Subject: DNI-NEWS Digest - 7 Dec 1999 to 8 Dec 1999

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Topics of the day:

1. What's Sauce for the Goose Is Sauce for the Gander
2. Dialogue Among Civilization, Main Pillar of Iran's Diplomacy
3. FMI Politically Dead
4. Fath to Replace Daily Khordad
5. Mohajerani Invites Mesbah Yazdi to Televised Debate
6. Women's Center Supports Training Programs
7. Washington Cannot Rescue a Flawed Proposal by Using Scare
8. Rafsanjani Will Top List of Contenders at 6th Majlis Polls
9. Inspection of Beliefs
10. Three Man BEGD Delegation from UK Discuss 1995 MoU at Iran Ministry
11. SWEDISH AMBASSADOR: Iran-Sweden Joint Economic Commission to Meet
12. Lari Says Inspection Bodies Are Most Trusted Limbs of His Ministry
13. Nouri's Lawyer Says He Will Appeal SCC Verdict on Nouri
14. Gathering in Protest at MKO Terrorist Operations in Iran
15. Students Should Help Officials Hold a Violent Free Voting, Mohajerani
16. Pro-Reform Student Rally Cancelled Due to "Possible Threats"
17. Nouri's Refusal to Appeal Was Intentional
18. Tehran Plunged in Smog, Schools Closed

Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 14:19:30 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: What's Sauce for the Goose Is Sauce for the Gander


What's Sauce for the Goose Is Sauce for the Gander

During the "International Forum on Investment Opportunities," which was
recently held in the Kish Free Trade Zone (KFTZ), it was announced that the
country's Labor Law won't be in effect in the free trade zones. Foreign
participants attending the forum were, of course, particularly interested in
the modus operandi for the FTZ's financial and banking activities as well as
the labor related issues discussed.

The economic brains of this country, manufacturers, factory owners and
entrepreneurs have all time and again voiced their concern regarding the
nation's Labor Law. They seem to be unanimous in their objections to the law
which they view as inequitable and very much biased against the managers.

Further, the very inflexible nature of the law impedes economic growth,
fosters inefficiency, and contributes to the production costly,
not-so-competitive goods. Moreover, one of the major obstacles in the way of
domestic production and its laggard behavior can easily be traced in the
present law.

The fact is that the Labor Law must be reviewed and revised. It should not go
unsaid that not long ago there was a heated debate in the Majlis vis-a-vis
the change and amendment of the law.

Not surprisingly, the objections of numerous Majlis MPs, which were
definitely rooted in behind the scene politicking, torpedoed the move.

It is more than obvious now that MPs, as politicians elsewhere, would not
risk their re-election chances or their factional interests in an election
year by trying to revise a law quite sympathetic to the labor which, in all
likelihood, will show up in large numbers at the polls for the upcoming Malis

Having said this, the proposed changes in the labor laws are unquestionably
parallel with the national interests. The foreign and domestic investors in
the Kish Island were definitely afforded a big privilege when the law was
repealed there and other FTZs.

The reality, it seems, has finally dawned on us and therefore the need to
reconsider the Labor Law is clear. We must put national interest above all
else by once again raising this crucial issue in the Majlis to remind
everybody what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!Or is it?

Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 14:21:06 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Dialogue Among Civilization, Main Pillar of Iran's Diplomacy


Dialogue Among Civilization, Main Pillar of Iran's Diplomacy


TEHRAN - Iranian deputy foreign minister for educational and research
affairs, Sadeq Kharrazi said here yesterday the dialogue among civilizations
is the main pillar of the diplomacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Addressing a seminar on Iran-Kyrgyz relations, Sadeq Kharrazi said Tehran and
Bishkek have a cultural outlook toward international relations and hoped that
the seminar would serve to reinforce the cultural preferences of Iran and
Kyrgyzstan in international relations.

He said, quoted by IRNA, the Islamic Republic of Iran is interested in
holding dialogue with the learned personalities of Central Asia.

