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1. Fw: News Edition of Sunday December 5, 1999 (More Protests and

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Subject: Fw: News Edition of Sunday December 5,
1999 (More Protests and Tortures...)

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Subject: News Edition of Sunday December 5, 1999 (More Protests and

Iran Daneshjoo Organization News Service -

Azadi e Andishe, Hamishe...! Hamishe...!
Freedom of Thought, For Ever...! For Ever...!

Khosh Amadid Welcome to this edition of the News provided by the "Student
Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran" .

There are 10 articles in this news edition:

1) SMCCDI: Alarming reports about several arrested students
2) SMCCDI: Maloos Radnia (Mariam Shansi) freed on bail
3) AFP: Students protest against jail sentence on Abdollah Nouri
4) Reuters: Iran students protest reformist cleric's arrest
5) IRNA (Iran): Findings on Tehran University Dorm Event Released
6) AFP: Former Tehran police chief and 19 others face trial over
July unrest: radio
7) AFP: Nuri may appeal against conviction: lawyer
8) Iran News (Iran): JOAF Responsible for Dissemination of
Information on Serial Murders
9) AFP: German businessman Helmut Hofer faces new trial
10) AFP: Two Iranians caught sneaking into Israel

A) SMCCDI Notice:

SMCCDI is fixing its Website technical problems. The website is actually
in its beginning form and shall be fixed and updated by 12/06/1999. We
apologize for the inconveniences.

B) Other News Headlines:

1- Reuters: Iran to try 20 officials for student attack
2- AP: Iranian Students Protest Peacefully
3- AFP: Iranian opposition group seeks election place (Ebrahim Yazdi
and his movement)
4- Reuters: German Hofer to appear in Iran court on Jan 20
5- AFP: Iran to reinforce its free zone policies


Alarming reports about several arrested students

SMCCDI News Service


Confirmed reports are stating about the mistreatments and tortures of
several students being held at the " Tohid " detention center under the
management of the Ministry of Pasdaran.

Based on these reports Mr. Akbar Mohamadi, brother of Manouchehr Mohamadi
condemned to 13 years of prison, and having been sentenced to death is in
reality in stage of loosing life due to the torture processes as like as "
Cold Bath " which consists of beating with metallic cables the bottom of
the feet till opening wounds and then to plunging the prisoner in a Cold
Bath till he reach the stage of

Same reports are stating about tortures in the case of Mrs. Sehie Guilani
brought several times per week with closed eyes to the wall of execution.
Others as like as G.R. Mohadjeri-Nejad; M.R. Kasrani; M. Mir Abdolbaghi;
Ahmad Batebi (becoming famous for having been on the cover of the
Economist); A. Moradi; M. Ali-Nejad; A. Shafi-i are having the same kind
of treatments despite having been sentenced to unfair prison terms.

The case of Ayoob Salimi is one of the most concerning as he still being
deprived of the necessary medical cares despite the infection of his right
leg from the wounds of 3 bullets received during the unrests in the City
of Tabriz in July 1999. He's in stage of the beginning of gangrene if not
rescued and risk the amputation of his right leg.


Maloos Radnia (Mariam Shansi) freed on bail

SMCCDI News Service


Confirmed reports are stating about the release of Mrs. Maloos Radnia
known as Mariam Shansy on a bail bond of 50 Millions Rials.

She was arrested on 7/13/1999 following the beginning of the crackdown on
the Students Movement at her home, by 5 members of
the Islamic republic security services, and brought to the " Tohid "
Detention Center which is one of the unofficial detention and briefing
centers under the management of the Ministry of Pasdaran.

Becoming famous for her courage and statements on the Farsi services of
the abroad radios about the Human Rights situation in Iran and the
expression of the legitimate aspirations of the Students;
She was shown on the Islamic Republic TV doing confessions made under
duress and everyone remember her inflated face.

The Islamic judiciary accused her of promoting the violence among the
students and conspiracy against national interests despite not being a
student herself.

On 7/09/1999 and 4 days before her arrest at her home, she wrote an open
letter to Mr. Khatami denouncing the savage attack of the vigilantes to
the Students Dorms in Amir Abad.

In this letter she wrote: " .. Mr. the President despite not being
officially a student myself, I feel to be one of them as the Iranian Land
is becoming a place of challenge for the knowledge of Democracy....

We hope that the situation will not result in a manner than the Blue Ink
necessary for writing the Peaceful and Democratic Chapter of the Iranian
Contemporary History will become to be replaced by the Red Blood of Our
People having suffered so much.

Mr. the President, if the forces of repression are coming to be used,
bringing more sorrow to the Iranian Land, then the mistake has been
committed by your administration to destroy the last chance of Iran for a
peaceful transition..."

