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Topics of the day:

2. What U.S. Imperialism Lost In Iranian Revolution
3. 1999 The International Mathematical Olympiad
5. Rafsanjani: VF principle is the anchor of stability in Iran?


Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 11:32:03 -0400
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>

TEHARAN-WASHINGTON-PARIS 22 July (IPS) As the ruling Iranian conservatives
continue to present new dissidents students "confessing" on the Television
to moral, propaganda and financial support they received from "outside", an
Iranian scholar who helped two of them to come to United States and raised
funds for their organisation offered to stand witness and documents at
hand, prove their innocence.

"I will appear in any court of law including Iranian courts, if needed, in
order to exonerate these young men of the charge against them", Mr Mohammad
Hassibi said, calling on the United Nations General Secretary Kofi Annan to
do "anything in his power and the power of the United Nations "to clear up
any misunderstandings", for, he warned, the lives of these young men depend
on it". (See Mr. Hassibi's letter below).

Mr Hassibi's letter was made public as the Iranian conservatives-controlled
media showed Mr. Qolamreza Mohajeri-Nezhad, the Deputy General Secretary of
the secular Association of iranian Nationalist Students (ANIS) disclosing
information about the strategy of the "revolution's enemies" to provoke
dissension and clashes and admitting that he and his colleagues were
"assigned" by exiled dissidents to provoke violence during the recent
unrest in Tehran.

Since such "Television confessions" by dissidents and opponents of the
Islamic regime of Iran, orchestrated by the Information (Intelligence)
Ministry and the "Voice and Visage" (Islamic Republic's Radio and
Television), both of them directly controlled by the leader, the ayatollah
Ali Khameneh'i, are routine, no one in Iran or abroad is impressed and few
even watch or listen to them.

The television showed a badly beaten and tortured Mohajeri-Nezhad accusing
Mr. Manouchehr Mohammadi, his colleague and friend, of "pushing for
radical, emotional and deviant slogans" to trigger clashes at Tehran
University's dormitories.

He also "reiterated" that during their 4 months-long trip made last autumn
to Turkey, United States and Germany, nationalist dissidents had asked them
to provoke clashes which could be blamed on the Ansar Haezbollah and the
Law Enforcement Forces.

"An active member of the National Front in America insisted expressly that
in order to topple the present Islamic regime, an atmosphere of violence
should be created", Mr. Mohajeri-Nezhad was heard on both Radio and

All names of Iranian dissidents and organisations that offered money and
materials to the ANIS leaders were censored by the authorities.

Mr. Mohammadi was the first to be shown on the Television to make his
confessions. He was accompanied by Ms. Malous Radnia, better known as Ms.
Maryam Shansi, a female activist close to Mr. Mohammadi and his
organisation, one of the student's smallest but most controversial groups.

On Wednesday, another dissident student identified as Rahim Reza'i was
presented to the public posing as the "link" between nationalist opponents
abroad with Mr. Mohammadi's organisation.

The aim of the Intelligence Ministry and the public media in orchestrating
the poorly fabricated televised confessions is to demonstrate that the GLIR
(Great leader of the Islamic Revolution) is absolutely right when he
repeatedly says and warns that foreigners, jealous of the tremendous
success accomplished by the regime in all fields, are fomenting troubles at

Iranian state television quoted the ministry as saying that the man had
been "one of those linking dependent internal elements to overseas and the
provider of part of the funding for carrying out the schemes of the enemies
of Iran's Moslem nation."

According to the 40 years-old Reza'i, he was asked by responsible from a
dissident group in a European country to provide an undisclosed amount of
money to Mr. Mohammadi who was sheltered at the time by Ms. Radnia.

"In several trips abroad, Reza'i came in contact with counter-revolutionary
elements who had helped a friend to obtain resident permit and after
becoming a member of the unidentified organisation, he provided financial
help and communications capabilities to the elements organising the recent
disturbances under the direction of foreign groups" the television said.

But spokesman for a pro-reform students group cast doubt on the official
insistence that exiled dissidents and foreign states were behind the unrest.

"The root of the problem lay closer to home", said one member of the Office
for Consolidating Unity (OCU), the students largest organisation that
called for swift implementation of the reforms promised by President
Mohammad Khatami as "the best way to prevent further turmoil and violence".

