bars, chains, and tear

Students are stepping up their demands for the resignation of senior
officials in a crisis that has shaken the Islamic republic and put pressure
on President Mohammad Khatami to accelerate his promised reforms in the face
of consistent challenges from the powerful clerical establishment.

``We are not going to be satisfied until people at the top resign,'' said
one student leader. ``Khatami has to do something or resign.''

The official IRNA news agency said the university in Mashhad, Iran's second
largest city, had closed for two days in protest at the crackdown in Tehran,
while students in Isfahan held a sit-in and hung black mourning banners at
three campuses.

There were reports that students from across Iran were heading for the

Even Iranian supreme religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, usually above
public reproach, was criticized by the students for failing to protect them.

Iran's biggest moderate student movement, which claims 50,000 members, said
the attacks on students by police and vigilantes of the Ansar-e Hezbollah
group could not have been made without high-level support.

``Ansar commits crimes, and the leader supports them,'' shouted some
demonstrators, before fellow-students urged them to be quiet. ``Oh, great
leader, shame on you.''

Ayatollah Khamenei has not commented on the unrest but a body of his
representatives on campuses condemned the attack in a statement, saying it
``hurt the heart of the exalted leader.''

Shops near the campus were closed as students set up barricades in fear of
impending action by security forces.

IRNA quoted a letter President Khatami sent to Higher Education Minister
Mostafa Moin, rejecting his resignation Saturday in protest at the violence
against students.

The hardline head of the judiciary, meanwhile, promised to prosecute fully
anyone charged with ordering the attacks.

The radical slogans were signs of a new militancy emerging in the student
protests, in their fourth day Sunday.

Student leaders said they were prepared to carry on until authorities
crushed the hardline Islamic ``pressure groups'' that routinely attack
pro-reform rallies.

They said they also wanted the lifting of a ban on the pro-Khatami newspaper
Salam, the annulment of tough new press restrictions and an end to the
vetting of election candidates by conservative clerics of the
conservative-led Guardian Council.

They also want the removal and possible execution of police chief Lotfian,
held responsible for the attacks, and the release of bodies of students they
say were killed in the clashes.

Late Saturday, the Supreme National Security Council, chaired by Khatami,
said it had decided to dismiss the official who ordered the police attacks
on the university dormitories.

It stopped short of meeting student demands for the removal of the police
chief and made no mention of the reported deaths of students.

Khatami's own political faction however backed up the students' reports of
deaths and demanded that the police chief be sacked.

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Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 23:13:33 -0500
From: aryopirouznia <aryopirouznia@EMAIL.MSN.COM>
Subject: Iran/Student Movement: Notice of Rally

Student Movement Coordination Committee

July 11th 1999

The Student Movement Coordination Committee has issued a notice of General
rally in the Iranian Capital for tomorrow (Monday July 12th, 1999).

This rally will start from the main gate of Tehran university and will go
across the Tehran Streets and
toward the Tehran Ba-zar.


Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 00:08:07 -0500
From: aryopirouznia <aryopirouznia@EMAIL.MSN.COM>
Subject: Iran/NY Times: Despite Police Dismissals,
Iran Protest Is the Angriest Yet

The New York Times
July 12, 1999

Despite Police Dismissals, Iran Protest Is the Angriest Yet


AIRO, Egypt -- In a new sign of militancy, at least 15,000 students took to
the streets of Tehran, Iran, on Sunday in what has become a protest against
a divided government whose security forces remain in conservative hands.

Witnesses said it was the angriest protest since the Iranian revolution of
two decades ago, and it presented the most formidable test yet of President
Mohammad Khatami, the moderate leader who holds broad popular support but
has yet to consolidate control over a fractured political structure.

At its surface, the demonstration was merely the outgrowth of several days
of anger over the storming on Thursday night of a university dormitory by
security forces and conservative vigilantes. But it also reflected a deep
discontent over the fact that Khatami's popularly elected government
remains, in large part, in others' hands.

The protesters aborted an early plan to march to the city center. But after
three days of mounting anger, they left no doubt they were dissatisfied with
an announcement by Khatami's government that it would dismiss the officers
who had ordered the raid, Iran's police chief, Brig. Gen. Hedayat Lotfian,
and his deputy, who was not named.

"We are not going to be satisfied until people at the top resign," one
student leader said. "Khatami has to do something or resign."

The protesters said students had been killed by the police and the
vigilantes during the demonstrations, and had demanded the dismissal of
Lotfian, who reports not to Khatami but to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the
cleric who is Iran's supreme leader.

