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Other Iranian Democracy/Human Right groups around the world

Democracy Network of Iran (DNI) (Internet/Europe/US)

E-mail address
WWW address DNI HomePage
In EuropeIn US
  Democracy Network of Iran(DNI)

Fax: Att: DNI 718-863-2775

Amir Entezam Defense Committee (Washington)

Public RElations Office: Zohreh Khayam
FAX: 703-536-7853
P.O.Box 846
Silver Springs MD 29007

Campaign for defense of Iranian Political Prisoners (NY, LA, Ottawa)

P.O.Box 20704
NY NY 10129-0006

Center for Defense of Democracy in Iran (NY)

Public Relations Office: Ardeshir Ommani
Tel:914-273-8852/ FAX: 718-863-2775
E-MAIL Address:
P.O.Box 294
NY NY 10021-003

Center for Iranian Democrats (Chicago)

P.O.Box 258-325
Chicago IL 60625

Committee to defend Human Rights in Iran (North California)

Tel:408-738-8759/FAX: 408-732-3493
P.O.Box 23093 San Jose
CA 95153-3093

Iranian Human Rights Working Group (IHRWG-Internet)

Spokesperson: Dr. Hossein Bagher Zadeh
E-MAIL Address:
P.O.Box 5095
North Branch NJ 08876

Iranian Solidarity Movement for Freedom (LA)

Tel: 310-641-9807/Tel: 213-343-9918/Fax: 714-285-9040
P.O.Box 88523
LA CA 90009

L'Association de Defence du Front pour la Republique la Democratie En Iran-Belgique

1090 Bruxelle

About Iran

FAX: 708-8996/Tel: 708-966-8997
P.O.Box 768
Morton Grove IL, 60053

Society for defense of Human rights in Iran (AbdolKarim Lahiji)

B.P.2 75624
Paris cedex 13
FAX: 00331 - 4631-2160

Homa Darabi Foundation

P.O.Box 11049
truckee CA 96162
Tel: 916-582-4197
Fax: 916-582-0156

Das Komite ezurverteidjung Amir Entezam

Contact person: Dr. Masoud KarimNia
Pastfech 101728
44717 Bochum
Fax: 449-511-882-412

National Movement of Iranian Resistance (Founded by Dr. Bakhtiar) N.A.M.I.R

Contact person: E-mail Homepage:

Center for defence of democracy in Iran

Box 8062
20041 Malmö
FAX: +46 40 134178

Iranian Organization for the Defence and Development of Human Rights and Democracy, IODHRD, Canada (British Columbia)

A non-profit society providing aid and education in the areas of democractic rights and human rights for Iranians and/or Farsi speaking people inside and outside of Iran, particularly the Iranian and/or Farsi speaking people of British Columbia
Contact via e-mail