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Topics of the day:

1. The homepage of Anjoman-e-Sokhan
2. Reform Setback as Parliament Upholds Screening of Candidates
3. Tehran Papers Review Malcolm X In Farsi
4. Daily Iran News


Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 21:24:59 +0100
From: "a.abdi" <a.abdi@BTINTERNET.COM>
Subject: The homepage of Anjoman-e-Sokhan

You may visit the homepage of Anjoman-e Sokahn at the following address.



Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 21:59:06 GMT
From: Arash Alavi <arash@MY-DEJA.COM>
Subject: Reform Setback as Parliament Upholds Screening of Candidates

Iran reform setback as parliament upholds screening of

TEHRAN, Aug 11 (AFP) - Iran's conservatives tightened their
hold on the political process here Wednesday after
parliament upheld the right of the conservative-dominated
Council of Guardians to screen all candidates for public

The move is a setback for reformist supporters of President
Mohammad Khatami ahead of next spring's key parliamentary
elections as the Council blocked thousands of candidates,
almost all moderates, from standing in last February's
municipal polls.

Parliamentary debate was spirited as the legislature
approved a measure upholding the supervisory powers of the
Council, which checks political candidates to assure their
ideological faithfulness to the Islamic revolution.

The measure was quickly presented to the legislature after
reformist MPs and pro-Khatami officials in the government
attempted to draft a bill that would have ended the
pre-screening of candidates.

Moderate MPs agreed to a compromise under which rejected
candidates would be able to demand a written explanation of
the reasons from the Council, although it was unclear if
such a move was in reformists' interests.

Under the new rules the Council could then make public its
written rejections, meaning popular candidates blocked from
standing could be publicly denounced as ideologically

Even political hopefuls at the town council level are
thoroughly screened by the Council, which eliminates
candidates who have served prison sentences as well as
those deemed unfit on religious, moral or ideological

The 12-man panel also ensures new legislation in parliament
accords with both Islamic law and the Iranian constitution.

Wednesday's vote is a blow to Khatami's supporters ahead of
next February's elections, in which reformists and
moderates are hoping to end the conservative majority in
the 270-seat legislature.

The council, formed in 1980 by order of the Islamic
republic's founder, the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini,
blocked several candidates from the 1997 presidential
election in which Khatami defeated current conservative
parliamentary speaker Ali Akbar Nateq-Nuri.

In February it ruled out thousands from standing in
municipal elections, the first since the 1979 Islamic
revolution, that were a centrepiece of Khatami's reform

Most of those were Khatami supporters, including a large
number of women who had helped bring him to office in 1997.

On Tuesday the reformist president issued a strong call for
Iranian women to take a greater role in the Islamic
republic's political affairs.

"The view that maintains women are handicapped is not a
desirable one, as there is no difference between men and
women in Islam from the standpoint of human values," he
said in a speech calling for more civic and
non-governmental organisations to support women.

"Even if women are engaged as homemakers and don't take on
outside responsibilities, facilities should be
institutionalised for their active presence in the
political and social arena," he said.

The president said Iran needed "modern and dynamic ideas"
and insisted that "women be present and active in civic


Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 23:35:03 -0400
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: Tehran Papers Review Malcolm X In Farsi

Tehran Papers Review Malcolm X In Farsi
from the Militant, vol.63/no.28 August 16, 1999

Below are English translations of two reviews of the Farsi
translation of the Pathfinder title Malcolm X Talks to Young
People. The book was published by Talayeh Porsoo Publications
in Tehran, Iran, early this year in a run of 2,000.
The first review was published in the Tehran daily Kar va
Kargar (Work and Worker), which is associated with Khane
Kargar (Workers' House), an offshoot of the workers shoras
(councils) formed during the Iranian revolution. The second
one is from the Tehran daily Khordad (a month in Iranian
calendar), where the review appeared in the back page with a
color photo of the cover of the Farsi book with Malcolm's
picture. Kar va Kargar's review also accompanies a photo of
the cover.
In addition to Kar va Kargar and Khordad, the Tehran daily
Sobhe Emrooz (This Morning), published a two-paragraph
description of the book taken from its introduction in the
July 14 issue. Two other publications announced the
publication of the book: the Tehran daily Hamshahri
(Townsman) on July 12, and the July issue of the monthly
Hoghooge Zanan (Womens' Rights).
The monthly Jahane Ketab (The Book World) under the
section on Politics and Economy wrote a brief description of
the four Farsi titles recently published by Talayeh
Porsoo - Malcolm X Talks to Young People; Imperialism's March
Toward Fascism and War by Jack Barnes; Socialism and Man in
Cuba by Ernesto Che Guevara and Fidel Castro; and Women's
Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle by Thomas
Pathfinder Press distributes these books internationally.
For a list of all Farsi titles please see the 1999 Pathfinder


