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DNI News: October 1995

    October News Digest
  1. Iran Khabar: Friday October 6, 1995:
    Ghassem lebasschi is on a tour to revive the "Natioanl Front" organization abroad.
  2. CDDI News Service:
  3. Radio LA (24 Hours): October 21, 1995:
    7000 students held a demostration in Tehran University
  4. Kayhan (London, October 19):
  5. 24 Hour Radio (LA): Some more facts quoted from France Press on the demostration in Tehran University
  6. CDDI NEWS Service:
    A letter to UN Human Rights Commission
  7. October 31, 1995: Report(s) from Hezbe Mellat Iran
  8. 9. October 20, 1995

Iran Khabar: Friday October 6, 1995

Ghassem lebasschi is on a tour to revive the "Natioanl Front" organization abroad.

According to the artilce in Iran-Khabar, there was a meeting of people interested in reviving the "National Front" in the East coast USA. Apparaently Mr. Ghassem Lebasschi, a well-respectred National Front Figure is leading this revival campaign abroad.

Dr. Mohammad
Eghtedari had chaired the meeting in Washington accroding to Iran Khabar.

The idea is is to create an organization, a body, which is composed of parties, groups and individuals who will support the Mellion and Free Elections in Iran.

It was said in that meeting that the "NAtional Front" is aware of the fact that therre are "significant problems" in the constiution. The Guardian Council's role in the Elections is not accpeted by the National Front. Also it was stated that in this constitution, some kind of "Hokoomate Fardi Matrah Ast".

It was also said [in the artilce] that National Front has offices in north and South Clifornia.

Some more points from Haj Ghassem Lebasschi [not a word by word translation]:

  1. 1. The name, "National Front", plays a crucial role in promoting the legal struggle of the Front at this stage of the game.
  2. 2. Using legal means is a "National Front" tradition and today this method is utilized by the leadership of the National Front in Iran.
  3. 3. At this stage of teh struggle, implementation of "Free elections" and sending the true representatives of the people to parlaiment is in the plate.
  4. 4. National Front has traditionally included individuals, parties, groups and professions that would like to continue Dr. Mossadegh's path (Mahie Mobarezatieh Mossadegh).
  5. 5. "National Front" does notr defy teh struggle of those outside the "National Front" umbrella.

2. CDDI News Service:

Any material that is faxed to CDDI will fit in the category of CDDI news service:

National Front (United Fraction) have issued a statement recently which is signed to Parviz Haghighi and addressed to the Chair of UN. The statement (not verbatum translation) calls for a U.N. supervision of the "Free Elections" in Iran. They outline the problems that the country is facing. They cite a 1000 Billion Toman figure for the extent of recently exposed "corruption cases". They protest lack of law enforcement in the society and generally critical of IRI policies duirng the past 17 years. Policies that have lead to massive immigration of Iranian experts ....
Parviz Haghighi

Fadayeen (Maj) issued a statement yesterday announcing the kidnapping of one of their former central committee members, Ali Tavassoli, by IRI 's secret service in Baku. He had traveeled to Baku from England for a business meeting and was apparently kidnapped by IRI secret service on September 27. The statement says that Ali Tavassoli was a member of tehir leadership till 1989 and became inactive thereafter.
(NOT a verbatum translation)
Fadayeen (Maj)
October 15, 1995

3. Radio LA (24 Hours): October 21, 1995

7000 students held a demostration in Tehran University according to the 24 hour Radio in los Angelos. The demonstration was in support of Dr. Soroush and freedom of expression, and enforcement of the law. I will post more details from other sources when they become avaiable. A second source from France has verfiied the story. This happened past Saturday in Tehran.

Kayhan (London) [October 14] alleges that Ansarrolah [Hezbollahis] had permission from Khamenai's office to bypass the secuity forces, i.e., Hezbollah receiving orders from the Faghih. ,This was in relation to Hezbolah's disruption of Dr. Soroush's speech in Tehjran University 2 weeks back. According to the same source Ansarollah is funded by Mohsen Rafighdoost. Abbas Abdi the chief editor of SalAm criticizes the governemtn for not being able to provide for "security where it allocates millions of dollars to secure the eastern borders of Iran. One of the sucriyt agents has said that the security forces solcited "drirections" from their superiors during the "Hezbollah's ghalo gham", but the superiors instructed them to stay the course of not interfering.