He said Iran has a clear record in Central Asia after collapse of the former
Soviet Union and works to promote peace and friendship in the region.

Kyrgyz Deputy Foreign Minister Yerlan Abd al-Dayev also addressed the
seminar, saying Bishkek is willing to foster extensive relations with the
Islamic Republic of Iran and hoped that with an agreement on customs tariffs,
the mutual economic relations would further develop.

He gave a report on Kyrgyzstan's political and economic situation since the
country's declaration of independence.

Thinkers from Iran and Kyrgyzstan are taking part in the two-day seminar at
the institute for political and international studies (IPIS) in Tehran.

Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 14:21:49 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: FMI Politically Dead

FMI Politically Dead

ASR-E AZADEGAN * This reformist daily quoted Hamid Najjari, secretary of
Majma-e Hezbollah, as saying that lifting the house arrest of dissident
cleric, Ayatollah Husseinali Montazeri, means "ridiculing the country's rules
and system." Those who have done this, have evil plots in their minds, he

He added that the Freedom Movement of Iran (FMI) is politically dead and has
no basis in the country; it is the pawn of the United States.

Dismissal of Khatami

AZAD * This pro-Khatami daily quoted Mohammad Sadeq Javadi Hesar, managing
director of the now-banned daily Tous, as saying that the monopolist faction
have plotted to pressure the press and public opinion in a bid to make
Khatami react in response, and then portray him as a "rebellion" and dismiss
him from his post by Majlis.

Hindering Progress of Investigation

SOBH-E EMROOZ * Serial murders were not committed only by a few staff of the
Intelligence Ministry, this leftist daily quoted Siavash Mokhtari, son of
Mohammad Mokhtari who was slain by serial murderers, as saying.

He added that evidence showed the issue is much more serious, to the extent
that some figures do not want any clue to murders be uncovered.

They hinder the progress of investigations, because they were involved in the

A number of dissident writers and a veteran politician along with his wife
died in a spate of murders last year. It was found that renegade agents of
the Intelligence Ministry, led by former deputy minister Saeed Emami, were
behind the murders. Saeed Emami committed suicide in prison.

Protest Gathering

IRAN * This daily affiliated to the Islamic Republic News Agency, wrote that
a group of students of Semnan University held a protest rally Monday
objecting to an attack on Habibollah Peyman, a nationalist figure. They
called on university officials to punish the attackers.

Nouri in Enemy's Camp

SOBH-E EMROOZ * Mohammad-Reza Bahonar, rightist member of Majlis Presiding
Board, said: "Our rivals want to eliminate Islamic government in the next
Majlis. Our previous colleague, Abdullah Nouri, who is now in the `enemy's
camp', is angry because he was impeached as interior minister, but he should
not show this much hostility." Abdullah Nouri, one of the closest allies of
the President, a member of Expediency Council and managing director of
pro-reform Khordad daily, was sentenced by the conservative clerical court to
spend five years prison on charges that included political and religious

Three Minutes of Silence

SOBH-E EMROOZ * Representatives of the students who held a protest rally in
Tehran University dormitory, issued a statement in which they invited all
university students to participate in a ceremony on December 7, marking the
Students' Day, where they intend to keep silent for three minutes to pay
homage to Ezzat Ibrahim-Nejad, who was killed in the dormitory incident in

Following the closure of moderate daily Salaam by the Press Court, university
students held a rally in protest against the closure after which the Law
Enforcement Forces (LEF) attacked Tehran University hostel on July 9. This
provoked the country's worst social unrest since the 1979 Islamic Revolution
which lasted for four days.

Political Fasting

SOBH-E EMROOZ * A group of students at University of Science and Technology,
announced that they will be fasting on December 7 as a sign of protest to
what they called "creating crises in the past year".

December 7, on which three students were killed by the Pahlavi regime, is
observed in Iran as the Student Day.

Seminary Not to Support Dissident Cleric

JAVAN * This rightist daily reported that during the recent days a group of
supporters of Ayatollah Husseinali Montazeri have met with the prominent
religious figures in Qom Seminary in order to persuade them to support
Montazeri, but they did not managed to convince the clerics to do so.

