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Topics of the day:

1. fwd: CONCERT: Kurdish Music of Iran by the Kamkars
2. Attention to all subscribers/members


Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1999 21:08:07 -0400
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: fwd: CONCERT: Kurdish Music of Iran by the Kamkars

Kurdish Music of Iran
performed by


Aug. 14th Washington DC
Aug. 15th New Haven, Connecticut
Aug. 19th New York, New York
Aug. 20th Chicago, Illinois
Aug. 21th Columbus, Ohio
Aug. 22nd Houston, Texas
Aug. 24th Phoenix, Arizona
Aug. 26th Portland, Oregon
Aug. 27th San Diego, California
Aug. 28th Los Angeles, California
Aug. 29th San Francisco, California

Washington DC
Aug. 14, 8pm
Thomas Jefferson Community Center (Theater)
125 S. old Glebe RD., Arlington, VA
Info: (703) 256-5831
Ticket Price: $25 General Admission

New Haven, Connecticut
Aug. 15, 4:30PM
JCC of Greater New Heaven
360 Amity Rd., Woodbridge
(203) 226-3015
Ticket Price: $20

New York
Aug. 19, 7:30pm (gates open at 6:30)
Summer Stage
Rumsey Playfield, Central Park at 72nd St. (off 5th Avenue)
(212) 360-2777
Ticket Price: free

Aug. 20, 8pm
Rosemont Conference Center
5555 N. River Rd., Rosemont
(847) 673-0614
Ticket Price: $25 General Admission

Columbus, Ohio
Aug. 21, 8pm
Ohio State University
2400 Olentangy River Rd.
(614) 457-5306
Ticket Price: $ 25 for members $30. non-members

Houston, Texas
Aug. 22, 7:30pm
Hammon Hall
Rice University Entrance
13 &14 at Rice Blvd.
(713) 466-5597
Ticket Price: $30 & 25

Phoenix, Arizona
Aug. 24th, 8pm
Katzen Concert Hall
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ
Info: 602 991-3020
Ticket Price: $20.00

Portland, Oregon
Aug. 26, 8pm
Portland Center for The Performing arts
1111 S.W Broadway St.
(503) 297-6816
Ticket Price: $25

San Diego, California
Aug. 27, 8pm
University of California, San Diego
Mandeville Auditorium
Information: (619) 653-0336
UCSD Box Office: (619) 534-4559
Ticket Master: (619) 220-TIXS(8497)
Ticket Price: $22.00 general admission

Los Angeles
Aug. 28, 8pm
Wilshire Ebell Theater
4401 8th St., Los Angeles
Information/credit cards: (310) 470-5177
Ticket Price: $35, $30, $25 Reserved seating

San Francisco
Aug. 29, 8pm
Palace of Fine Arts
3301 Lyon St.
(510) 882-8200
Ticket Price: $30 General Admission


As part of their first North American tour, The Kamkars will be
performing in 11 cities of the United States, including New York as part
of the Central Park SummerStage '99 festival

THE KAMKARS, a Kurdish family of seven brothers and their sister, are
undeniably one of the leading musical ensembles in Iran today. Their
repertoire ranges from the vast array of Kurdish music with its
poignant, entrancing melodies and uplifting high energy rhythms to the
traditional classical music of Iran. The repertoire of Kurdish music is
richly diverse and deeply-rooted in the ancient history and culture of
its proud and passionate people. It speaks of epic tales and wars,
romantic love, and recounts ancient myths and stories of national and
religious heroes, some of which date back to thousands of years to the
time of the ancient Medes (the ancestors of the Kurds).

Prolific composers, virtuoso performers of several instruments, and
gifted soloists, the Kamkars never fail to leave their audience in
awe. Their performances are rife with excitement, brilliant flashes of
instrumental solos, and haunting vocals, establishing an intimate
connection with their audience to whom they convey various shades of
spiritual and emotional experience. Their instruments include kamancheh
(spiked fiddle), santur (hammered dulcimer), barbat (lute), setar
(long-necked lute), tar (long-necked lute), robab (sarod-like lute),
tombak (Persian hand drum), daf (Kurdish frame drum). They are also
gifted innovators who have been responsible for introducing the daf
(traditionally a folk instrument) into the classical repertoire of
Persian music as well as inventing new techniques and musical styles
for the santur.

The Kamkars have toured extensively all over the world, both together
as a group and individually, as members of other leading ensembles.
They are highly acclaimed both for their performances of Persian
traditional music and Kurdish music. They have numerous recordings in
Iran of both Kurdish and Persian music, as soloists and as a group.
Their two latest recordings are "Kani Sepi" (Kereshmeh Records) and
"Chant of Drums" (QuarterTone Productions).

"Kurdish music has the endless continuity of a stormy ocean - the
hurricane of life's misery smashing gigantic waves upon the rocky
shore. Happiness, grief, work, struggle, friendship, separation, war,
peace, health, sickness, belief and tradition all find expression in
the music." Hooshang Kamkar
* Farhad Abdolian, Stockholm/Sweden *
* Phone +46-8-920517 *
* *
* E-mail: *
* *


Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 00:58:55 -0400
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@ALGONET.SE>
Subject: Attention to all subscribers/members

This is the first e-mail I am sending to inform you about some of the new
function on the DNI-NEWS list.

DNI-NEWS list has now a new and improved error handling system to make my
job easier, but on the other hand it can create some problem for those of
you who "usually" have network problems.

Our list, will automatically remove your name if it receives an error
message from your system with subjects like:

My mailbox has been filled with error message from users in the past few
weeks and it will be more since our news list is growing every day (almost
4 more subscribers/ week) so I had to do this to make my life easier :)

The program will send me a daily report on all users who has been "removed"
but I will not do anything before YOU contact me and ask me to renew your

The majority of the users will never have any kind of problems but those of
you who use AOL, HOTMAIL or YAHOO as your e-mail address can be affected by

bA ehterAm,
Farhad A.
DNI list admin, trying to catch up with all the old jobs!


End of DNI-NEWS Digest - 7 Aug 1999 to 8 Aug 1999