Following a meeting of representatives of all Iranian students who had
flocked to Tehran Wednesday and Thursday, the OCU warned the authorities
that if they fail to satisfy their demands, they may make public all the
information they have at their hands concerning the pre-down savage attack
on the student's dormitory on 9th July by Ansar Hezbollah thugs backed by
the LEF and the Intelligence Ministry's special units as well as those
responsible for the violent riots and anti-leader slogans during Tuesday
13th July.

Chief among demands by the students are the removal from office of the LEF
Commander, Revolutionary Guard General Hedayatollah Lotfian and his public
trial, the suspension of the ban imposed on the popular and influential
daily "Salam", the release of all prisoners and the return of the students
killed during the clashes to their families.

The Elected Council of Students said Thursday that arrests, beatings and
forced confessions, continue unabated, despite official statements that
most students had been freed.

"We have reports that people have been arrested merely for being students,
and after hours of interrogation, along with beatings, they were forced to
sign confessions with their eyes closed. Others have been freed in fields
around Tehran, after agents had destroyed their identities", the council
said in a statement.

It said seven of its members, and others from legal student groups, were
missing and presumed held by security forces.

They listed the men as Mehdi Fakhrzadeh, Ali Hossein Qazizadeh, Hassan
Hazratzadeh, Rouzbeh Gorji-Bayani, Hossein Arqavani and Mehdi Mahmoudian.

The Intelligence Ministry said 750 people out of 1,400 who had been
arrested during the 5 days of the students protest movement had been released.

"Is it acceptable that merely because you are working with an official
student organisation you would be arrested illegally?" said the statement,
which called on top government officials to intervene and halt the arrests.


Here is the full text of Mr. Hassibi's letter to Mr. Kofi Annan.

The Honorable Kofi Annan VIA FAX (212) 963-4879

Secretary General, The United Nations

Re: Saving the lives of two innocents Iranian students

As you know, a few thousand Iranian students from several different
Universities in Iran have recently been arrested for participating in
peaceful pro-democracy and pro-freedom demonstrations. Of these many
students, two young men in particular, Manouchehr Mohammadi and Gholamreza
Mohajerinejad, have been singled out and accused of serious misconduct. On
Iranian radio and television, official statements have been issued by
governmental authorities that implicate these two gentlemen, by name, in
acts against Iran with the help of financial aid from the enemies of Iran
for the purpose of overthrowing the Islamic Government of Iran.
Purportedly, these funds have been given to the accused through a bank
account at First Union National Bank in Virginia, account number
1010012744000. These accusations, if true, could lead to the deaths of
these men according to the laws of the Islamic government in Iran.

I, Mohammad Hassibi, the undersigned, have definitive evidence which will
acquit these men of the above mentioned charge brought against them. The
evidence is as follows:

Mr. Mohammadi and Mr. Mohajerinejad, after receiving invitations from
universities in the United States, visited the United States in the fall of
1998. During their visit, they were overwhelmed with the support of Iranian
patriots such as myself. The above mentioned bank account was opened in
response to this support as these same patriots desired to contribute to
the cause of Mr. Mohammadi and Mr. Mojaherinejad. From that time until now,
via an executed power of attorney, I have been the only person with access
to this account. I have supporting bank statements, which clearly show that
the total contribution made to this account never exceeded $3,535. This sum
consists of donations from Iranian Patriots, all of which were in small

It is quite obvious that the sum of $3,535 is hardly enough money to
overthrow a government and could not have come from any enemies of Iran.
Moreover, these two men voted for the election of President Khatami and
have outspokenly supported his policies of law and order both in Iran and
during their visit in the United States.

The bank documents to which I have referred are readily available and can
be immediately provided upon request. Furthermore, I am personally
available to stand witness to these facts, which will prove the innocence
of these men. I will appear in any court of law including Iranian courts,
if needed, in order to exonerate these young men of the charge against them.

I respectfully ask that the Honorable Secretary General do anything in his
power and the power of the United Nations to bring this information to the
Iranian government in an effort to clear up any misunderstandings. The
lives of these young men depend on it.

With highest respect and regard,


Mohammad Hassibi

Tel (512) 346-5754 Fax (512) 346-1118


*The Honorable Mary Robinson, The United Nationsí High Commissioner on
Human Rights.