We might not see what will happen next, but in our deep conscience and
soul, we know that the day will come that Iran will become the real
democracy wished by the Iranians...

Many sources are seeing in Mrs. Radnia's release another short term policy
of the Islamic republic judiciary trying to decrease the tension
before the gathering of the Students planned for 12/07/1999 at the
University of Science and Technologies of Tehran in order to condemn the
Press Crackdown.
They believe that she will be re-arrested as soon as this gathering is
over as like as Mr. A. Ami-Entezam having been released before Mr.
Khatami's trip to France and re-arrested earlier this week.


Students protest against jail sentence on Abdollah Nouri

TEHRAN, Nov 5 (AFP) - Some 800 students gathered at a Tehran university
campus Sunday to protest against a five-year jail sentence on leading
reformist Abdollah Nuri, a close ally of President Mohammad Khatami.

Some 800 male and female students rallied peacefully for some two hours at
the Allameh Tabatabai university, denouncing last month's punishment of
the former interior minister and vice-president for spreading
"anti-Islamic propaganda" in his daily Khordad.

They also condemned a three-year sentence on editor Mashallah
Shamsolvaezin in a long-running campaign by the conservative courts
against Iran's reformist press.

The students attacked "the presence of negative characters among the
jurors" of the Special Court for Clergy (SCC) who found Nuri guilty and
asked judiciary head Ayatollah Mahmud Hashemi Shahrudi "to abide by his
promises of reforming Iran's judicial system".

"Nuri was sent to jail because he told of realities" they said in a
declaration asking judiciary officials "to review Nuri's case in the
presence of legal jurors".

Some students taped paper over their mouths "as a caustic reference to the
freedom of speech" a student told AFP.

"We can do nothing about Nuri's case since the people don't have the power
to decide and whatever we do might end in no result", a law student said.

Nuri's pro-reform paper, one of the president's leading mouthpieces, was
also banned and he was barred from practising as a journalist for five
years, as well as being fined around 5,000 dollars.

Shamsolvaezin was jailed and fined by the hardline press court on charges
of insulting Islam.

The court's verdict on Nuri puts him out of the running for next
February's key parliamentary elections, which reformers hope will end the
conservative stranglehold on parliament.

Khordad was the fifth pro-reform daily to be shut down by the courts this

SCC head Mohseni Ejei told a press conference Sunday that the authors of
the incriminating articles in Khordad which led to Nuri's conviction would
now have to answer to the courts.


Iran students protest reformist cleric's arrest

TEHRAN, Dec 5 (Reuters) - About 1,000 Iranian students held a campus
rally in Tehran on Sunday to protest against the imprisonment of Iran's
leading reformist cleric Abdollah Nouri.

The students, gathered at Alameh Tabatabaie University in central Tehran,
described the conviction by a clerical court last month of Nouri on
dissent charges as a move by Islamic hardliners to torpedo President
Mohammad Khatami's policy of cultural and political opening.

The conservative-controlled Special Court for Clergy sentenced Nouri to
five years in prison and closed his outspoken newspaper Khordad after a
landmark trial that touched on some of the most sensitive issues in the
Islamic republic.

These included legal limits on the supreme clerical leader's powers, the
rights of unorthodox clerics and groups to air their views and renewed
ties to Iran's arch-foe, the United States.

Khordad was the latest in a series of pro-Khatami newspapers banned in
recent months for challenging underlying principles of the clerical

Some of the protesters, mainly activists from Islamic associations in
Tehran universities, taped their mouths in a symbolic reference to what
they called growing censorship in Iran.

"Once again a reformist man has unfairly been subjected to (conservative)
attack because of his defence of freedom of intellect and democracy,"
said a leaflet distributed by the students.

"Mr. Nouri's (jailing) is an attack on the popular government's reform
programme," it added.

Nouri's conviction has effectively deprived reformers of their most
recognisable leader during crucial parliamentary elections in February.

Nouri has vowed publicly not to appeal against his conviction, denouncing
the clerical court as illegal.

Last week, Khatami called Nouri an "experienced and competent colleague"
and voiced regret over his jailing.


Findings on Tehran University Dorm Event Released



Judicial Organization of Armed Forces (JOAF) on Sunday released its
findings on Tehran University dorm incident in July.
JOAF said in a statement that the Law Enforcement Forces (LEF) had
attended the scene according to their legal duty to disperse demonstrators
and illegal gathering.

But some students continued their protest in front of Tehran University
The illegal demonstrations spread due to officials' failure to adopt
appropriate measures, it said.
JOAF said demonstrators had continued to chant slogans against officials
of the system and the Law Enforcement Forces and threw stones at the

The episode continued until 04:15 hours local time (11:45 GMT) and the LEF
officers and the civilian officials failed to bring to an end the
demonstrations outside the university dormitory, said the statement,
adding that on an order by one of the LEF officials the students were told
on loud speakers that they would have several minutes to disperse.

