Voice of America: Sheik ALi Tehrani sentenced to 20 years imprisonment 24 Hour Radio Los Angelos: Interviu with Pouya AmirShahi Reliable sources:Strike in Iran December 14, 1995: IRNA: Ayatollah Jannati on election December 12, 1995: IRNA: Rafsanajni appoints a special inspection office December 13, 1996: IRNA: Nategh Nouri called on ALL Fractions to participate in the upcoming elections. December 14,1995: IRNA:Dr. Attaollah Mohajerani Voice of America: Tuesday, an Iranian court sentenced Shiekh Ali Tehrani, the brother-in-law of Iran¹s Supreme Leader to 20 years imprisonment in exile for collabrating with Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War. 24 Hour Radio Los Angelos: Pouya AmirShahi son of ShahrAshoob AmirShahi in Paris [An Iranian] who is a 23 year old student and the President of Student Union of France was interviewed by the Radio last night. He has led the recent strikes by the Students. He has copnducted several debates with the minister of Nationjal Education of France and is studying for his Master's degree in Education Policy. He is indeed a well known personality in France and has become a source of pride for Iranians. Reliable sources: 160 people striked in Iran's PTT in recent weeks. Several are apparaently arrested. Fallahian's arrest warrent might be issueed soon by Germany's prosecutor's office according to Nimrooz. December 14, 1995 IRNA: Ayattolah Jannati has said that those who were screened in previous elections might not be screened again. He also said that those who are not qualified [based on IRI laws] should not nominate themselves. This might be a concession to the Karoubi and Khoeeniha's clergy group [majma rohaniat Mobarez]. The later has announced that it will not announced any candidates in teh upcoming elections. their candidates were screened by the Guardian Council in the previous elections. Ayatolah Jannati is the head of the Guardian Council. December 12, 1995 IRNA: Rafsanajni appoints a special inspection office to supervise the fifth election closely and report back to him directly. This is orthogonal to Guardian Council's and the misnistery of interior's roles. Mohandess Mehdi Hashemi is the head of this office. December 13, 1996 IRNA: Nategh Nouri called on ALL Fractions to participate in the upcoming elections. He asked all who can be candidates come forward and participate in the elctions and support the system. Ayatollah Yazi: There is Freedom of Political thoguht in Iran. Noone is in prison for their political beliefs. The head of economic commission of the parilament: Morteza Nabavi: Participation of all fractions is in teh national interest. Mehdi Karoubi: Formation of Strong Political Parties will stir healthy compeition. They will function as a supervisory body in the system nd dissuade "Takhalofat". He reiterated the Majmae Rohanioune Mobarez's position in the upcoming elections. They will not have cnadidates but will persuade people to vote. In July, Karoubi, opened upt he discussion on Velayate Faghih in Salam. His group believes in collective leadership as opposed to Khamenei's abosolute power. Thsi was reported in Iran Times, December 8 issue. December 14,1995: IRNA: Dr. Attaollah Mohajerani [Vice President]: Time is ripe for formation oif political parties. He also said that hje does not see any trend towards isolating the Rohaniat in Iran. Hezbe Mellate Iran News Service: Dariush Forouhar returned to Iran and was escorted to his house by some of his Young Party members. This was reported on 1374/9/20 by the Hezbe Mellate Iran News Service. 1374/9/25-10/1 Ghasseme Sha’leh Sa’di a Mjlis representative from Shiraz said in an interview with Tehran News: “ We believe in integration of mottoes and Shoour so that the administration of the country is transformed into an efficient system.” Culture and higher education minister commented in a Q&A session in Ilam university that in the future elections “University must not become a springboard [tribune] for various groups. “ [...] Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati claimed that there are individual and social freedoms in Iran. [...] This was said in a meeting with a UN Human Rights representative. Ali mohammad Besharati, the interior ministry said in a meeting with the governor of Tehran that “ It is our legal and religious duty to hold a fair and healthy elections”. Shiekh Ali Tehrani was tried behind closed doors and was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment. Assadollah BadamChian, member of the Political Parties Commission in Majlis, attacked the Jebhe Melli Iran’s history in an interview with Ebrar . Ayatoolah Mahdavi Kani, “Man Ba Tahazobe Rohaniat Mokhalefem, Chon Rohani pedare Mardom Ast.” Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi calimed [in Namaze Jom’e] that “there is no prisoner of conscience [fekr va Aghideh] in Iran”. 1374/9/18-9/24 Nategh Nouri asked “ALL” groups to participate in the elections. Pavaneh Forouhar in an interview with a Radio in Sweden commented on the technocrats in IRI, “ A technocrat who fits in the mopolistic framework of IRI is another dictatorial tool.” Ayatollah Jannati, “ Candidates who were rejected in the prior elections can stand again and might be accepted this time by the Guardian Council”. The 24 Hour Radio in LA reported last night that Ayatollah Azari Ghomi has issued a statement in Iran where he sees himself fit as being Valieh Faghih. According to the Radio, the statement is against Rafsanjani and particularly Khamenei. Azari Ghomi has been the flag bearer and "spokesperson" of the Conservatives [Resalaties]. News from Iran: 1. A new political party which is headed by Rajaee Khorassani is formed in Iran. This Party is called independence Party of Iran. Rajaee is known to be a Technocrat. He is part of the "independents" of the Parlaiment. He advocates normal Iran-US relations and is not endorsed by REsalaties and the Jamehe Rohanioun Mobarez. He headed the foreign relations commission of the Parliament? 2. Another party called Hezbe Mardome Iran headed by Ghassem Shele Saadi is formed in Iran. Sho'le S'di is Shirz representative in Majlis. He was quoted as saying that Velayate Faghih and Parliamentary systemn are in contrast two years ago, he was forced to eat his words after his comments by "others". His Party's main goal is apparently to defend teh basic individual and social freedoms of Iranians. They adhere to Islam and the Rahbari. 3. It is said that IRI has agreed to candidacy of 7 of the Talashgarane Entekhabate Azad as individuals [not as representatives of Talashgaran]. It is said that Jebhe Melli Iran insists on her pre-conditions for Free Eelctions. It is interesting to see how the Talashgaran justify their participation in an elections where their pre-conditions are not met. +------------------------------------------------------+ + AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL URGENT ACTION BULLETIN + + Electronic distribution authorised + + This bulletin expires: 6 February 1996. + +------------------------------------------------------+ EXTERNAL AI Index: MDE 13/36/95 19 December 1995 Further information on UA 221/95 (MDE 13/15/95, 15 September 1995) and follow-up (MDE 13/16/95, 28 September) - Fear of "disappearance" / Health concern IRAN Javad Rouhani, aged 26, and at least 25 others According to information received by Amnesty International, Javad Rouhani was released several days ago. However, the whereabouts of at least 25 others reportedly arrested in connection with this case remain unknown. +-----------------------------------------------------------+ + Supporters of Amnesty International around the world are + + writing urgent appeals in response to the concerns + + described above. If you would like to join with them in + + this action or have any queries about the Urgent Action + + network or Amnesty International in general, please + + contact one of the following: + + + + Ray Mitchell, rmitchellai@gn.apc.org (UK) + + Scott Harrison, sharrison@igc.apc.org (USA) + + Guido Gabriel, ggabriel@amnesty.cl.sub.de (Germany) + + Marilyn McKim, aito@web.apc.org (Canada) + + Michel Ehrlich, mehrlich@aibf.be (Belgium) + +-----------------------------------------------------------+ CDDI News Service: Announcement by Hezbe Mellat Iran issued on December 9,1995 brings some quotes from an interview of Daryoosh Forouhar with the 24 Hour Radio in the USA. Forouhar reiterate his Party's position on separation of State and Religion [he says it is a national mandate], boycotting of the Election and denouncing it. He assess the Basiji [3.5 million people] manouvers as regime's attempt to maintain her shakey foundations. Fadayeen (Aksariat) issued a statement on December 16, 1995 regarding the Regime's [the Information ministry's] preparatory work to "blitz" theb Fadayeen (Aksariat) immenently. The statement alleges that the regime's Secret Service agents have sent messages the Fadayeen leaders as to their "change of policy" towards the Fadayeen (Aksariat). The Inofrmation ministry agents have basically said that theyu wil deal with the Fadayeen (Aksariat) differntly from now on. The Fadayeen statement lists the following incidents: 1. Execution of Assad Ahkavan a few months back 2. Kidnapping of Ali Tavassoli, a former member of the FAdayeen Central Council a few months back. 3. Recent allegations made by Kayan (Havaii) as to the Fadayeen (Aksariat)'s involvement in a "bank rubbery", etc. In this statement Fadayeen deny all charges leveled against them by IRI agents. They claim that the IRI information ministry is the prime suspect in "Terrorism" since the minister is a suspect in the Kurdish leader's assassination in Germnay.[The german prosecutor is about to bring charges against Fallahian]. In this statement Fadayeen call on all Azadikhahan to be proactive in denouncing regime's conspriacies and prevent new horrible crimes to happen. Forouhar's interview with Radio B.B.C. [November 30, 1995] The fax received by CDDI from the Hezbe Melalte Iran has excerpts from this interview focusing on the current debate in Iran on formation of political parties and Rafsanjani's intention on this matter. He says the following [not verbatum translation]: 1. In the first days of the revolution, there were serious Parties in Iran. IRI outlawed most ofthe Politcal Parties. The last remianing Party was Teh Islamic REpublican Party which was closed down after a meeting between Rafsanjani, the head of the Khebregan Majlis with Khomeni. 2. Forouhar states that he does nmot believe in Rafsanjani's words. He assesses Rafsanjani's words as decpetive. He refutes Rafsanjani's statement as to non-existence of serious political Parties in Iran. 3. Forouhar hopes that the formation of Political Parties lead to a small opening. His Party will be ready to seize the opportunity. CDDI NEWs Service KAR December 20. 1995: Number 123 · The German Prosecutor started investigation on Ali Fallahian, the originator of the Berlin terrors. · According to Focus, the German weekly, Fallahian’s arrest warrant will soon issued. · Dr. Payman in an interview with Pzhvak Radio in Sweden: Formation of a freedom Front is the highest priority task. Kayhan December 21, 1995 · Moussavi Lari, member of the Jame’he Rohaniat Mobarez: The Guardian Council, the Mosque Aemeh and the IRI Radio/TV pushed “us” aside. A small percentage of the people voted in the Fourth Majlis elections. · Reza Pahlavi: There is no way left but to topple IRI. · Houshang Ansari to IRI leaders: “remove the pressure on people so that the need for D’Amato’s bill goes away.” · According to Lebonan’s Alsharee’t Daily Rafsanjani’s family follows Ayatollah Montazeri. · Spokesperson for the Film Society of Iran: Iran’s Cinema is on the verge of shutdowns. Iran Khabar: December 29, 1995 · Hamshahrie expose: Mobarake Steel Factory’s income was 100 Billion Tomans while the profit for the brokers was 120 Billion Tomans. · Ettella’at: December 11, 1995 · Speaker condemns notion of separation of religion from politics. Ali Nategh Nouri on Sunday termed the discussion on separation of religion from politics as medieval age calls. · Ettela’at December 21, 1995: Sheikh Ali Tehrani sentenced to 20-year-imprisonment in exile as “Warring with God”. · Ettella’at December 22, 1995: Mahdavi Kani: “Ba Tahazzobe Rohaniat Mokhalefam”. · Iran Times: December 8, 1995: Salam Daily in July: Khoeiniha: “One group of theologians believes in a limited vice-regency of the chief Faqhih where necessary, while another group believes in the absolute vice-regency of the chief juriscouncil.” [...] His position , in effect, repudiates Khamenei. His revolutionary background, significantly gives credibility to a position that might look counter revolutionary coming from someone else. · Iran times December 22, 1995 · A sewage truck almost killed Rushdie in Australia. · Newsman ask regime for immunity according to the daily Hamshahri. · Shimon Perez: USA and Israel strengthen their strategic cooperation against IRI. · Iran Times: December 29, 1995 · Ghahssem Shole Sadi forms a new political party called People’s Party of Iran with 100 Founding members. · Bill Clinton: “We do not have any problem with the Iranian People. But we are against the behavior of the Iranian government.”