VIA FAX: 01141-22-9170123

* The Honorable Nelson Mandela. VIA FAX: 01127-21-461-4987

* The Honorable Vaclav Havel, President of Czech Republic. VIA FAX:

* The Honorable Desmond Tutu. VIA FAX: 011-27-21-245-225

* The Honorable Maurice Danby Copithorne, Special Representative on Iran,
The United Nations

Commission on Human Rights, Switzerland. VIA FAX: 01141-22-9170123


Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 11:28:59 -0400
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: What U.S. Imperialism Lost In Iranian Revolution

from the Militant, vol.63/no.27 August 9, 1999

In 1979 a revolutionary upsurge by Iranian workers and
peasants overturned the U.S.-backed regime of Mohammed Reza
Pahlavi, also known as the shah. This victory dealt an
enormous blow to Washington's domination in the region. Below
is an excerpt from New International no. 7 featuring the
article "The opening guns of World War III: Washington's
assault on Iraq," by Jack Barnes, on U.S. imperialism's goal
in the 1990-91 Gulf War and political developments in the
region since the defeat of one of the U.S. rulers' most
reliable client states. New International is copyright (c)
1991 by 408 Printing and Publishing Corp., reprinted by

The U.S. rulers' aim is to shift the relationship of class
forces in the Middle East to its advantage, to take back some
of what has been lost over the past three decades. The most
recent big blow to Washington's power in the region came in
1979 with the victory of the Iranian revolution.
Prior to the overthrow of the shah, Iran had been one of
Washington's most reliable client states. In the
configuration of imperialist props in the region, the shah's
"peacock throne" had formed the third leg of a tripod. The
other two were Israel - by far the strongest leg, in its
capacity as a massively armed junior imperialist power - and
the Saudi and Gulf state monarchies, the weakest.
For more than ten years the U.S. rulers have been trying
to recoup some of what they lost with the overthrow of the
monarchy in Iran. For much of the past decade they did so by
providing encouragement to Saddam Hussein's war against Iran
and supporting the course of their imperialist allies,
especially the French government, in supplying arms to Iraq
for the war effort. That conflict, launched in 1980 with a
massive Iraqi invasion of southern Iran, has been among the
most slaughterous conflicts in this century, with hundreds of
thousands of deaths and injuries. Despite Washington's thinly
disguised aid and comfort to Baghdad, however, that murderous
eight-year war brought the U.S. rulers no closer to their
goal of establishing another subservient regime in the region
directly beholden to imperialist interests and reliant on
imperialist military support.


The Militant


Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 09:21:46 -0400
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: 1999 The International Mathematical Olympiad

The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is the World Championship
Mathematics Competition for High School students and is held annually
in a different country. The first IMO was held in 1959 in Romania, with
7 countries participating. It has gradually expanded to over 80
countries from all 5 continents.

The IMO Advisory Board ensures that the competition takes place each
year and that each host country observes the regulations and traditions
of the IMO.

Results of the 40th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), held in
Bucharest, Romania, July 10-22, 1999:

The top 10 teams and their scores are:
1- Russia (182)
2- China (182)
3- Vietnam (177)
4- Romania (173)
5- Bulgaria (170)
6- Belarus (167)
7- Korea (164)
8- Iran (159)
9- Taiwan (153)
10-United States of America (150).

The 41st International Mathematical Olympiad will take place in South
Korea in July 2000.

Results of the 1998 Math Olympiad:
1. Iran 211
2. Bulgaria 195
3. Hungary 186
3. U.S.A. 186
5. Taiwan 184
6. Russia 175
7. India 174
8. Ukraine 166
9. Vietnam 158
10. Serbia-Montenegro 156 (6)

More info?
and also


Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 09:36:36 -0400
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>


By Safa Haeri


A French proverb says: "With such a friend, one does not need enemy", talking
of someone who, unconsciously and inadvertently, harms his friends.