Kar va kargar
June 20, 1999
This book is a collection of speeches by Malcolm X from
the United States, Britain, and Africa translated by Masoud
Saberi and published by Talayeh Porsoo. Malcolm X was a
revolutionary fighter and Moslem who belonged to the
oppressed Black people of America. Those who have read the
autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley know that Malcolm
X's early childhood, his juvenile years, and even his youth
were filled with many hardships, deviations, and injuries.
Then his life changed when he met a fighter in prison. After
this his ideas and beliefs began to be transformed, so much
that he chose Islam, made pilgrimage to Mecca, and changed
his name to Malik El-Shabazz.
Since in his youth Malcolm X went through so many intense
and instructive experiences, undoubtedly his speeches will be
instructive to the youth. Although more than three decades
have past since he was assassinated, Malcolm's speeches still
have preserved their freshness, are filled with revolutionary
ideas, and are calls to action.
Well done, lively photos add to the attractiveness of this
collection of speeches. By looking at the photos and reading
the speeches one is taken to the historic period in which
Malcolm X spoke and fought.
We recommend studying this book to everyone interested,
especially the young people.


June 6, 1999
Malcolm X Talks to Young People is a collection of one
interview and four speeches by Malcolm X that were given in
the last months of his life in Ghana, Britain, and the United
The book was first published by Pathfinder Press in New
York in the English language and is published here in Farsi
for the first time.
Malcolm X says, "The young generation of whites, Blacks,
browns - you're living at a time of revolution, a time when
there's got to be change. People in power have misused it,
and now there has to be a change and a better world has to be

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Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 23:35:29 -0400
From: Farhad Abdolian <farhad@PANJERE.NET>
Subject: Daily Iran News

Thursday August 12, 1999
Daily Iran News on

Iran court releases reformist editor on bail
ABC News TEHRAN, Aug 12 (Reuters) - Iran's Press Court, which normally hears
cases to do with the media in front of a press jury, has released ...

Khatami to name names in attack on student hostel
ABC News TEHRAN (Reuters) - President Mohammad Khatami said Thursday his
government had identified those behind last month's brutal attack on
pro-democracy students ...

Security talks between Iran, Turkey resume amid tension
Fox News ANKARA, Turkey (AP) - An Iranian delegation returned to the
negotiating table with Turkey today, a day after walking out of s...

Tons Of U.S. Corn Sold To Iran
Yahoo News Private exporters reported the sale of 50,000 metric tons of U.S.
corn to Iran during the week that ended Aug. 5 -- the first such sale in at
least four years, the U.S. Agriculture Department said Thu

Iran's Clerics Strengthen Grip On Election Process
Yahoo News Iran's reformers were reeling Thursday after the collapse of a
deal with hard-line rivals that would have curbed the ability of
conservative clerics to stop moderates from running in next year's parli

Iran, Turkey Resume Security Talks
Yahoo News An Iranian delegation returned to the negotiating table with
Turkey today, a day after walking out of security talks characterized by
tension and mistrust. ...

600 Foreign tourists in Kermanshah
IRNA Kermanshah, Aug. 12, IRNA -- A group of 600 foreign tourists, who have
come to Iran to view the last solar eclipse of the millennium on ...

Iran court delays verdict on German in sex case
CNN interactice TEHRAN, Iran (Reuters) -- An Iranian court postponed a
verdict on Wednesday in the case of a German charged with having sex...
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