"Either Islam and the law, or another revolution," the marchers chanted
Sunday, in a reference to the 1979 revolution that toppled the shah,
Mohammed Riza Pahlevi.

More than half of Iran's population was born after the revolution, and young
people were a powerful force in the 1997 election that swept Khatami to
power. But many of them, and many other Iranians, have become frustrated by
the fact that conservatives, the main power-holders since the revolution,
remain in positions of authority and control.

Khatami does not control the police or the military, and his efforts to
promote a freer press have repeatedly been thwarted by the
conservative-dominated judiciary, which has punished newspapers that have
pushed the limits of freedom.

It was just such a punishment, of the newspaper Salam, that sparked the
latest protest.

The newspaper had published information that called attention to the role of
the conservative-led Intelligence Ministry in the killings last winter of a
number of Iranian intellectuals. The newspaper was ordered closed because
the information was said to be classified.

Even Ayatollah Khamenei, usually above public reproach, was criticized by
the students for failing to protect them.

On Sunday, Iran's biggest moderate student movement, which claims 50,000
members, said the attacks on students by the police and vigilantes of the
Ansar-e Hezbollah group could not have been made without high-level support.

"Ansar commits crimes, and the leader supports them," some demonstrators
shouted in the march in Tehran. "Oh, great leader, shame on you."

Khamenei has not commented on the unrest but a body of his representatives
on campuses condemned the attack in a statement, saying that it had "hurt
the heart of the exalted leader."

In a clear effort to put a lid on the discontent, Iran's top security body
said Sunday that it had dismissed two senior police officers held
responsible for the Thursday night crackdown. A statement read on state
television said that the Supreme National Security Council, which reports to
Khatami, had ordered Lotfian and his aide to be dismissed and prosecuted.

The statement also said that Tehran's police chief had been reprimanded for
his handling of operations late Thursday at the dormitory. But it sought to
minimize the extent of the violence, saying that only one man had been
killed during the unrest and denying all "rumors and unofficial reports"
about further deaths. Student groups have said several students were killed.

The statement said the Intelligence Ministry had arrested seven Islamic
vigilantes for taking part in the attacks. It said the ministry was
continuing its investigation of the group, and added that all 200 students
arrested after the attacks had been released.

But the council also warned students against holding any further
demonstrations, saying authorities would prevent unauthorized assemblies and

The vigilantes, who are backed by conservative political leaders, have
remained a major source of instability and fear in Iran. Last winter, they
murdered a number of intellectuals, and they attacked a bus carrying
visiting Americans.

Diplomats in Iran have said that the discontent of students represents a
major threat to Iran's political stability.

Although the student demonstrators decided Sunday not to take what would
have been the provocative step of marching on downtown Tehran, there were
reports from around the country that other students held sympathy marches,
and at least two liberal newspapers said that they would suspend
publication, beginning Tuesday, in support of the students and the shuttered
newspaper, Salam.


Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 00:49:05 -0700
From: Arash Alavi <aalavi@US.ORACLE.COM>
Subject: Journalists to Strike in Support of Salam

Sunday, July 11, 1999 Published at 17:59 GMT 18:59 UK

World: Middle East

Police heads roll in Tehran

Pro-reformers stood up for Khatami and defied the religous

Iran's National Security Council has announced the
dismissal of two senior police officers for ordering
violence against protesters.

A statement read out on Iranian TV said General Muhammad
Ahmadi and his unnamed deputy have been handed over to
judiciary officials.

On Sunday thousands of students took to the streets of
Tehran and other major cities for a fourth consecutive day
of protests in the most serious challenge to the Islamic
regime since the 1979 revolution.

The students in Tehran have now dispersed for the night,
heeding pleas from President Muhammad Khatami and his
pro-reform government.

Mr Khatami had warned that further disturbances would
damage his programme of careful democratic change, which
the students support.

The demonstrators had been demanding the arrest and
execution of Iran's hardline top policeman, General Hedeyat
Lotfian, and for control of law-enforcement agencies to be
transferred from the Islamic authorities to President

The National Security Council, headed by the president
himself, had earlier promised to punish the leader of a
police operation in which five students were reportedly

Several hundred students at a Tehran hostel had been
staging a peaceful demonstration in support of press
freedom when they were attacked on Friday by police and
anti-reform vigilantes.

The incident caused outrage among pro-reform politicians.
President Khatami expressed his "deep regret" for the
police raid, calling it an "ugly and bitter incident".

Demonstrators earlier shouted slogans calling on Iran's
supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to intervene to
prevent further attacks. Accusations of his alleged
complicity in the student deaths were also chanted.