Resumption of Iran-Algeria Ties

ENTEKHAB * This rightist daily reported that the representative of Algerian
president, who visited Iran to take part in the Fifth Islamic Conference of
Information Ministers (ICIM5), met and conferred with Iranian officials.
Since the talks are evaluated to have positive outcomes, it is expected that
Iran and Algeria resume diplomatic time shortly.

Conservatives-Republicans Talks

PAYAM-E HAJAR * This leftist weekly reported that a strategic studies center
in the United States has recently revealed that Iranian conservatives have
dispatched a representative to U.S. Republicans elections campaign
headquarters in order to hold talks with Republican figures.

Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 14:24:00 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Fath to Replace Daily Khordad

Fath to Replace Daily Khordad


TEHRAN - Dozens of journalists and writers gathered yesterday in the building
of Khordad newspaper to mark the first anniversary of print of the paper.

In the ceremony, Editor in Chief of the daily Ali Hekmat and some political
figures including Ali Eslami, deputy health minister for parliamentary
affairs and spokesman of the MPs Association addressed the audience.

Ali Hekmat, editor in chief of the banned paper, said consultations have been
made as for replacing Khordad with Fath daily with Yadollah Eslami as its
managing director. Once finalized the decision, Fath's publication would
start next week.

Abdullah Nouri, managing director and license holder of Khordad was sentenced
to five years in jail and cash fine by Special Court for the Clergy (SCC) two
weeks ago. Following Nouri's conviction, his newspaper was shattered down.

Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 14:24:36 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Mohajerani Invites Mesbah Yazdi to Televised Debate

Mohajerani Invites Mesbah Yazdi to Televised Debate


TEHRAN - Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ataollah Mohajerani in a
letter cabled yesterday invited Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi to attend a live
televised debate on the country's cultural issues.

The letter quoted Ayatollah Yazdi as telling the 8th assembly of top Basiji
students in Qom Province on Monday: "Today, those, having the duty to defend
Islamic culture and bearing the name of Islam, do not provide Basijis with
Islamic arms, but on the contrary are taking steps to undermine and destroy
the holy religion."

Addressing Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, Mohajerani said in his letter, "With
regard to your past speeches and given your political stance, it is unlikely
that your addressee (in your speech) were the Islamic Propagation
Organization (IPO), the Islamic Propagation Office or the Islamic Republic of
Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). Therefore, I guess you have such a judgment about
the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance stances."

Mohajerani said that perhaps some of Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi's concerns about
cultural issues stemmed from his limited knowledge or misunderstanding or
because of ambiguities in cultural policies being pursued by the Culture and
Islamic Guidance Ministry.

The minister expressed hope that the IRIB would provide the opportunity for
such a live televised debate so that the views of both him and Ayatollah
Mesbah Yazdi could be expressed and analyzed.

Date: Wed, 8 Dec 1999 14:26:01 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Women's Center Supports Training Programs

Women's Center Supports Training Programs


TEHRAN - Presidential Adviser for Women's Affairs Zahra Shojaie said here
Monday that the Women's Participation Center (WPC) supported the government's
programs to launch training courses.

Shojaie said it was the center's duty to set the ground for women's presence
on different social scenes, as well as strengthening family values. The
government, for its part, has allocated a budget for the implementation of
Article 156 of the Third Development Plan, she said.

Addressing the first joint session of governmental and non- governmental
organizations on "Beijing Plus Five", Shojaie said the government intended to
create 700,000 jobs in the Third Plan, but that -- with family income
considered a duty which concerned only men, and with women being therefore
less likely to work outside the home -- equal opportunities for women had not
been forecast for the near future.

The WPC (a subsidiary to the Presidential Office), she continued, hadn't
accorded women's participation and occupation the same importance as certain
other matters, and did not necessarily consider women's participation as
synonymous to their entry to the job market.