President ayatollah Mohammad Khatami
The Iranian reformists, badly beaten in retreat by their conservative enemies
in the recent weeks, can now say the opposite: "With such an enemy one does
need friend".
After blowing crushing defeats to the reformists, discrediting their chief,
President ayatollah Mohammad Khatami, arresting hundreds of dissidents,
suppressed a protest movement that in less than 5 days metamorphosed from a
small students manifestation into a national revolt against the Islamic regime
and asserted firmly their power. Like the milk cow that after having been
milked out, give a kick to the bucket, the conservatives destroyed all their
winnings with two wrong moves: forced television confession extracted from a
students leader and the leaking of a protest letter written to the
President by
24 Revolutionary Guard Commanders.

Mr. Manouchehr Mohammadi, the leader of the small and newly formed Association
of Nationalist Iranian Students (ANIS) was shown Monday on the
conservatives-controlled television confessing that while on a four months
to Turkey, United States and Europe, he received money from Iranian
delivered speeches stressing on the separation of the State from Religion, was
helped by nationalist and secularist parties like the Iranian People's Party,
the National Front and specially by Mrs Elaheh Mizani, the wife of Mr. Abbas
Amir Entezam, Islamic Iran's longest political prisoner. Mr. Manouchehr
in a previous interview with IPS

His swollen face bearing traces of wounds and beatings shocked and outraged
viewers who admired his courage when he "confessed" to his being a

A man in his forties and described by all of those Iranians he met in Europe
and the US as "rather unsophisticated, unstructured" for someone who claims to
be a students leader, "an ambitious peasant", as one Iranian put it, Mr.
Mohammadi is now a hero of his own, thanks to the efforts of the Information
(Intelligence) Ministry to present him to the Iranian public as the "agent of
foreigners responsible for the riots".

"The leader has said that foreigners were behind the 6 days of students unrest
that rocked the foundations of the Islamic Republic and all the
controlled by him were up to prove the population that the leader was right.
They had to present the culprit and Mr. Mohammadi was there, ready to be
arrested. The ideal agent. Someone who had met with Iranian dissidents abroad
and got support from them.

"But they forgot that none of us who met Mr. Mohammadi were impressed by him
and if we helped him, it was out of sympathy for a compatriot who is
for democracy in Iran", pointed out one Iranian who got to know the
secretary-general of ANIS and his deputy, Mr. Qolamreza Mohajeri-Nezhad, also
arrested alongside Ms. Malous Radnia (Maryam Shansi), a supporter of the

Others expressed "pity" for the Intelligence Ministry. "They must be amateurs
fishermen, those in the Information Ministry who spent so much energy and time
in making Mr. Mohammadi a foreign agent or do they really thing that foreign
intelligence services are inexperienced to bet on such a naÔve person? Was
another comment.

Nevertheless, international Human Rights and Iranian opposition organisations
such as the Iranian Communist-Workers Party, The Constitutionalist Party of
Iran or the League of Democratic Iranian Women expressed concern for the life
of Mr. Mohammadi and his friends. A similar demand was made by the Berlin's
Free University.

In letters to Mr. Kofi Anan, the United Nations general-secretary, several
Iranian groups called on him to intervene with the Iranian authorities to save
the life of the dissident student.

"He might have come out to sound out Iranians outside and establish contacts
with them on instruction from one group that had been defeated as a result of
the past weeks dramatic events in Iran. He is really facing execution", one
Iranian journalist warned.

The same that from the leader of a small, controversial student's
the relatively unknown Mr. Mohammadi has become a national figure, the
conservatives ill-fated decision to leak to their press the content of the
Revolutionary Guard's commanders strange letter to the president has badly
backfired on them.

In the letter, classified "top secret" and delivered last week to the
office of
the President, 24 commanders of this praetorian guard of the ruling mollahs
would warn Mr. Khatami that their patience is over, he either stops his
political reforms and other civil society gadgets or "tomorrow will be too

The letter, published on 19th July by "Keyhan", a newspaper that is considered
as the mouthpiece of the Intelligence Ministry and it's Editor, Mr. Hossein
Shariatmadari, a high ranking Intelligence officer, is appointed by the
immediately caused uproar and protest in the ranks of pro-Khatami circles.

All Iranian analysts and experts said unanimously that considering the
structure of the Guards and the fact that their allegiance goes directly to
person of the ayatollah Ali Khameneh'i, there is "absolutely no doubt" that he
is behind the letter.