Police kept away and the protesters placed blockades of
tires and barbed wire across roads near the university.

Multiple resignations

On Sunday the chancellor of Tehran University and the heads
of 18 faculty departments resigned in protest at the police

The faculty heads described the incident at the hostel as
an "unprecedented crime in our university's history".

The Minister of Higher Education, Mostafa Moin, also
offered his resignation but Mr Khatami is reported to have
rejected it.

Press protest

More than 500 journalists working for pro-reform newspapers
have added their voice to the protests by announcing a
one-day strike against the closure of Salam to take place
on Tuesday.

The new press curbs are seen as part of a protracted
struggle between President Khatami and hardline religious

Ayatollah Khamenei, who is supreme leader of the Islamic
revolutionary state, is identified with the reactionaries
but has always avoided comment on the reform debate.

Meanwhile the reformers have previously refrained from
publicly criticising the Ayatollah, or blaming him for the
obstacles being placed in front of President Khatami and
his supporters.


Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 09:20:53 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: students XXV

thr 005
university incident hurt my heart, leader
tehran, july 12, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution
ayatollah seyed ali khamenei said here monday that the tragic
incidents at the tehran university campus over the recent days
were "unacceptable in the islamic republic of iran."
"this bitter incident hurt my heart," said the leader at a
meeting with a group of people.
as a result of clashes between university stundets and
counter-demonstrators backed by security forces, dozens of students
were injured and many others arrested by the law enforcement forces.
extensive material damage was aslo inflicted on the student
dormitories where the clashes took place on friday and saturday.
the unrest which began on thursday continued on sunday as well.
::irna 12/07/99 10:52

thr 006
students-leader-2 tehran
as well.
"i have a lot to say but the most important thing that has
preoccupied my mind is the attack on the dormitories of the youth
and students. in the islamic system, it is not acceptable at all to
attack the house and shelter of a group, particularly overnight or
at the time of congregation prayers.
"the yout of this country, whetehr students or not, are my
children and it is very difficult and bitter for me to see them
embarassed and upset."
the supreme leader stressed that any violater in the islamic
system will be dealt with "no matter in the garb of law enforcement
forces or else."
"violaters in the islamic system must be dealt with, but it is
very wrong and unjust to encounter someone who has not committed any
violation, someone who is resting at home, and that too in a youth
student environment."
the leader said the fact that one hundred or two hundred people
take into the streets from the university campus to utter some words
cannot provide an excuse and authorization for others in whatever garb
or under whatever name, to enter their place.
::irna 12/07/99 11:05

thr 007
students-leader-3 tehran
their place.
the leader said the issue becomes more difficult when the
"sacred name of the law enforcement forces" is involved in a
wrongdoing which would cause their disgrace.
"you are aware of the self-sacrifice of the law enforcement
forces around the country, at the borders, on the roads and in
encountering bandits and know how much trouble they take. many of
them have lost their lives to safeguard our security. is it fair to do
something to tarnish the image of these servants in the eye of some
"is this right for some people to enter the rooms of basiji or
students in the name of (imam) hussein (as) or (hazrat) zahra
(sa), wake them up and create those kinds of incidents? the sacred
name of imam hussein and fatemeh zahra presses one's heart. there are
so many devoted youth in love with imam hussein and fatemeh zahra and
in the service of islam and the country everywhere throughout this
land. they were the ones who were always in the frontline during the
sacred defense (iraqi war) and would do the same whenever there is a
threat against this country. then some people create such incidents
by using their names which was indeed very bitter for me. of course,
i have emphasized that investigations be conducted into the matter."
the leader then made some remarks addressed to the people,
students, youth, and leaders of political factions and groups
as well as statements concerning enemy plots.
more details will follow.
::irna 12/07/99 11:41

thr 008
students-leader's office
dormitory incident a blind, unfair attempt: hojatoleslam qomi
tehran, july 12, irna -- head of the leader's office at universities
here sunday announced that following the tragic incidents at tehran
university dormitory the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei
issued orders for an speedy probe into the case by relevant
organizations, including supreme national security council (snsc).
condemning the incidents, hojatoleslam mohsen qomi expressed deep
regret over the mishap, adding that what had happened at the
dormitory is neither acceptable not tolerable.
hojatoleslam qomi further told irna that the mere entry of the
law enforcement forces into the university campus, especially its
dormitory and at the time when students were resting, is an illegal
moreover, he added, mistreatment of the protesting students by
the forces at the dormitory was an unpleasant and unjustifiable
measure and an act against ethics and laws.
according to him, many of those who were beaten had the least
role in the protest but sustained the most physical and material
he said children of martyrs, basij (volunteer) forces and those
sympathizing with islam and the system were also among those who
were attacked.
hojatoleslam qomi said that the measure was a ''blind and
unfair'' attempt, pointing to the possibility of the involvement of
suspicious agents who might be later identified.
::irna 12/07/99 11:45