Yet the center would nonetheless cooperate with governmental institutions
within the framework of the Third Plan directives, in identifying job
opportunities and empowering women to get involved in the public sphere, she

Shojaie further said that, following Paragraph Four of Article 156 of the
Third Plan, the center would support all moves toward the expansion of
non-governmental organizations' activities.

She added that the center was to provide an annual report on the performance
of executive organs in terms of their strengthening the participation of
women and elevating their status.

Here, Shojaie pointed out that in the information dissemination sector,
bodies in charge of affairs related to women had performed "weakly", failing
to present a realistic picture of women's activities and problems.

She said the community of women needed a strong information network to focus
on their issues, both at governmental and non-governmental levels.

Meanwhile, Masoumeh Raghebi, deputy head of the WPC for international
affairs, said that Iranian experts had managed to incorporate their proposals
and achievements into all paragraphs of the Asia-Pacific meeting's
preparatory document.

Raghebi mentioned that among the proposals, there were those which called for
putting the issue of women's participation on the agenda of the upcoming
international talks within the context of the "dialogue amongst

Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 02:02:26 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Washington Cannot Rescue a Flawed Proposal by Using Scare


Washington Cannot Rescue a Flawed Proposal by Using Scare Tactics any Longer

Madeline Albright is on a four-day tour of the Middle East and is currently
visiting Syria after her meetings with officials in Saudi Arabia. In her
meeting with the Saudi officials, she asked them to augment the American
efforts so that the road might be paved in the peace negotiations between
Arab countries and Israel.

Meanwhile, in line with these talks, James Rubin, the State Department
spokesman, remarked that Albright, King Fahad and Crown Prince Abdullah had
discussed the extremely dangerous signs coming from the Islamic Republic of
Iran vis-a-vis the U.S.-brokered peace deal.

James Rubin has considered Iran's opposition to the so- called Middle East
peace process and their support of the guerilla groups in Lebanon and the
occupied Palestine to be among these signs.

So far, there have been numerous contradictory statements made by the
American officials regarding Iran, the U.S. relations with Iran or outright
condemnation of any other country's relations with Iran for that matter.
However, what has given rise to Mrs. Albright's and Mr. Rubin's present
concerns this time around, springs from the long stalemated negotiations in
their Middle East peace initiative.

The American officials are dead set to reach a breakthrough in these
negotiations to afford the Democrats the trump card they badly need in their
upcoming presidential race with the Republicans. The U.S. administration will
not flinch at trying to take advantage of the IRI's regional friends to
further their cause either.

In all probability, this may be the reason for their solicitation of Saudi
Arabia's regional clout. Undoubtedly, Mrs. Albright has made the same plea to
the Syrian officials during her stop-over there. Who knows! Maybe she is
trying to bring off the Iranian's consent to the peace deal.

However, Mrs. Albright should definitely bear in mind the fact that even if
Iran concedes to some parts of this peace plan, be it through coercion or
mediation of friends, this plan is riddled with holes.

These flaws will render it entirely impracticable. This sort of peace
proposal that stops short of securing the honorable rights of Palestinian
nation, will not endure. If used, no matter how skillfully applied,
mediation, intimidation, deceptions or even scare tactics will not save such
one-sided deals.

The Americans would do themselves and the international community a big favor
by instead directing their pressures on the Israelis to give in to the
rightful demands of their neighbors and, most of all, those of Palestinians

Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 02:07:23 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Rafsanjani Will Top List of Contenders at 6th Majlis Polls

Rafsanjani Will Top List of Contenders at 6th Majlis Polls


TEHRAN -- Expediency Council Chairman Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
announced that he has succumbed to the wish of his supporters and declared
that he will run for the Sixth Majlis elections slated for February 18, 2000.

Two times president, Rafsanjani, stated that he would respect the
wide-ranging spectrum of opinion currently prevalent in the country and
promised to mobilize his wide power and recruit from the rank and file of his
support in the country.

In an interview with the Persian daily Entekhab to be published today,
Hashemi Rafsanjani referred to his previous tenure in office when President
Mohammad Khatami had been his minister of culture and Islamic guidance and
Abdullah Nouri his interior minister.

Rafsanjani stated that he was both a member of the right wing Jame-e
Rouhaniat-e Mobarez (JRM) and had at one time cradled many members of the
left wing.

Ayatollah Rafsanjani said that he had bitter memories of the proceedings and
eventual conviction of Abdullah Nouri. He stated that he made every effort to
forestall the sorry turn of events. He said that he had discussed relevant
issues with Nouri personally and had intervened on his behalf with the
Special Court for the Clergy. He still hoped that the issue would be resolved
satisfactorily at a future date.

Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 02:08:38 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Inspection of Beliefs

Inspection of Beliefs

HAMSHAHRI * Tehran Municipality-affiliated daily quoted Ali Afshari, a member
of the Unity Consolidation Office's Central Council, as saying that the
Special Court for the Clergy was a clear indication of the inspection of
beliefs in the country. Calling Abdullah Nouri a "national hero", he said
people and learned clerics consider Nouri a great man and this satisfies him.

Regaining Lost Lands

SOBH-E EMROOZ * The daily reported that Mitofatov, Russian MP, called for
Moscow to adopt measures as for re-annexing the republics of Georgia and
Azerbaijan to Iranian territory. Addressing the Duma, he said Georgia and
Azerbaijan were once parts of Iran's territory and to restore peace and
stability to the Caucasus region the republics should be returned to Iran.

Criminals Pioneers of Reform

PAYAM-E AZADI * This pro-government daily in an article entitled "Man of 20
Million Dollars" quoted Dariush Sajjadi, Iranian journalist living now in the
United States, as saying that Mashallah Shamsolvaezin, editor in chief of the
banned daily Neshat, who was accused by the MP from Dezfoul of receiving
financial support from the United States to fight the Islamic Republic two
years ago is now awaiting trial in Evin Prison. Rejecting the first grave
allegations leveled against him, he is now imprisoned on charges of forged
signature. According to the culture of prison, the offenders are classified
based on the gravity of their offenses. That's why Shamsolvaezin stands after
Tehran's ex-mayor Gholamhussein Karbaschi, Mohsen Kadivar, Abdullah Nouri and
backers of May 23 Front known as "Criminals, Pioneers of Reform". However,
signature forfeiture is a small offense for Shamsolvaezin, he would have
awaited more serious offenses.

Pardoning Two Students

BAYAN * The newly-printed daily quoted Qomi, head of Leader's Representative
Office, as saying that two of the students of the campus publication Moj had
been given amnesty by the Leader.

Hold Trials in Public!

SOBH-E EMROOZ * The paper reported that Mohammad Reza Bahonar, a member of
the Majlis Presiding Board requested the judicial officials to hold the case
of last year's serial killings publicly.

Coalition of Religious Intellectuals of Khorassan

ASR-E AZADEGAN * The daily reported that the Coalition of Religious
Intellectuals and the Students and Reformist Journalists Movement in its
first electoral campaign communique introduced Abdullah Nouri, Ebrahim Yazdi,
Mohammad Musavi Khoeiniha and Jamileh Kadivar as the nominees of the Sixth
Majlis elections.

Time Lacking to Impeach

AKHBAR-E EQTESAD * The paper reported that Mohammad Reza Bahonar, rightist
MP, commenting on the eventual impeachment of Culture and Islamic Guidance
Minister Ataollah Mohajerani said there isn't enough time to do this since
the parliamentary election is approaching and the Parliament is now reviewing
the Third Plan bill.

Arya Goes to Court

ARYA * The pro-administration paper reported that Mohammad Reza Zohdi, Aray's
managing director, would answer Wednesday to the complaints lodged by the
IRIB, Intelligence Ministry, LEF, security service of the Army's Ground
Force, Khouzestan National Still Complex, Basij Resistance Force and
Headquarters for Enjoining the Good and Forbidding the Evil.

