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Latest News on the Current Hunger Strike of Political Prisoners
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According to radio BBC and some political opposition groups, a large group of political prisoners in Shiraz, Esfahan, and Tabriz are on a hunger strike to protest the inhuman conditions in the prisons, and at least one person, Kamran Yazdani, a 23-year old college student who was arrested last year, has been the victim of this hunger strike. Statements from Society of political prisonners in Exile
Documents in Persian (Farsi)
Documents in English
About the sitting strik in Central Stockholm
Address of the Society in Sweden

Unofficial sources have reported that that by July 10, five more prisoners have died as the result of hunger strike. There are also rumors of hanging seven prisoners in Shiraz prison in an attempt by the officials to end the hunger strike!

We provide the latest information on the hunger strike, regardless of the political affiliation of the source, in an attempt to draw the deserved attention to this matter. We are asking you to please contact the official authorities of Iran and ask them to end the hunger strike in a peaceful manner and through negotiation. We provide addresses of some of the offices that you may send your letters to.
Statement of The Iranian Comunist party
Statement of Iranian Peoples Fedaii organization (majority) aTlaeyh~y Svray mrkzy sazman fdayyan Klq ayran (akcryt)(in Gerdsooz format)
Statement of the "rahe karegar" From Nimrooz no. 422
Dead sentence or prisoners "kanoone defae az zendaniyan syasy, dar tabeyd"
Kamran Yazdani's death Kar no. 161 (in Gerdsooz format)
7 prisonners where hanged IranZamin no 147

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