thr 009
student-leader's office ... - tehran
later identified.
as for the measures taken by the leader's office at universities,
hojatoleslam qomi said as the office feels duty bound to protect
dignity of academicians, students and staff in universities, the
incident has most annoyed the leader.
since the very moment of the outbreak of the violence, the
office made necessary contacts with the officials and representative
of the office at tehran university hojatoleslam abutorabi met with
the students and condemned the attitude of the aggressor forces.
later, the wounded students were visited at hospitals and while
sympathizing with them detailed information about the incident was
obtained from them in an effort to make consultations over finding a
olution to the problem.
in reply to a question on the present demand of the students,
he told irna that at the beginning it was the mere support for a
certain newspaper by a limited number of students.
but, he stressed, now that the sanctity of the university has
been violated and students have been insulted, their major demand
which is also emphasized by the office, is the issue of speedy
investigations into the incident and identification of the agents and
hojatoleslam qomi called on all security and cultural officials
not to spare any efforts and waste no time in probing into the causes
of the incident as the passage of time will further complicate the
::irna 12/07/99 11:52

thr 010
student-leader's office ... 3 - tehran
the issue.
underlining the need for safeguarding dignity of students and
sanctity of university, hojatoleslam qomi stressed that those who
were involved in the incident not only should be punished but should
apologize to the students.
asked about his recommendations in this connection, he said as
physical and cultural violations end up in chaos, therefore, under
the status quo priority should be given to long-term interests of
the islamic republic.
he said his sympathetic recommendation to the cultural, academic
and press sectors of the society is to avoid violence, adding that
what caused the university dormitory tragedy was the outcome of a
blind and irrational violence.
hojatoleslam qomi said if acts of violence are answered through
violent means, possibly some results might be achieved in the short
run but in the long run it will stabilize violence and foment unwise
he expressed the hope that the society will be promoted to such
political and social status that all affairs be administered and
problems solved through wise and analytic study of issues.
::irna 12/07/99 11:54

thr 011
lari on recent incidents in tehran university campus
tehran, july 12, irna -- minister of interior, abdolvahed mousavi
lari, here sunday described the tehran university incidents as one of
the most bitter social, political and cultural events of the recent
times and said all those supporting the system refer to the incidents
in the most regretful terms.
referring to the thursday clashes in tehran university dormitories,
he told reporters that the students had staged a sit-in rally in
protest to the closure of the salaam daily and approval of amendments
to the press law by the majlis when unfortunately faced with
irrational and self-motivated reaction of the law enforcement forces
and the pressure groups who embarked on beating the students without
having any official orders to do so.
``at the early hours of friday morning, i myself, together with
two other members of the cabinet and a number of majlis
representatives went to the site of the incident to closely inspect
the event. to be honest, i could not believe what i saw.''
he went on to say ``the first thing to catch attention, was the
incredible scale of the destructions. the second thing was the strong
belief of students in the government and the system who, in spite of
all the things that happened to them, continued to voice support for
the government they themselves elected but called for confrontation
with those who hinder political development in the country.''
::irna 12/07/99 12:10

thr 014
lari-studnets-2 tehran
the country.''
commenting on the measures adopted by his ministry and other
security officials in this regard, lari said that the scale of the
incident was such that made the interior ministry's security council,
tehran province's security council as well as the supreme national
security council to intervene by setting up committees to follow up
the event.
``one of the preliminary measures was to distance the law
enforcement and security forces from the university's dormitory
complex and then to confront the willful and disobedient elements
who are known as pressure groups in the society.
``i saw for myself that these elements were throwing stones and
carrying out other kinds of anti-security activities hiding themselves
behind the law enforcement forces.''
he said seven members of pressure groups have been arrested so far
and more are being looked for. he stressed that the snsc, supported by
the supreme leader, had demanded confrontation with pressure groups
and the release of the arrested students following which all the
detained students were freed.
the interior minister further stressed that measures have been
taken to confront the elements who caused the catastrophe including
punishing a number of the attackers and sacking two of law enforcement
commanders and officers who have been introduced to the authorized
legal bodies for further interrogation
::irna 12/07/99 12:17