Soroush and Brain Drain

ARYA * MP Seyed Hussein Marashi commenting on Dr. Abdolkarim Soroush,
religious intellectual and university professor, said: "He is not teaching in
university now. Soroush's refusing to teach in university arises from his
illogical attitude and narrow-mindedness. We cannot tolerate this
narrow-mindedness which triggers brain drain and backwardness.
narrow-mindedness which triggers brain drain and backwardness. Dr. Soroush
who stopped teaching in the university due to an unknown group's repeated
threats, was precluded to go to the class for the three consecutive years
when he went to university to teach.

Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 02:12:51 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Three Man BEGD Delegation from UK Discuss 1995 MoU at Iran Ministry

Three Man BEGD Delegation from UK Discuss 1995 MoU at Iran Ministry


TEHRAN-- John Gibbs, the head of the three man British Export Guarantee
Department (BEGD) delegation has been engaged in two days of solid talks at
the Iranian Ministry of Finance in Tehran. Gibbs told IRAN NEWS lastnight
that every issue had been discussed with Iranian finance ministry officials
and that his delegation had made a thorough appraisal of each issue.

The three man delegation is due to leave Tehran on Friday. The BEGD official
said that further talks would be scheduled to resume discussions either here
or in London. Four years have elapsed since the initial signing of BEGD MoU
with IRI in 1995.

BEGD offers access to bank finance and provision of insurance for British
projects and capital goods exporters against the risk of not being paid.
Political risk insurance cover for British investment overseas; reinsurance
to private sector insurance companies offering insurance for British consumer
type exports, are also part and parcel of BEGD package deals.

Iran has hinted at promoting and developing a market economy and harped on
the issue of the World Trade Organization and referred to the global economy.
These are tailor-made tasks for BEGD. The plunge may not be easy for Iran,
but pending talks may hopefully offer alternatives in the face of spiraling
inflation and sluggish progress in the industrial sector in Iran.

Acceptance of responsibility and providing ascertainable guarantees for big
investments from abroad is the task of IRI. Perhaps this is as good an
opportunity as any to set the records straight and get the ball rolling on
the road to economic recovery on a scale comparable to Egypt, Morocco or

Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 02:13:32 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: SWEDISH AMBASSADOR: Iran-Sweden Joint Economic Commission to Meet

SWEDISH AMBASSADOR: Iran-Sweden Joint Economic Commission to Meet

for a Very Important Session February

* Tehran Active Presence in Int'l Community Commendable

* Highly-Successful Iranians Living in Sweden Could Serve as Link Between the
Two Sides


TEHRAN - "Sweden is taking important steps to improve relations with Iran and
Stockholm is looking forward to expand bilateral relations. So a very
important session of Sweden-Iran Joint Economic Commission is to meet in
Tehran February," Says Mats Marling, ambassador of Sweden, in an exclusive
interview with IRAN NEWS.

Asked about why there has not been serious efforts to strengthen bilateral
relations between the two sides until now, he said:" After the Mykonos saga
and return of the EU ambassadors we have had series of formal dialogues and
meetings between the EU and Iran." Within that framework, he pointed out,
Iran-EU relations and Tehran ties with major EU countries were discussed.

On Tehran-Stockhom relations per se, he stated that "we have had contacts
including high-level visits in the past. Now, however, Sweden is very much
looking forward to expand bilateral relations as it has been improving."

Turning to the key role Iran plays in the region, he said that "Iran is a big
power in this very important part of the world for Persian Gulf and its sheer
size and access to the oil-rich Caspian Sea. Tehran through its actions, he
says, could greatly contribute to stability of the region."

Meanwhile, he commended Iran for having taken "its seat in the international
community and also praised President Khatami for the nation's increased
participation in international politics.

Commenting also on the upcoming visits between the two countries' officials,
he said that in addition to the meeting of the joint economic commission "we
also expect a group of directors of Swedish culture institutions among them
Swedish Museum representative and also professors who are specialists in the
Iranian language and similar fields to come here in March."

