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Topics of the day:

1. Arrest of the Nation's Party leaders
2. Noose Around the Press will be Tightened, says Editor
3. [onelist_announce] The ONElist Community Update - July 26, 1999
4. Iranian Democrats Invited to Particpate in New Discussion - News List on
Eurasian Geopolitcs


Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 13:31:28 EDT
Subject: Arrest of the Nation's Party leaders

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's secret service said it
had arrested the leaders of a nationalist opposition
movement in connection with recent social unrest in

The Intelligence Ministry said in a
communique published in newspapers Monday that three
senior members of the small Iran Nation Party (INP)
had been in custody since the outbreak of street
riots in Tehran in mid-July, following pro-democracy

It identified the three as Khosrow
Seif, Bahram Namazi and Farzin Mokhber. Another
activist of the movement, Mehran Abdolbaqi, is also
in detention, the ministry said.

``Among other things, they provoked
and excited rioters and raised delusional slogans
against sacred (values). They also had continuous
contact with foreign (sources) and transmitted news,
distorting facts, and granted interviews to foreign
media,'' it said.

Namazi had been serving as INP's
leader since the death of its founder Dariush
Forouhar and his wife Parvaneh in a chain of murders
of dissidents and intellectuals late last year.

The murders were committed by
``rogue'' elements within the secret service, a
development which led to the resignation of
intelligence minister Qorbanali Dorri Najafabadi and
calls for a structural revamp of the secret service.

The ministry, trying to keep a low
profile since the exposure of its role in the
murders, bounced back after the riots, leading the
campaign against opposition activists with alleged
foreign links.

It has been regularly issuing
communiques, revealing names of some of those
arrested and exposing their alleged role in the

The ministry said it was also holding
a number of other activists ranging from Islamic
liberals to ''anti-revolutionary'' communist

Among those arrested is Hassan
Zarezadeh, a member of the Guild of Students and
University Graduates, led by maverick opposition
activist Heshmatollah Tabarzadi.

Tabarzadi, an Islamic militant turned
radical reformer, has been in jail for weeks for
insulting the Islamic system in his now-banned
newspaper Hoviat-e Khish.

``In Tabarzadi's absence, his group
has been issuing contradictory statements in a bid to
disturb public opinio and destroy the general
atmosphere of the press and universities,'' the
communique said.

``In recent days their office had
been made into a safe haven for dissidents...There
they received recommendations from foreigners and

It said Zarezadeh, who had campaigned
for freedom of political prisoners, had a major role
in such activities, transmitting news abroad to be
``exploited'' against the Islamic republic.

``For example, such reports prompted
foreign media, notably American radios (in Farsi) to
make investments in this regard...Their false
reports were used as a tool to portray a negative
image of the Islamic republic,'' it said.

The ministry also accused the group
of seeking financial help from foreigners, notably
the U.S. Radio Liberty, based in Prague.

Iran's special clerical court Sunday
found the publisher of the leading pro-reform
newspaper Salam guilty of printing classified
material and defamation.


Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 11:48:40 -0700
From: Arash Alavi <aalavi@US.ORACLE.COM>
Subject: Noose Around the Press will be Tightened, says Editor

Iran reformists hit ruling on moderate daily

By Ali Raiss-Tousi

TEHRAN, July 26 (Reuters) - Pro-reform Iranian newspaper
editors on Monday condemned the guilty verdict of a
clerical court against the editor-in-chief of the leading
daily Salam.

Mohammad Mousavi-Khoeiniha, a leftist Shi'ite Moslem
cleric, was convicted on Sunday for publishing an allegedly
classified document, slandering officials and linking MPs
to a rogue secret agent accused of masterminding murders of
dissidents last year.

``The jury issued the strongest verdict possible. They did
not leave the judge any room to manoeuvre to mitigate the
sentence,'' Saeed Leylaz, editor of the liberal Manateq-e
Azad newspaper told Reuters.

``Considering the fact that the judge himself chose the
jury, one could not have expected any verdict but this
one,'' he said.

The eight-member jury, all conservative clerics chosen by
the judge, included three prominent hardliners.

``These people (the hardline jurors) are infamous for their
animosity toward Mousavi-Khoeiniha and toward the reformist
current in general,'' Leylaz added.

A press court on Monday summoned the editors of two
conservative newspapers for publishing a ``secret'' letter
from hardline Revolutionary Guards commanders demanding
that moderate President Mohammad Khatami crack down harder
on dissent, the official news agency IRNA said.

A judicial official said the daily Jomhuri-ye Eslami, which
also carried the letter, would have to be prosecuted by the
special clerical court that deals with clergymen's

Pro-Khatami officials and groups had criticised the
publication of the letter as illegal.

The banning of the moderate Salam was at the centre of six
days of protests by pro-democracy students earlier this

Police and hardline vigilantes clamped down on the protests
after the conservative establishment accused the
demonstrators of being inspired by 'foreign powers' and
exiled dissidents. ``The jury verdict is nothing
extraordinary because the decision to close Salam was taken
outside of the court, these people (the jury) were just
carrying out their duty,'' said Abbas Abdi, Salam's
political editor.

Abdi was echoing previous claims by many influential
figures in the reformist camp that the conservative
establishment had decided in advance to close Salam and
other ``non-conformist'' publications and only needed a
legal pretext.

He said there were no plans to re-open the daily, which was
instrumental in Khatami's 1997 election, under a new name,
a common practice in Iran.

``I believe the noose around the press will be tightened
over the next few months. Unfortunately there is a large
possibility of other reformist newspapers being closed down
too,'' Leylaz said.

14:23 07-26-99


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Subject: [onelist_announce] The ONElist Community Update - July 26, 1999

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Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 21:48:42 -0700
From: "Alan F. Fogelquist" <eurasia@CONCENTRIC.NET>
Subject: Iranian Democrats Invited to Particpate in New Discussion - News List
on Eurasian Geopolitcs

Dear Iranian Friends:

I would like to invite those of you who are interested to individually sign
up for membership in a new mailing list dedicated to discussion of Eurasian
geopolitics. The discussion group is designed for a sharing and information
and ideas about critical events and issues facing the central Eurasian
region on the threshold of the 21st century. Discussion can be subject of
current importance to any of the countries of the region or the region as a
whole. Foremost on the discussion agenda are issues of democratization,
human rights, political and economic development, inter-country relations,
conflicts and conflict resolution. Iranian democrats are especially welcome
and encouraged to present up-to-date information and analysis on the
situation in Iran today.

Of special interest would be your sharing of information and perspectives on
recent developments in Iran, on the events at Kuy-e Daneshgah, on the
political murders, political maneuvering, Iran's economy and prospects for
Iran's youth, in a word any Iran related issues you chose to discuss. A
number of accomplished scholars, journalists, and humanitarian workers, and
students from most of the countries of the wider Eurasian region have
already joined the discussion list. This an opportunity for you to inform a
wider audience about the Iranian struggle for democracy.

If any of you are interested in joining the group, please let me know or
sign up at the e-groups web site.

Best wishes

Alan Fogelquist
Eurasia Research Center


End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 25 Jul 1999 to 26 Jul 1999