"Though the letter is signed by 24 Revolutionary Guard high ranking officers,
but it had to be written by Khameneh'i himself. And when it did not produce
desired effect, he ordered Keyhan to publish it. That was a big mistake, as it
will have a negative on the Guard's file and rank as the great majority of
had voted for Mr. Khatami", noted Mr. Abolhassan Banisadre, Islamic Iran's
first President interviewed by the Persian Service of the Radio France
Internationale (RFI).

"Now that the Intelligence Ministry, Law Enforcement Forces and other pressure
groups have discredited themselves as a result of the unfortunate way they
tackled the tragic incidents at the student's dormitories and the resulting
unrest, let's hope the Revolutionary Guard will not commit the same mistake",
said the Association of Militant Clergymen (AMC), the left wing of the
Association of Combatant Clergymen that supports the President and his

Both the AMC and the Islamic Revolution Mujahedeens Organisation (IRMO), the
left wing of Mr, Khatami's coalition Government also reminded the Guard
commanders that the grand ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini had instructed them
meddle into politics.

Protesting strongly to the letter and it's content, the IRMO told the
signatories of the letter that with their "unwise action" they have provided
the Westerners and the enemies of the regime a "golden document" demonstrating
that the regime was crumbling.

Other analysts said the unprecedented letter would harm more the Revolutionary
Guard and the leader than the President.

"This is aimed more at creating an atmosphere of fear than staging a coup
against Mr. Khatami and in anyway is another mistake by the conservatives",
observer Mr. Ahmad Salamatian, a Paris-based political commentator.

Speaking during a conference call with the Persian services of the BBC,
both he
and Dr Akbar Mehdi from the United States agreed that politicisation of he
Guard was very dangerous for the future of the Islamic State of Iran.

"By politicising the Revolutionary Guard and by transforming it into the
political arm of one wing of the ruling system that is led by himself, the
ayatollah Khameneh'i is playing with fire. He is encouraging the Guard for
military intervention in the future", they noted. ENDS STUDENTS KILLED 2179900


Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 01:02:43 EDT
Subject: Rafsanjani: VF principle is the anchor of stability in Iran?

Is the principle of supreme clerical rule (VF principle) at the root of the
and instability or is the the anchor of stability?

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's Islamic system emerged from recent unrest as
strong and stable as ever, former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said

But he warned that the unrest, among the worst since the 1979 Islamic
revolution, could scare away foreign investors.

Rafsanjani told a prayer gathering that popular reaction against six days
of unrest, which began after police and Islamic vigilantes attacked a
pro-democracy student rally, had proved the lasting power of the
principle of supreme clerical rule.

The principle ``is the anchor of stability in Iran, so this anchor must
not be undermined,'' Rafsanjani told worshipers at Tehran University,
site of many of the recent student protests.

He praised Iranians for taking part in a large rally backing supreme
leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who had become a target of some
protesters. The official rally, which saw workers brought in to swell the
crowd, dwarfed the earlier protests.

``These events demonstrated Iran's strong position, and everybody saw
that our revolution is very strong and deeply rooted,'' said Rafsanjani,
who heads a council advising Khamenei.

``But we all agree that our country has been hurt in various ways. The
suggestion during a short period that there is instability can have
long-term effects.

``It can be very damaging economically...Foreign and domestic investment
could decrease and Iran's risk factor could rise,'' he said in his
sermon, carried live on state-run radio.

But Rafsanjani said Iran could compensate by ``showing our stability
better than before.''

Authorities have blamed the unrest, which culminated in street riots last
week, on student leaders influenced by exiled dissidents. State
television has broadcast ``confessions'' by secular activists about
taking orders and money from abroad.

But mainstream Islamic student leaders, many of whom back moderate
President Mohammad Khatami, say the roots of the crisis lie at home. They
have demanded an end to hardline violence, the sacking of the national
police chief and the punishment of those involved in the initial attack
on student protesters.

Some student leaders have complained of continuing arrests, beatings and
forced confessions.

Rafsanjani said ``Islamic justice'' required that most of those detained
over the unrest be treated leniently. Only the ring-leaders would face
the full force of the law.

Student leaders from across Iran held a second day of meetings Friday to
chart a ``legal and democratic'' campaign to secure their demands, so far
largely spurned by authorities.


End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 22 Jul 1999 to 23 Jul 1999