Following the notice, several vehicles of Law Enforcement Forces arrived
and some policemen entered the dormitory.
The statement said that based on country's current law and regulations,
the act of the Law Enforcement Forces in entering Tehran University
dormitory without permit from any judicial authority was illegal.

Despite denial of a LEF commander that he had not ordered the policemen to
enter the dormitory, the evidences and the convicts' acknowledgements
proved that he had ordered illegally.
According to the statement, the Interior Minister and acting
Commander-In-Chief of Armed Forces Mousavi Lari immediately after receipt
of news on eruption of the incident had ordered the LEF not to enter the
dormitory and not to use tear gas.

The LEF Commander Brigadier-General Nazari was informed of the order but
he refused to take heed.
Since the order for entry to the university dormitory and for confronting
students concerned the LEF and did not clarify boundaries of their action,
therefore, some LEF personnel entered the rooms, broke windows and beat
some students, while arresting the students, said the statement.

It said that in that connection, no proof was found to point to the fact
that there had been an order for beating and injury students or destroying
their properties. Signs indicate that the LEF personnel had upon their
entry into the dormitory, impressed by the atmosphere and provocative
situation, including insult to officials of the system and the Law
Enforcement Forces and throwing of stone by students, and beat students
and destroyed their properties.

According to the statement, besides LEF personnel some civilians entered
the dormitory too and part of damage inflicted on students and their
injury were caused by the group. The damages were partly caused by
students in a retaliatory move, for blocking road and for making fire to
defuse effect of canisters.

Hence, Judicial measures were adopted by Tehran's military court to
identify the Law Enforcement Forces, who had been involved in the
incident, causing damage and beating students, said the statement, adding
that some of the people have been identified and are now being prosecuted.

However, read the statement, due to darkness, air pollution caused by
canisters and smoke caused by fire, plaintiffs failed to identify agents
who had beaten up and injured the students. Moreover, most of the LEF
personnel present in the area deny playing a part in injuring the students
and damaging their properties, it added.

Therefore, it has not been yet possible to identify all agents involved in
the incident and the case on the issue is still open, the statement said.
It said that necessary measures have been adopted to compensate for the
damage inflicted on the students.

As for murder of Ezatollah Ebrahimnejad, a guest at the dormitory, the
statement said judicial investigation into the issue is underway but no
one has yet been identified to be responsible for the shooting.
Therefore, the case would be open until finding the culprit, it added.

The statement said that following completion of preliminary investigations
into the accusations levelled against the accused, the case, containing a
bill of indictment, would be sent to Tehran's Military Court for
examination at an open hearing.

The bill of indictment is being drafted by Tehran's military prosecutor
against 20 persons accused of ordering illegal entry to the dormitory, and
creating pessimistic attitude towards the law enforcement forces, and
against four officers, seven non-commissioned officers and nine ordinary
law enforcement personnel charged with beating and injuring students and
damaging their property.

The statement said about 400 complaints had been lodged by students with
Judicial Department of Tehran University in connection with the incident.
A major part of the complaints concern damage to property, while 16
concern physical injury, read the statement, adding that the students
taking lawsuit were referred to Coroner's Office to specify the degree of
their injury.

50 Law Enforcement personnel including officers and non-commissioned
officers accused of involvement in the event were arrested with some being
released later on bail.


Former Tehran police chief and 19 others face trial over July unrest: radio

TEHRAN, Dec 5 (AFP) - Tehran' former police chief Farhad Nazari and 19
other officers and men will be court-martialled soon for their role in the
repression of last July's student demonstrations, state radio said Monday.

Heavy-handed police intervention against the demonstrations at Tehran
university which followed the banning of a pro-reform newspaper sparked
off the worst rioting in Iran for 20 years.

The radio said Nazari is accused of illegally ordering the police to move
on to the campus, cancelling a government order not to intervene, and
disobeying an order not to use tear gas, thereby creating a climate of
mistrust in the security forces.

The Supreme National Security Council had accused several senior police
officers and members of Islamist extremist groups of provocations and
direct involvement in the demonstrations and rioting.

Three people were killed in Tehran and the northwestern city of Tabriz
when unrest shook the country July 8-12 after the reformist newspaper
Salam was shut down, according to an official tally.

The rioting was halted with the intervention of the Basij, the volunteer
Islamist militia, on July 13. Hundreds of demonstrators were arrested and
at least three have been condemned to death.