thr 015
students, lecturers stage sit-in at tehran university mosque
tehran, july 12, irna -- a group of faculty members, students and
staff of tehran university staged a sit-in at tehran university
mosque monday morning.
a group of other students proceeded to join the sit-in while
chanting slogans in condemnation of the attack on tehran university
meanwhile, another group of students gathered in front of the
university entrance and loudly elaborated their views to the
a student who believed gathering in front of the university
entrance is not an illegal act, said the move is not an uprising but
rather a demand. ''we have nothing to do with the administration, we
only announce our demands,'' he said. he called on the officials to
explain the cause of the recent events at the university dormitory.
another student who called himself a member of the ''crisis
headquarters'' expressed concern over the possible misuse of the
students' gathering.
he said political development will be realized through calm,
adding that the students should enter the university campus for the
because, he added, according to the statement of the supreme
national security council any sit-in without prior permission is
llegal and there is the possibility of confrontation.
::irna 12/07/99 12:20

thr 018
lari-students 3 - tehran
further interrogation.
on the death toll of the incident, the minister said that
``unfortunately rumors begin to spread too fast in such events which
suggest false figures. the fact is that a number of students as well
as law enforcement members were injured in the incident while an
officer who was a guest of his friends in the dormitory at the
night of the incident was martyred by a gunshot. there have been no
other losses of life.''
lari further stated that the important thing about the incident
was the gun which injured three people and killed one, adding that a
group of security and information forces, due to to sensitivity of the
case, were probing into the case to identify and punish the gun
``what deserves attention is the manner and method of actions of
the forces known as the pressure groups who have been acting
throughout the country for a while now and have been identified and
introduced to the authorities due to their past similar activities.
their presence in different stages cause disturbance. for example, it
was their presence there, together with the willful act of the law
enforcement units situated at the site, that added to the depth of the
catastrophe. the majority of the cabinet members too underline the
need to confront them,'' he added.
commenting on another decision by the snsc to compensate for
the damages inflicted on the students and dormitory buildings, the
interior minister said a group was formed by ministers of culture and
higher education, health and head of plan and budget organization to
assess the degree of the damage and make compensation from the
presidential budget.
``although compensation of the damages could not heal the wounds
and soothe the pains of the students, it can partially remove their
living and accommodation problems.''
::irna 12/07/99 12:30


Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 10:50:36 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: students XXVI

thr 029
police disperse student demonstartors
tehran, july 12, irna -- a group of demonstrating university students
clashed with police forces at valiye asr avenue monday morning
despite a ban by the supreme national security council on sunday
night that no illegal rally must be held anymore.
the desmontrators after throwing stones and sticks at the police
forces, attacked them but were dispersed by the police who are
trying to avoid clashes and restore calm.
the demonstrators who are about 1,000 in number, also set fire to
a police vehicle at the square.
unlike other students who have staged a sit-in at the university
campus, this group of studnets took to the streets to voice their
protests over the past few days' tragic incidents.
::irna 12/07/99 14:16

thr 028
majlis hezbollah assembly condemns attack on students
tehran, july 12, irna -- the hezbollah assembly of the islamic
consultative assembly (majlis), in a statement issued here sunday,
condemned the ban on the daily salaam and the attack of the law
enforcement forces on the tehran university campus.
announcing its opposition against the motion to amend the press
law, the assembly said, ''the majority faction of the majlis with the
aim of materializing factional rule over the press and confrontation
with the political development initiated by president mohammad
khatami, has done all within its power in compiling, presenting and
approving the generalities of the motion.''
''following the approval of general outlines of the motion and
at a time that the respected majlis speaker ali akbar nateq nouri
stressed on safeguarding the press freedom, the special clergy court,
in an illegal and hasty measure banned the daily salaam,'' it added.
the daily is run by one of the revolutionary personalities of the
country, a close ally to the founder of the islamic republic the late
imam khomeini, and a member of the expediency council, the statement
the ban on salaam which was done under the pretext of the
information ministry complaint against the daily is continuing despite
the fact that the minister has withdrawn his complaint against the
paper, it noted.
''the reaction of the students of the tehran university in protest
to the ban on salaam was responded with another illegal measure. the
harsh measures taken by the law enforcement forces despite the
emphasis of the interior minister and the tehran governor on
non-intervention of the forces in the case, resulted in one of the
most regretful incidents of the past few years.''
the statement further called on president khatami to settle the
crisis and to pave the way for political activities of all factions
loyal to the islamic revolution.
the assembly also called for unconditional reopening of the
daily salaam, dismissal of the commander of the law enforcement
forces, and delegating efficient authorities to the interior ministry
for administering the law enforcement forces by the commander-in-chief
of the armed forces ayatollah seyed ali khamenei.
''we expected that the respected presiding board of majlis, on
behalf of all majlis deputies, to condemn the illegal act and recall
the mps to a majlis open session,'' the hezbollah assembly said
hoping that inquiry teams would be formed and the responsible
officials would be summoned to the majlis in order that the people's
representatives would be able to follow up the case in such sensitive
period of time.
::irna 12/07/99 13:58


Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 11:22:46 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: students XXVII

thr 031
salaam manager calls on press writers not to put down pens
tehran, july 12, irna -- managing director of the now banned daily
salaam hojatoleslam mohammad mousavi khoeini here monday requested the
press writers not to put down their pens on tuesday.
these days when the iranian nation is in the dire need of
news and information, it is necessary to provide the society with
clear and explicit pieces of news, he said calling on his colleagues
not to stop publishing their papers for one day.
he, on behalf of his colleagues, thanked all journalists and
reporters throughout the country who had protested the ban on salaam
daily as a token of solidarity with the paper.
at a time brave college students are passing through a hard time
and facing difficulties in their attempts to defend freedom, they,
more than ever before, need journalistic support of the independent
press, khoeini told irna.
he further expressed his sympathy will all students and
academicians in the country, particularly those who were attacked
while defending the freedom in the tehran university campus.
::irna 12/07/99 14:47


Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 12:37:34 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: students XXVIII

thr 034
khatami: varsity incidents, most bitter incident of society
tehran, july 12, irna -- president mohammad khatami here monday
termed the recent incidents at tehran university dormitory as one of
the most bitter incidents of the islamic republic society and system.
speaking in a meeting with the minister of culture and
higher education mostafa moin and his deputies, he said ''the more
lively, energetic and active our university students and
instructors, the more vibrant and more active our society will become
and that ''those who would not like our society to be vibrant and
alive, do not want our university to be vibrant and alive.''
he added that some outlooks in the society still consider
universities as places for spending time and having fun and even
regard them as being against values. this is while universities in
iran have always stood up against aggressions and dependencies and the
role of universities have been clear both before and after the
''they have defended our independent identity and dignified
society and even islamic movements inside our universities have been
among the most active and liveliest ones in our society,'' khatami
the president then laid emphasis on the links connecting
universities and government and termed as effective making use of
criticisms and proposals set forth by the universities on current
state of affairs and major axes such as economic rehabilitation in the
third development plan.
::irna 12/07/99 15:34

thr 035
president-investigative committee
president briefed on latest findings aboout varsity incident
tehran, july 12, irna -- members of the committee in charge of
investigating recent events at tehran university dormitory briefed
president mohammad khatami here on monday on the outcome of their
investigation into the case.
the commitee members also gave a report on its activities,
decisions made by the committee and its latest findings about
dormitory incidents.
they also raised their views on ways of dealing with dimensions
of the incident and its consequences.
president khatami, stressing the need for continuation of the
committee's activity, called on it to find root causes of the
::irna 12/07/99 15:54


Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 07:09:51 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: students XX} Sit-in ended temporarily

thr 008
students to hold fresh protest gathering
tehran, july 11, irna -- the students participating in the sit-in
at tehran university campus ended their strike temporarily at
04:00 in the morning after reading a four-point statement.
they said they were ended their sit-in to maintain their physical
and spiritual strength to be able to keep up with their resistance.
the students began to slowly scatter around after listening to
the remarks of one of their leaders who invited them to self-restraint
and called on them to leave the place until 10:00 sunday morning. he
also promised the students that the sit-in will go on in the
coming days until their demands are met.
according to irna reporters, all of the students had left the
place by 04:00 in the morning except for about 40 of them who guarded
the dormitory gates armed with iron bars and clubs.
the students demand the identification and punishment of those
responsible for the attack by the law enforcement forces on the
dormitories, release of the arrested students, transfer of the lef
authority to the government and dismissal of its commander.
condemning the violence of the past three days, the supreme
national security council, in its meeting on saturday, expressed
sympathy with the student victims and assigned a special committee
to investigate the causes of the events and identify the pressure
groups which it said were the cause of many problems in the country.
the committee is to identify and dismiss the authority who
ordered the invasion of the students dormitory which resulted in
extensive material damage as well as the injury and arrest of dozens
of students.
it said all the detained students have been released and that
they will all be compensated for the material and psychological
damage they have sustained as a result of the violent incidents.
::irna 11/07/99 10:31


Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 14:41:17 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: students XXIV: One killed in Tabriz

thr 036
students-khatami ... 2 - tehran
development plan.
the president said affront to the sanctity of universities
s well as the harsh and disgusting encounter with academicians at
tehran university dormitory was one of the most bitter incidents for
the universities, adding that such incidents indicate that
universities have numerous enemies who do not want these centers to
be present on the scene dynamically and actively.
khatami added that of course an active presence of academicians
who are curious and sensitive has a price that should be paid.
what is important is that a national consensus exists in
condemnation of this incident covering the supreme leader, senior
ulema and various sectors of the society, he said, adding that
a kind of mobilization of public opinion has been created which
should not be taken as a minor achievement.
it is important to guide this national consensus towards more
basic affairs such as institutionalization of the system within the
framework of law and safeguarding people's rights and
observing freedom and security with the objective of the
ociety's progress and consolidation of the pillars of the system, he
turning to the growth of student movements and stressing the
aroused feelings of the muslim students, he said the main body of
the students showed self-restraint, thus preventing the incident to
turn into a difficult national problem.
::irna 12/07/99 16:30

thr 037
leader-dorm event
leader: students should look out for enemy plots
tehran, july 12, irna -- the leader of the islamic revolution
ayatollah seyed ali khamenei said on monday, "what i tell the
students is to watch and identify the enemy.''
the leader also called on the students to beware to identify
enemies. ''strangers disguised as friends come among you. identify
them. you should look out for hidden hands. no one is admired for
''when a blow is dealt on a negligent person, he is the primary
person responsible for the damage... be careful. the students belong
to a honorable strata of society. the enemy has targeted the students.
in the past few years.''
the leader of the islamic revolution also said that the enemy has
worked hard to pit the students against the islamic republic, but
of no avail.
''when some infiltrators took advantage of an opportunity
to fish in the troubled waters and entered student circles, making
some slogans and uttering some words, they should not think that we
will make mistake. no we will not make a mistake. we know our
audience and our enemy.
''the students are our children who belong to us and to the
country. this is the enemy who wants to do mischief by infiltrating
the ranks of students...the students themselves should be vigilant,"
the leader said.
ayatollah khamenei said that during this sensitive season when
students are to take their final exams and young applicants are to
sit for entrance examinations, which hands and which enemy are trying
to deviate the youth and dissuade them from studying.
''here, the students themselves are the first ones who should open
their eyes and decide,''the leader said.
::irna 12/07/99 16:54

thr 039
leader-dorm event (2)
leader said.
ayatollah khamenei said, "i tell the iranian nation that you,
the brave nation, have kept behind the door the enemy which
had been driven out of the country by the islamic revolution 20
years ago. be careful... the enemy is making attempts to infiltrate
the country.
"give more care. the enemy has now targeted our national security.
national security is vital to a nation. in the absence of national
security no government can work, nor can a stone be laid on the other
for construction," the leader said.
the supreme leader said due to chaos, no economic, cultural,
social and political problem in the country can be solved. "in the
absence of security, every thing is destroyed. the enemy has targeted
this. the iranian nation in every part of the country should realize
this. thanks god, the iranian nation is vigilant."
ayatollah khamenei said, "i tell you, the youth that you are the
hope of the revolution and islam. your behavior can lead the country
towards progress rapidly. when a young individual speaks and decides
with meditation and patience, the country will become prosperous.
"when the blind emotions appear, the enemy will take advantage
of it. if you heard even a word which makes you angry, for example, if
they uttered an affront to the leadership, you should keep silent,"
the supreme leader said.
the leader told the youth, "reserve your power for the day on
which the country will need it, the day on which the young and
faithful forces should stand against the enemy. don't mind if a
young individual deceived by the enemy utters some insulting word.
however, i forgive him."
::irna 12/07/99 17:33