Speaking about the 70,000-strong Iranian community that currently reside in
Sweden, he said that "the Iranian population in Sweden is doing quite well
and are very well educated. "Iranians in Sweden are very successful
[especially] in building their own small business. We think they serve as a
very important link between our two countries", he underlined.

Elsewhere, he said, "I expect our relations to develop and I wish to remind
you of the long history of relations which exist between our two countries in
science and business. Hence, many of the biggest and most important Swedish
companies have remained in Iran regardless of the changes in political

Since Sweden industrial goods enjoy a reputation for excellence they are
"appreciated here." Despite severe competition for their products, Swedish
companies have always expressed satisfaction with their operations in Iran
and this is "very important," he concluded.

Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 02:14:04 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Lari Says Inspection Bodies Are Most Trusted Limbs of His Ministry

Lari Says Inspection Bodies Are Most Trusted Limbs of His Ministry


TEHRAN -- Abdolvahed Musavi Lari, interior minister, said here yesterday that
inspection councils of the elections which function alongside with the
executive and supervisory delegations were trusted organs of his ministry for
better implementation of the laws of the state.

Addressing a seminar of the inspection delegations to the Sixth Majlis
elections, Lari said that inspectors should inform related authorities on
possible violations of the executive and supervisory bodies.

According to IRNA, the interior minister said ambiguities and different
attitudes toward the law had been among the anxieties of the Interior
Ministry over the past few months.

He added that the government's efforts to solve the problem had failed and
the Interior Ministry managed to make the law on duties of the executive and
supervisory boards transparent by benefiting from ratification of Majlis.

Lari said the most important responsibility of inspectors is identifying
boundaries of supervision and execution.

Therefore, acquaintance with regulations should be considered as a basic
principle by the inspection delegations, added Lari.

Stressing implementation of the laws during elections, the interior minister
said inspectors should show more sensitivity in implementation of the laws so
as to insure fulfillment of their businesses in the best possible manner.

He called on the inspectors to reflect the problems that they may encounter
without being checked by irrelevant considerations.

Lari stressed massive turnout of the people in parliamentary elections and
said any proposal on the elections should aim at ensuring the responsibility
of the government to rule as well as guarantee unencumbered participation of
voters in the next Majlis elections.

Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 02:14:51 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Nouri's Lawyer Says He Will Appeal SCC Verdict on Nouri

Nouri's Lawyer Says He Will Appeal SCC Verdict on Nouri


TEHRAN -- Hojjatoleslam Mohsen Rahami, the defense lawyer of director of
banned daily Khordad Abdullah Nouri, said yesterday he would appeal the
sentence issued on Nouri by the Special Court for the Clergy (SCC).

Speaking to reporters, Rahami said: "Due to insistence of me and other
friends, Mr. Nouri's opposition to use his right to appeal has lessened, but
it still rest with him to make the final decision in this regard."

"We lodged protest with the court immediately after the sentence was passed
and our protest has been registered," the lawyer said.

According to IRNA, he maintained that press offenses should be dealt with by
the Press Court in the presence of jury.

Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 02:17:06 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Gathering in Protest at MKO Terrorist Operations in Iran

Gathering in Protest at MKO Terrorist Operations in Iran


TEHRAN - Families of martyr Jalal Jalizavi and nine other people who were
injured in a bomb blast in Ahwaz on November 25 called on the United Nations
to prevent the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) from continued
unhuman crimes in public places.

They held a demonstration to express disgust at a bomb blast outside Shahid
Chamran University in Ahwaz, planted by the MKO, killing a teacher Jalal
Jalizavi and wounding nine other passersby.

Issuing a statement, the families whose members fell victims to the MKO
terrorist attack denounced the international community for keeping silent
toward the MKO terrorist operations and called on the U.N. General Assembly
president to put pressure on the Iraqi leaders to expel the MKO ringleaders
from Iraq, IRNA reported.

Meanwhile, the relatives of martyr Jalizavi announced that they have planned
to gather in front of the U.N. office in Tehran to convey

Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 02:17:35 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Students Should Help Officials Hold a Violent Free Voting, Mohajerani

Students Should Help Officials Hold a Violent Free Voting, Mohajerani


TEHRAN - Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ataollah Mohajerani called
upon university students to help officials to organize peacefully the six
round of the parliamentary elections.

