DNI News: September

  1. Ettelaat, September 13, 1995 on Ayatollah Khamenei
  2. Iran times, September 1, 8, 15
  3. Kayhan (London), August 31, September 7
  4. Parts of a Statement by Nehzate Azadi
  5. Parts of a Statement by some leaders of the the "National Front" in Iran
  6. Parts of a Statement by Hezbe Mellate Iran.
  7. Rahe Tudeh
  8. A piece of News from a National Front Source
  9. RADIO SEDAYE 24 HOUR (Gharazi)
  10. Radio 24 Hour (Nategh Nouri)
  11. DNI: The 177 Mellion
  12. KAR: Assad Akhavan and Behzadi
  13. The week of September 25: Kayhan, KAR, Iran times
  14. Statement by 177

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1. Ettelaat (Wednesday September 13, 1995)

Leader warns against plots suggesting separation of religion from politics (read separation of religion and government)

Tehran- The leader of the Islamic revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, on Monday called on the ulema to launch out a defensive battle against the hostile propaganda of the governments that antagonize Islam.

In his address to the nationwide assembly of leaders of Friday congregati onal prayers he said: "For the establishment in Iran of a government based on tenets of Islam we are indebted to the steadfastness of our Imam (Khomeni) and the adherence of Iran's Moslem people to religious leadership. ..."

[some deletions]

"To raise doubts on the most established principles of the Islamic Revo lution, among them to question then inherent fusion of religion and politics is a major element of propaganda plot of the enemies. Throughout the years secret hands were involved in weaving plots by way of suggesting the separation of religion from politics with the idea to push the religion to the corners of Mosques and Homes," he said.

"But as a result of untiring efforts and struggle this nation has come to believe that religion is not separate from politics. The government is a component of religion, and that the administration of politics is also a religious duty. Religion is a way of administration of life of the people and it being separate from politics is impossible, and the revolution and the Islamic Republic of Iran exists as a result of the same belief..." added Ayatollah Khamenei.

He said "the real objective of the enemy is to remove the ulema from political scene so that persons such as "Reza Khans", the Qajarids, puppet rulers, foreign stooges, and sloes of carnal desires seize the affairs of creatures of God and subject nations to the same oppression and tyranny that they endured over the past centuries."

Another aim of the principle aims of the enemy's propaganda is to create a gulf between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the rest of the Islamic ulema, said the leader. ... [rest is skipped]

2. Iran Times: September 15, 1995

Regime still can't sell 5% of it's oil. This was quoted from IRNA.

Textile men at privatized plant strike. Several hundred textile workers staged a sit-in in GhaemShahr[. ..] The next day MKO said the sit-in had been broken up and 30 strikers arrested. [....]

Plan calls for $27 B in non-Oil sales Tehran- The second five year plan calls for non-oil exports to total $27 billion, a whopping 230 percent more than achieved during the first five year plan. Plans, of course are really targets. the first five year plan called for $17.8 Billion in non-oil exports. The government announced that the non-oil exports totaled $11.6 Billion - or 65% - of the target in the first five year plan which ended in March 1994.

Carpet exporters are refusing to export

Tehran -Non-Oil export have plummeted since the government imposed new foreign exchange rules in May and carpet dealers are refusing to respond to regime's efforts to entice them back into market. An official with the carpet cooperative told Chinese News agency that carpet exported has fallen to 90% since the regime throttled foreign exchange late in May. [...]

Factoring all those elements into the equation, the government's own figures suggest a two third decline in the value of carpet exports since May. [...]

Ayatollah Khamenei: "Keshvare Ma Emrooz Baraye Bazee AZ Dowlathaye Bozorg Olgoo Ast". Translation: "Our country is a role model for some of the strong states. "


3. Iran Times: September 1, 1995

And how do you feel about vigilantes?

Tehran- A bookstore firebombing has set off a dispute within the ruling elite between those who want the forces of coercion to be controlled by the state and those who want the vigilantes to advance the revolution.

The case of the vigilantes was laid out by Ayatollah Jannati ... Jannati, who is secretary of the 12 man Council of the Guardians, told an audience attending Friday prayers at Tehran University that the government should not punish the men who carried out the arson attack.