thr 038
calm-vali-e asr
calm returns to vali-e asr square
tehran, july 12 , irna -- with police intervention calm returned to
vali-e asr square which was a scene of demonstrations by extremist
students monday afternoon.
police forces which had rushed to the scene to prevent illegal
demonstration by the extremist students managed to disperse the
demonstrators without any serious violence.
despite harsh movement on the part of the demonstrators, police
which was not armed with any fire arms, scattered the demonstrators
using tear gas. however, the tear gas caused some problems for the
during the event which lasted one hour no one was injured
but the demonstrators set ablaze a police vehicle.
police helicopters hovered overhead around vali-e-asr square
controlling police forces on the ground.
the incident occurred as about 1,000 students refused to
join heir colleagues who continued a sit-in protest in tehran
a considerable number of university students gathered
in tehran university at 10:00 hours local time (5:30 gmt) to continue
their protest against thursday night incident.
students demand the identification and punishment of those
responsible for the thursday night incident.
secretariat of the supreme council for national security issued an
statement last night underlining identification of those responsible
for the incident and calling on the students to refrain from any
illegal move.
the leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah ali khamenei today
condemned the dromitory incident as an ''unacceptable act'' in the
islamic republic system.
president mohammad khatami, while terming the event as the
''most bitter incident'' called on students to remain calm and
refrain from tension.
::irna 12/07/99 17:02

thr 040
tehran university-protests
protest gatherings to be held tuesday, wednesday
tehran, july 12, irna -- student basij department of tehran universit
in a statement announced on monday that it would hold a gathering in
front of tehran university at 17:00 hours local time on tuesday.
the statement said the gathering would be aimed at protesting
and unveiling the invisible and visible hands behind the tragic event
at tehran university dormitory on thursday night and friday.
it said protesting the disrespect for the sanctity of university
and law, voicing opposition to insult to sanctities and islamic
system and divulging attempts by opportunists and those hostile
to the islamic republic to take advantage of the situation are among
other objectives of the gathering.
meanwhile, 15 political groupings in a joint statement called on
people to hold a gathering at tehran university at 16:00 hours local
time on wednesday to protest at recent events at tehran university
the statement said the tragic event which broke out at tehran
university dormitory on friday morning and brutal attack on students
by a group of ''willful'' law enforcement forces (lef) and club
wielding hooligans supported by the lef, opened a dark page in the
brilliant history of the islamic revolution.
signatories to the statement said such an act cannot be regarded
as a natural accident rather it should be looked upon as part of a
premeditated plan targeting the achievements of the may 23
presidential elections.
::irna 12/07/99 17:34

thr 041
tehran university-protests ... (2) - tehran
presidential elections.
the statement also thanked president mohammad khatami for
defending universities and voiced sympathy with the students
injured in the incident. it also called for arrest of the masterminds
and perpetrators of the bloody incident.
majma' rowhanion mobarez (mrm) (the association of combatant
clergies), the office to foster unity, islamic iran contribution
front party, servants of construction party, association of forces
following the imam's path, the organization of islamic revolution
mujahideen, association of qom seminary instructors and researchers,
the labor house, islamic labor party, islamic association of iranian
teachers, islamic association of university lecturers, islamic
association of iran's medical community, islamic association of
iranian engineers, association of the periodic representatives of
majlis and islamic association of graduates from indian subcontinent
were signatories to the statement.
islamic association of university lecturers in a statement issued
here on sunday, protested at recent events and voiced sympathy with
the students involved.
the islamic coalition society in another statement, a copy of
which was made available to irna on monday, blamed the u.s. and
western arrogance powers for mastermining recent incident.
meanwhile, the leader's representative to east azarbaijan and
governor general of the province, issued a joint statement following
eruption of unrest and clashes at tabriz university on sunday,
condemning acts of certain hostile elements and adventurers.
expressing sorrow over sunday events at tabriz university, the
statement called on people from various walks of life to remain calm
and prevent infiltration of counterrevolutionary elements into their
it called on the law enforcement agency, people and security
forces to prevent spread of unrest to other parts of the city through
patience and tolerance.
::irna 12/07/99 17:34

In thr 041, the translation is not complete. In persian version, one
religious student from seminary school (Mohammad Javad Farhangi Bostan
Abadi) was shot by unknown person.

I recall the involvement of armed Movaheds during 1357 struggle in
Tabriz, Urmieh and Hamadan.
In 1978 (1357), 18 Ordibihesht, Police attacked Tabriz Students inside
university. Students were defending themselves and were
counter-attacking using cold-arms. In that day, three students were
killed by police (Gholami, Mirzayi and Ranjbar). That day, a member of
Ghrouh-e-Towhidi Hadid was carrying machine gun to defend the students,
but they did not get chance to use it because police and students were
engaged very closely. Later, the member of the Group and his friends
assassinated Sarhang Kazruni in Hamadan. Kazruni had killed a few
students in the demonstation especially Topchi in the city center in
cold blood. Hadid Group also attacked the column of An army division in
Rezaiey (Urmieh) in 1357, when they left their bariccads to attack
demonstrating people in Urmieh.


End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 12 Jul 1999 - Special issue