Some 400 complaints against the security forces have been lodged by
relatives of the university students. The radio said investigations had so
far begun into 50 of them, including the death of one student, Ezatollah
Ebrahim Nejad.


Nuri may appeal against conviction: lawyer

TEHRAN, Dec 5 (AFP) - Leading Iranian reformist Abdollah Nuri may appeal
against the five-year jail sentence imposed by the hardline Special Court
for Clergy for offences against Islam, his lawyer was quoted as saying

Mohsen Rahami told the daily Asr-e Azadegan that he would recommend an
appeal, which Nuri has a right to make up till December 17.

But he added that his client would never ask for a pardon from Iran's
supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, whom he was charged with insulting
during his trial last month.

Rahami also said that the appeal would only made if the officials of the
clerical court changed their attitude.

"We have been disappointed by their behaviour," Rahami said. "They should
also realise that keeping Nuri in prison is not in the national interest."


JOAF Responsible for Dissemination of Information on Serial Murders

Iran News


TEHRAN - An informed source at the secretariat of the National Security
Council (NSC) announced here yesterday that any information regarding last
year's spat of murders is still the responsibility of the Judicial
Organization of the Armed Forces (JOAF).

He said, "given that the file on the murders is not in the possession of
NCS' secretariat, and is with the Judicial Organization of the Armed
Forces, any relevant information has to be disseminated by that body."

The head of the JOAF Mohammad Niazi in statements released previously
said, "the dissemination of information regarding the serial murders is
the responsibly of the NCS secretariat."

The source reiterated that in line with its legal jurisdication as a
policy-making and coordinating body regarding national security matters,
the nsc and its secretariat will stay vigilant in the follow up of any
issues pertaining to the case.


German businessman Helmut Hofer faces new trial

TEHRAN, Dec 5 (AFP) - German businessman Helmut Hofer, 58, whose continued
detention has soured relations between Tehran and Berlin, faces a new
trial next month on charges of insulting a prison guard, a judicial source
said Sunday.

"All the investigations are complete and the summons to appear in court
has been issued to Hofer's lawyer, Nasser Taheri, by Judge Yussef
Mussavi," the source said.

The January 20 date is expected to coincide with the end of the trial of a
suspected Iranian spy in Berlin, which German press and politicians have
linked to the Hofer case.

In September, Hofer finally won a reprieve from a death sentence imposed
by a court early last year for an illegal relationship with a Muslim
Iranian woman.

But in a move Taheri slammed as illegal, Hofer remains in custody despite
payment of the 23,000 dollar fine ordered by the retrial judge.

Accusations of "suspicious foreign contacts" have been dropped, but a
Tehran court said that prosecutors are pressing a new charge of insulting
an Iranian jail guard.

Hofer rejected the charges on October 14, saying that he did not speak
Farsi and his prison guards did not speak German.

Last month revolutionary court judge Gholamhossein Rahbarpur hinted that
Iranian authorities could order Hofer freed "in the national interest".
His remarks were published the day before Hamid Khorsand, 37, went on
trial on charges of spying on Iranian opposition activists in Germany for
Iran's information and security ministry.

He was taken into custody two weeks before Iranian authorities said Hofer
was being investigated on the new charge.

The Berliner Morgenpost said ahead of Khorsand's trial that Iran intended
to link Hofer's fate to that of Khorsand, and to the continued detention
of people convicted of killing four Kurdish dissidents in a Berlin
restaurant in 1992.

The same judge is presiding over Khorsand's trial, which is expected to go
to January, as heard the earlier case, which implicated Iranian leaders in
the killings.

In October the chairman of the interior affairs committee of the German
parliament, Willfried Penner, told the weekly Focus magazine that Hofer's
re-arrest was equal to "state hostage-taking." It showed that the Iranian
state system was arbitrary, he said.

Iran's foreign ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi denied the accusations,
saying that "the judiciary is independent in following this case and Iran
does not intend to take a state hostage."

Germany has long been Iran's largest European trade partner but relations
have been dogged by Hofer's lengthy ordeal in Iranian jails since his
spectacular arrest at Tehran airport in September 1997.


Two Iranians caught sneaking into Israel

JERUSALEM, Dec 5 (AFP) - Two Iranians were caught sneaking into Israel
Sunday through the Golan Heights, Israeli military officials said.

The two Iranian civilians crossed the barricade separating the Syrian
Golan from the portion which Israel annexed after capturing it in the 1967
Arab-Israeli war.

But they were quickly discovered by an Israeli patrol and surrendered,
saying they wanted political asylum in Israel.

Six Iraqis who slipped into Israel asking for asylum six years ago and
were placed in detention for security reasons, were recently released on
court orders and ordered to live on two collective farms, or kibbutzes, in
northern Israel.

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