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Topics of the day:

1. Iranian PhD graduate in Stanford needs our assistance.


Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 18:26:54 -0700
From: Kamyar Kalantar-zadeh <kalantar@POL.NET>
Subject: Iranian PhD graduate in Stanford needs our assistance.

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Subject: Iranian PhD graduate in Stanford needs our assistance.
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Dear Friends:

Our very good friend, Amir Ghazanfarian, is in dire need of your help.
Amir, who graduated from Stanford University last October with a PhD in
Electrical Engineering, is suffering from an acute case of Lymphoma. He
needs to receive a bone marrow transplant within the next 30 days.

I urge you all to please help him by doing a simple blood test. Please
note that it will take about two weeks for your test results to appear
in the Bone Marrow Donation Registry data base. So, please get tested

There is a charge for doing the test. But, the charge will be waived if
you agree to donate a pint of your blood at the same time. (If you have
difficulty with donating blood or if you have any other concerns, please
contact us immediately.)

You can call the Stanford Blood Center at (650) 723-5532 M-F 8:30am-4pm
to make an appointment. You can also find out where is the nearest
center to you that does this test by calling 1-800-marrow-2 or visiting When youíre making the appointment please make sure to
mention that it is for the National Marrow Donation Program.

If you have already been tested for bone marrow transplant you donít
need to do it again. Your results are in the data base. Also, please
note that the Stanford Blood Center cannot process more than 2-3 tests
per day. So please get an appointment today!

Amir, a recipient of International Math Olympiad Medal and 1st student
in his class (92) at Sharif University of Technology, received his MS
and PhD from Stanford in less than 4 years! He is a national treasure,
as well as our wonderful, caring friend. He is 28 years old.

PLEASE help him now!

Reza Kasnavi - on behalf of the Iranian Students at Stanford
M. Reza Kasnavi
Center for Integrated Systems, Stanford University phone:(650)497-9487
(650)723-0186 (office)



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