"I recommend that officials not reprimand young Hezbollahi members when...they carry out their duty," said Jannati in reference to the bookstore incident.


Furthermore Jannati said, "If the Hezbollahi know of a case of corruption anywhere, or where someone freely is propagating Western culture= and ideas, they have the right to act themselves if the authorities fail to act. Neither the police nor the courts, nor any authority has the right to oppose them."


Iran Time September 8, 1995 Ayatollah Khamenei: "Amoozeshe Moosighi Javanan Ra be Fesad Mikeshanad" Translation: "Music corrupts the young people"

Kayhan (London): August 31, 1995

ayatollah Jannati is quoted as saying that Khomenie's will precedes the constitution.

Kayhan (London), September 7, 1995

* The first issue of "Payame Daneshjooye Basiji" was published abroad.

* Sheikh Ali Tehrani will be tried according to Fallahian. He is charged with Anti-IRI activites.

IRI's financial status according to Dr. Noorbakhsh:

Total IRI exports in 1373: $19.1 Billion
Total import: $12.7 Billion
Surplus : $3.3 Billion (or should it be $6.3 Billion) ----> $ 3 Billion
worth of Flight of Capital in 1373

"Despite all negative forecasts in the past, export is proceeding in a normal pace..." Noorbahksh said.

Kayhan analyzes the ramifications of having a 12 Billion import on the state of the industry. Bottomline is that with IRI's increasing obligations to pay off some of the debts (6-7 Billion in 1996 according to France treasury), and a sharp decline in imports, the industry is headed to more reduction in production and trouble....

Kayhan (London): September 14, 1995

Director of the TV2 in IRI: "Our society is depressed."

Khamenei is against Nategh Noori's future potential presidency.

Dariush Forhouhar is in Paris for a some complicated "bone therapy"

In a statement issued in Tehran, Hezbe Mellate Iran declared that,

Participating in the Elections without having some pre-conditions met will be nothing but an ugly fiasco (Sahneh Arayee zesht).

4. Nehzxate Azadi issued a statement in Mordad 1374 which is addressed to President Rafsanjani.

The basic tenet of this statement is their objection to lack of freedom for the political parties. They bring up the example of the political parties such as "Iran Novin", "Mardom", "Rastakheez" prior the revolution where the former regime claimed existence of freedom for the political parties". They drew an analogy between the situation pre and after the revolution. They also bring up some "Islamic" arguments to justify freedoms for the "DegarAndishan".

5. National Front members (Adib Boroumand, Ali Ardalan, Hossein Shah Hossein i, Hassan Lebasschi, Dr. Seyyed Hossein Mousavian, Dr. Paviz Rajavand) issued another statement outlining their pre-conditions for their participation in a "Free Elections".

They denounce the role of the Guardian Council as any filter. Then they make a strong case for the right of the opposition parties to participate in a genuine free election.

And lastly they outline some conditions:

  1. Freedom of Political Parties and Societies.
  2. Freedom for the position and opposition press.
  3. Freedom of Sokhanrani in Clubs and Public places.
  4. Freedom of advertisement and dissemination of campaign material including picture.
  5. Freedom of using "Mobile Speakers".
  6. Security in going to ballot boxes.
  7. Formation of primary and secondary supervisory councils comprised of independent and local "Moetamedin".


7. Rahe Tudeh: September 13, 1995: Number 38

According to confirmed reports, there is a high level activities among the "opposition leaders and groups" in Iran (non-governmental). Rahe Tudeh claims that Resalat and "HeiatHaye Moatalefe Islami" are actively fighting the process of coalition among the opposition forces inside Iran.

According to Rahe Tuedeh:

The leaders and groups discussed the "future elections", "Freedom of the Political Parties", denouncing the Anti-Melli actions of the government, mobilizing the people to confront the monopolistic policies of IRI, etc.

These activities have prompted more hope for the future of formation of a "coalition" and a "Front" inside Iran. Rahe Tudeh regrets the absence of "religious forces" inside and around the Mousavi government in these actions.

