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1. [eurasia-geopolitics] Russia, Iran Slam Sub-Caspian Oil and Gas Pipelines

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Subject: [eurasia-geopolitics] Russia,
Iran Slam Sub-Caspian Oil and Gas Pipelines

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Subj: [eurasia-geopolitics] Russia, Iran Slam Sub-Caspian Oil and Gas

Russia, Iran Slam Sub-Caspian Oil and Gas Pipelines

Iran News - Tuesday, November 30, 1999

MOSCOW (Reuters) -- Russia and Iran have slammed plans to build oil and gas pipelines under the Caspian Sea without the agreement of all states bordering the sea.

In an official joint statement issued yesterday the two countries expressed their "categorical disagreement with the realization of such projects before the final achievement, by all Caspian littoral states, of a general agreement on accepting a new law on the status of the Caspian Sea and a guarantee on its ecological safety." Russia and Iran oppose plans by Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan to export oil and gas from the Caspian basin to Turkey. The planned pipelines avoid Russian and Iranian territory.
Turkmenistan is developing plans to build a subsea gas pipeline which would then cross Azerbaijan to Turkey, and Azerbaijan wants to see an oil pipeline built running from Baku to Ceyhan in Turkey.
The United States is putting considerable diplomatic effort into supporting both these projects.
The statement warned that plans to build pipelines, "in particular the project for a trans-Caspian undersea gas pipeline" were creating difficulties for Caspian states in reaching joint decisions concerning the status of the Caspian.

The two sides "openly express their unhappiness with the realization of any project for a trans-Caspian underwater pipeline, which is ecologically dangerous in view of the extremely active geodynamics." The statement was drawn up after a working visit to Tehran on Sunday by Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, and released by the Foreign Ministry in Moscow.
Russia favors oil from the Caspian basin being transported to international markets by pipeline across Russia to the Black Sea Port of Novorossiisk, the main route used in Soviet times.

It is also currently working its own gas pipeline to Turkey, running under the Black Sea.

Iran favors Caspian oil moving by pipeline across Iranian territory to the Persian Gulf, maintaining that this would be the most economical route.

It also says this would deliver oil closer to East Asian markets, where demand is expected to increase sharply, rather than to the Mediterranean, which is already well-supplied.

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