According to SalAm the governemnt employees in Iran only work half an hour a day.

The manager of Kayahn Havaii (Tehran) announces his readiness to have adebate with Amir Entezam in front of "foreign and domestic" Press according to Kayhan London (Oct. 19).

4. Kayhan (London, October 19)

FACTS and FIGURES about NON_OIL EXPORTS: Kayhan (October 14)

Asgar Oladi: 35% reducxtion in non-oil exports France Press: the Monetary regulations have created widespread dissent in Bazar and Industry.

Asgar Oladi: The non-oil exports might reach 2Billion vs. 4.5 Billion last year. Kayhan London October 12, 1995

Hezbe Mellate Iran distributed another letter by Amir Entezam which is written in response to Kayhan Haviis allegations that he has requested to be freed (Afv). He basicallty says that Amir Entezam does not request AFV from a Khoonkhar regime such as IRI. He requests an open trial again.

5. 24 Hour Radio (LA)

Some more facts quoted from France Press on the 7,000 people demostration in Tehran University:

  1. 1. Abolfazl Fateh, the more exciting sspeaker of teh event called for freedom of Expression, Press, Assembly and enforcement of the Law in Iran. The final declaration of the event includes these points.
  2. 2. The poeple chanted "long live Freedom" during the event. This was indeed a show for "democracy" in Iran.
  3. 3. When Khamenaie's delegate took the stand to speak, the audience chanted "death to Fascism" incessantly.
  4. 4. According to reports some "democracy" and Human Rights" groups are sprouting inside Iran. Thousands of pamphelets are distributed in Iran recently. We will translate and post it to the group.


6. CDDI NEWS Service

TO: UN Human Rights Commission
Honroable Elsa Stamatopoulou
Chief of Liaison Office of Human Rights
UN Commission on Human Rights in USA
United Nations
NY NY 10017
FAX Number: 212-963-4079
CC: Amnesty International: Fax: 212-627-1451
CC: Middle East Watch: Fax Number: 212-972-0905
CC: National Council of Churches: NY (Middle East Office)
CC: International Association against torture at the UN
CC: Media
CC: ALL Human Rights Organizations

Honorable Elsa Stamatopoulou

In this letter we like to bring to your attention recent cases of human rights violations by the Islamic Republic of Iran, against its political prisoners, and activists.

According to Iranian opposition groups [1-2], Mr. Assad Akhavan and Mr. Sadeghi have been executed in Iran in recent weeks. Mr. Assad Akhavan, a native of the northern Iranian city of Langrud, had previously spend nine years in the prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He was a memebr of the Organization of Iranian People's Fedaian (Majority) [1].

According to a report issued by Reuter, on Oct. 10, 1995, 10 members of Kusrdish democratic party of Iran have also been executed in recent weeks.. The same source [Reuter] reports arrest of 26 members of KDP of Iran in recent weeks [4].

We are also concerned about the lives of 42 political prisoners and 2 Baha'is who were reported to be in imminent danger of execution [5:Attachment A].

Finally, we like to bring to you attention, Mr. Amir Entezam's who is the longest held politcal prisoner in IRI. In his recent letter to Renate Schmidt in Germany [6: see attachment B], he demands to have an open trial. We are asking the commission to take appropriate action on this matter.

While we are fundamentally opposed to capital punishment of any kind, we find the execution of such punishment against political prisoners doubly outragious and disturbing

We do hereby ask the UN Commission on Human Rights to form a task group to investigate this matter and bring the case to the attention of the proper authorities in IRI. Specifically, we ask that the commission solicit a formal response from the IRI as to the details of the charges, court dates, the names of the lawyers, and any other pertinent information on this matter. We are asking you to attend to this matter in the name of humanity and human life. We thank you for your attention to this matter.

Amir Entezam Defense Committee (Washington), CAmpaign for defense of Iranian Political Prisoners (NY, LA, Ottowa), Center for Defense of Democracy in Iran (NY), CEnter fro Iranian Democrats (Chicago), Committee to defend Human Rights in Iran (North California), Democracy Network of Iran (Internet), Iranian Human Rights Working Group (Internet), Iranian Solidarity Movement for Freedom (LA), L'Association de Defence du Front pour la Republique la Democratie En Iran-Belgique

7. October 31, 1995: Hezbe Mellat Iran's reports:

1. Mr. Ahmad Mir Allaie was killed by IRI security forces in Isfahan according to Hezbe Mellate Iran. Mr. Mir Allaaie was a known writer and a translater from Isfahan. Two statements issued by Hezbe Mellate Iran (FAXED to CDDI) on Sunday and Monday (October 29-30) give some details of the story.

a. Mr MirAllaie left his house on Tuesday morning (October 24, 95) and disappeared. around 7:30 that night his body was found in the downtown of Iffahan by passers. IRI authorities informed his family that he died of "heart attack".

b. Reports from Isfahan indicate a widespread anger in Isfahan. Specially the fact that Isfahan's Pezeshkieh Ghanoonie has approved that on his arm there was a traces of an "ivy" (according to his friends).

c. He was born in 1321, at the time of his death he was 52. He has a wife anfd two children.

d. his recent writings had angered IRI authorities recently.

These were all quotes (not verbatum) from Hezbe Mellate Iran's press release on the subject.

Excerpts from Weekly Report from Hezbe Mellate Iran.
Ending on October 29, 1995

  1. Hezbe Democratic Mardome Iran
  2. Hezbe Tudeh Iran
  3. Rahe Kargar
  4. Sazmane MarxistHaye Enghelabi Iran
  5. Sazmane Rahrovan Pan Iranism
  6. Jonbeshe Ettehad Baraye Azadi Mardome Iran (former MKO)
  7. Committee for defense of Freedoms (Belguim)
  8. Nehzate Melli NirooHaye Mossalah Iran.
  9. Navid Moghavemat
  10. Payame Daneshjooye Baseeje in exile
  11. Rahe Tudeh
  12. Some members of Anjoman Eslami from Tehran University Medical School.
  13. Some of theAnjoman Eslami Students from Tabriz University
  14. Some of Tollab of Hozehe Elmieh Ghom
  15. Some followers of Ayatollah Seyed Sadegh Rohani in Tehran and Ghom.
  16. Jebhe Melli Supporters in Germany
  17. 22 former army officers (residing abroad)
  1. Mr. Ali Ardelan
  2. Mehrdad ArfaZadeh
  3. TimSar Amir Rahimi
  4. Dr. Paviz Davar Panah
  5. Reza Marzban
  6. Dr. AliReza NooriZadeh
  7. .....

Tuesday October 23, 1995

8. October 20, 1995

Nategh Nouri: Political Parties are free to announce their candidates.
Nategh Nouri said this in Germany. He claimed that Parties are Free and be in the Elections.


There are only two Parties in Iran; "Majmae Rohanion Mobarez" and "Jamehe Rohaniat Mobarez".

Footnote: 1. Mohtashami had announced that his group, the second one above will not participate in teh elections.

2. Nehzate Azadi as a Political Group is also barred from participating in Elections.

Zahra Rahnavard: "Politicians are politicizing religion instead of religionizing the Politics".

She cited lack of Political Parties, Free Press and exzpression as a major problem in the country today.

Ettellat: October 26, 1995Sajovi: Political Parties encouraged to be more active:


Head of the Domestic Affairs and Councils Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Ali Movahed Savoji said that any group is free to form a political party if it does not violate any of the laws passed by the Islamic Consultative Assembly (???)

In his analuysis of the "Communist Parties he sais, " Their notoriety caused people not to accept them in political affairs and along with nthis attitude, came the apathy from other parties," He added.


"Whoever has an idea which can be a step in the nation's climb to progress should help the government in its efforts at reconstruction he added.


"They are perfectly free to do so under ther constitution provided they secure the necessary licenese," he further added.


"Their defeat is not because of teh constituion. Our people decide which parties can work and which have no standing, " The Majlis deputy stressed.

He concluded by saying "expectations are high that this time they will manifest the same enthusiasm by going to the polls to cast their votes for the fifth term of the Majlis."