Managers and chief editors of non-governmental press meet in Tehran.

The meeting was on the topic of Freedom of Press. According to Rahe Tudeh , Mohandess Abbas Abdi, (Chief Editor of SalAm), Dr. GhaniZadeh ,(Chief Editor of Eftekharate Melli), Kambiz Noewroozi and AliReza BehrooziNia (Lawyers), Ali Mazrooee (Member of editors of SalAm), Ali Bagheran (Manager of Mahan), Mohandess Ezzatollah Sahabi (Iran-Farda) were present in the meeting.

According to Rahe Tudeh, the new bill prepared by Resalatis in the Parliament will kill the limited existing Freedom of the Press (Details were not presented).


8. A Reliable National Front Source

In the above mentioned meetings, 12 political groups and societies were present. The meeting of the "opposition forces that was held in Tehran. **************************************************************

9. 24 Hour Radio in USA

According to the 24 Hour Radio in USA, Mr. Gharazi, the PTT minister of was questioned by members of the Parliament in Iran on the issue of "illegal" loan from Gernmany in teh amount fo $1 Billion. According to the IRI law, foreign loans must be approved by the Parliament. The PTT ministry has apparently used this money to buy Mobile equipment above and beyond what has been approved by the "Parliament". In a related News, it is said that the profits from the 40-50 Mobile Phone service is allocated to a single Information Ministry agents [Vavak].

11: DNI: Spetember 24, 1995

Close to 180 well-known political activists announced the Formation of a "movement" called "Campaigners for Free Elections" in Iran. This is a result of a long time effort by several groups and personalities. This is a wide coalition inside Iran. They call for all to join their effort and support their activities. They question the role of the Guardian Council again in filtering the candidates.

My personal view is that this act is a turning point in the politcal struggle for democracy inside Iran. It is hard to predict IRI's response, but the pressure is on.

In a related news, Dariush Forohar, announced in Paris last Sunday that "Free Elections" is only possilbe when a certain pre-conditions" are met. He declared that the separation of state and religion has turned into a "national mandate". Apparaerntly, he will go back to Iran soon.

12. September 30, 1995

The Fadayeen (Maj) have issued a statement announcing the execution of Omid Akhavan from Lahijan. In the same statement, they have said that Mr. Sadeghi has been executed. (They have no further info.). They also said that six Democrat (Pishmarg) have also been executed in Oroomieh (Azarbaijan).

Mr. Assad Akhavan's body was given to his family in Langurud and htey held a wake for him in that city. According to the statement Omid Akhavan was a member of Fadayeen (Maj) and was in prison for years.

13. KAR, Kayhan, Iran Times: Week of September 25, 1995

There is a sgnificant pressure which has mounted from within IRI which opts to force the Rohaniat back into the Mosques. Reslaties (Azari Ghomi and Morteza Nabavi,etc) are the flag-bearers of Velayate Faghih). They support Nategh Nouri. Seifian, Azari Ghomi Morteza Nabavi warned everyone of the "attacks on Velayate Faghih;

Iran Times, September 29. Ayatollah Azari Ghomi attacked Mr. Soroush directly in an article. According to Azari Ghomi, Payame Daneshjoo, Ettelaat, Hamshahri are in the anti-Velayate Faghih Front" as well.

Kayhan (London) reported that Mr. Hassan KeiPour, the president of Bou|Ali Sina University in Hamedan is in a fierce fight with the Valieh Faghih Representative in the University and the Emam Jomeh of Hamedan over the issue of "Azan" in the University. Mr. KeiPour has ordered that the Azan not be broadcatsted over the "loud speakers" as it interrupts the Professors.

11 members of the staff (Hezbollahi) have demanded his resignation while some other Professors and Students support Mr. KeiPour who is non-Hezbollahi according to Keyhan ( London). The significance of this incident is that a "non-Hezbollahi" is fighting back and taking on the others" openly.