Addressing a gathering of students in the Management Faculty of Tehran
University on the occasion of the "Student Day" (December 7), the minister
termed as "crucial" the role of students in May 23 ground-breaking triumph in
presidential elections and said the students should try to gain a new victory
through going to the polls in the forthcoming legislative elections.

"We all have to take care of holding the voting in a peaceful and healthy
manner", Mohajerani said, adding that, "some may try to instigate students
and this is why the students should be vigilant for the issue."

IRNA quoted him as saying that the action of students in December 1953 was a
freedom-loving move to counter a coup d'etat instigated by the United States
against the popular government of Mosaddeq.

In that day, three students were martyred for independence, freedom and their
high goals, Mohajerani said.

Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 02:18:14 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Pro-Reform Student Rally Cancelled Due to "Possible Threats"

Pro-Reform Student Rally Cancelled Due to "Possible Threats"

TEHRAN (AFP) -- A reformist student rally scheduled for yesterday in Tehran
in support of jailed politician and newspaper editor Abdullah Nouri was
postponed due to "possible threats," a student representative told AFP.

"We had ordered a number of posters carrying slogans in favor and defense of
Nouri. But the printing houses would not print them ... It appears that there
may have been possible threats against them by pressure groups," a member of
the student Unity Consolidation Office (UCO), the organizer of the rally,
told AFP.

"There were also a number of disagreements with Tehran University over the
kind of people who would attend the rally, but we are doing our best so that
hopefully this rally can take place next week," the student, who asked to
remain unnamed, said.

The UCO had called for a student rally to take place at Tehran University
yesterday in defense of the prominent politician jailed in late November by a
Special Court for the Clergy on charges of disseminating anti-Islamic

Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 02:19:17 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Nouri's Refusal to Appeal Was Intentional

Nouri's Refusal to Appeal Was Intentional


TEHRAN - Head of the Islamic Propagation Organization Mohammadi Araqi said
Tuesday that the refusal of Abdullah Nouri, managing director of the banned
Khordad daily, to appeal against a sentence handed to him by the Special
Court for the Clergy (SCC) was intentional.

Talking to reporters in Tabriz, Araqi elaborated on the grounds for Nouri's
offenses and said he could have enjoyed his legal right to lodge an appeal
against the severity of the ruling but it seemed that he purposefully
rejected making an appeal.

He pointed out that Nouri's imprisonment gladdened the enemy and the
counterrevolutionary elements abused his statements.

Nouri ignored the achievements of the Islamic Revolution over 20 years in
particular concerning the struggles against the United States and Israel, he

Araqi who is also a member of the SCC jury said some are of the opinion that
the court issuing the verdict had been lenient with Nouri.

However, the convict can appeal and his request would be reviewed, Araqi

Asked about the eventuality of a commuted punishment on Nouri in case of
appeal, he said he had no information on the issue but said the Judiciary
procedure in this regard is clear.

Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 02:29:04 EST
From: Sohrab68@AOL.COM
Subject: Tehran Plunged in Smog, Schools Closed

Tehran Plunged in Smog, Schools Closed


TEHRAN - Air pollution in Tehran yesterday morning reached its climax,
plunging the city into a halo of smog.

Authorities have also ordered kindergartens and elementary and high-schools
to remain closed on Thursday and have imposed unspecified traffic

Air pollution indicators on panels installed at several crossings in the
capital, showed pollutants such as carbon monoxide and suspended particles as
high and above "dangerous" level in the morning.

However, despite constant warnings of the Traffic Control Center, most
streets in the capital were crippled with heavy traffic jams caused by
vehicles mostly traversing in the city with a single passenger.

Over two million vehicles travel in the megalopolis, causing 72 percent of
the pollution in the city.

Last year, several thousand schools were shut down after air pollution
reached more than six times the acceptable level set by the World Health

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