Fadayeen (Maj) announced that one of their members was executed in Iran in mid-Shahrivar. His name was Omid Akhavan (Lahijan). Six Pishmargehs in Oromieh and a Mr. Sadegh were executed as well. And Iran Times report that a nine member Parliament committee is investigating the "wrong doings" by the Mayor of Tehran, Mr. Karbasschi. Mr. Soveji, the head of committee" has told "Iran News" that

"There is every possiblity that Karbasschi will be removed from his post as a result of the investigation.". Savoji said that was true even if the investigation found that Karbasschi was not personally involved in any wrongdoing. The rumor has it that Mr. Nategh Nouri is pushing this investigation in light of the fact that Mr. Karbasschi is supposedly the choice of some folks in IRI for the next "Presidency".

Accordiong to KAR (117), there is a statement circulating in Iran which is being signed by Iranian people, Publisher's society, some members of the lawyers guild (Anjomane Vokala), some of the Azadikhah journalists, soem of the students of the Tehran University, Shariff, Amir Kabir University, Elam va Sanaast and some Bazaries.

The statement calls on people to assemble in front of the Turkey embassy, And UN High commissioner on Refuggess' office and protest the treatment of Iranian Refugees in turkey.

This is a case of and a model of a great work conducted by "CHAIR" in New York and the "Hambastegi" people in different cities in the World.

This piece of news is interesting from two points of views;

1. A common thread between the intellectuals and people. Students, lawyers, publishers, Journalists and the family members of the Political prisoners. Finally a form of protest that inludes people fron different walks of life.

2. How a casue can be shared between folks inside and outside Iran.


In the name of God

Dear Compatriots.

In two previous declarations which were published in May and July 1995 with more than 100 signatories, campaigners for Free Elections, the prevailing political, econimic and social conditions in the society and the crisis that threaten the Country and the Nation were described. Since resolution of these crises hinges on provision of people's rights and basic freedoms and realization of people's soverignty, and since IRI has announced the Elections for teh fifth IRI's parliamentary elections. We, the campaigners for Free Elections" find it necessary to bring your attention to the following points:

  1. The primary reason for the present crisis, is the rule of "monopolistic group" that ignore the principles regarding rule and rights of the people in the constitution and have monopolistically allocated the resources to the supporters of IRI.
  2. Rubbing people of their freedoms and choice has caused indifference and "Sarkhordegi" of a wide spectrum of the the society regarding political and social problems.
  3. The only way out of the present crisis is facilitation of conditions for "FRee Elections" and encouraging people's participations in the Elections so that people become shareholders in their own destiny.
  4. To attract people's participation in the elections, the conditions of freedom, security and justice must be obtained. "Free Elections" does not mean providing publicity resources to the supporters of IRI a frew days prior to voting. Accordingto the constitution, freedom means freedom of Press, Freedom of formation of Political Parties and assembly and the possibility of presenting different views, programs for solving problems and resolving the present crisis in the society, so that people can vote for the holders of thought and plan rather than the "Approved Guardian Council Candidates". Also people should be able to vote with adequate knowledge of the candidates.
  5. More declaration of Freedom of Assembly and political parties does not suffice. IRI must provide for the security of the individuals, Assembly and the Press, so that the "Reform Advocates" can express [within the boundaries of the constitution] their views freely and securely in the press and meetings to be held across the country. People should alos feel secure in hearing their views.
  6. Observing justice is anohter condition for a legal and healthy elections, so that resources are justly allocated to all candidates and groups.

We, the signatories [the Campaigners for Free Elections] hope [with reliance to almighty God] that our warnings be heard by the government before elimination of any possibility of peaceful resolution of the present crisis. Provision of genuine freedoms, security, Justice and entrusting people formparticipating in Elections will constitute a serious step towards solving the problems and the present crisis.

We invite our compatriots to rise up and demand their basic rights and lawful freedoms and join the "Campaigners for Free Elections". With the hope of help from God and dream of "Payandegi" and "Sarboilandi" of the dear Iranian people and the country.

Shahrivar 1374

"The Campaigners for Freedom of Elections"

Talashgaran Tamine Entekhabate Azad 177 names:

Partial list (Taken from the UWIN server's post)

ayn byanyh ra az jmlh afrad zyr amxa krdh and: