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Deadline: January 1, 1996
Solicting signatures from ALL: Iranian and non-Iranians.
Warning: The Declaration and the Petition is
public information and will be
posted on DNI's HomePage and will be publicly released.
Soliciting endorsement from *all* Hum.Rights and Democracy-Oriented
Non-Governmental Organizations-NGOs
Request: Please sign and encourage your friends to sign this petition.
Fill the following form and send it to if you wish your
name to be added to ths list.

Country of residence:


 We, the undersigned support the formation of Democracy Network of Iran (DNI)
 and demand unconditional provision of freedoms of Press, Assembly, Political
 Campaign, Political Parties, and elections in Iran for all political
 denominations and beliefs.


List of Signatories as of December 18, 1995

 1. Dr. Morteza Abdollahi, Computer Scientist,Ed.D., New Jersey, USA
 2. Dr. Siroos Afshar, Computer Engineer, New Jersey, USA
 3. Manuchehr Amiri, Electrical Engineer, Chicago, USA
 4. Dara Daraee, Student, Houston, USA
 5. Dr. Mohammad Eghtedari, Economist,  Washintgon, DC, USA
 6. Dr. Amir Hossein GanjBakhsh, Physicist,Washington DC, USA
 7. Dr. Kourosh Parsa, Electrical Engineer, New York, USA
 8. Arash Sadati, System Manager, Washington, DC, USA
 9. Behzad Sadeghi, Electrical Engineer, Boston, USA
 10. Mehran Sam , Graduate Student, Toronto, Canada
 11. Hamid Latif, Microbiologist, New York, USA,
 12. Nader Pakdaman, Industry Analyst, USA
 13. ....
 14. Dr. Sohrab Behdad, Economist, USA
 15. Dr. Kamran Behnia, Physicist, Researcher, France,
 16. Mehrdad Mohebbi, Electrical Engineer, California,USA
 17. Dr. Ali Naziripour, Physicist Researcher, Colorado, USA,
 18. Dr. Mohammad Borghei, Anthropoligist/Writer, Washington D.C., USA,
 19. Ciamak Moalemi, MIT Graduate Student, Boston, USA
 20. Potkin Azarmehr; Freelance Computer Consultant, UK
 21. Reza Fani Yazdi, Electrical & Computer Engineer, California, USA
 22.  Hamid Afsharzad, System Engineer, Sweden,
 23. Sadegh Rezaie, USA
 24. Ardeshir Omani, Economist, New York, USA
 25. Dr. Asghar Abdi, Physician, U.K.
 26. ALI Shafiee, Mechanical Engineer, Stockholm, Sweden
 27. Behdad Forghani, Engineer, Montreal, Canada
 28. Farhad Abdolian, Hardware Designer, Stockholm Sweden 
 29. Rambod Razmara      Engineer        Los Angeles US,
 30. Shaheen Ghasemi, Software&Developement, Sweden,
 31. Jafar Mohseni, Engineer, USA
 32. Dr. Shodja Ziaian, Peace Strategist & Political Economist, Toronto, Canada,
 33. Iraj Rastegar, Geophysicist, Texas, USA,
 34. Mohammad Rahimian, writer/editor, Montreal, Canada
 35. Ali Moayedian, Engineer, USA,
 36. Alex Mohseni, Student, Washington D.C, USA
 37. Behnam Mahjoor, Engineer, Sunnyvale, California, USA,
 39. Saeed Ganji, tester, Union City, California, USA
 40. S.F.Kimiaii, Computer Science Student, Sweden,
 41. Dr. Albert Hakimian, MD-PhD student, Bronx, NY, USA,
 42. Parviz Peirevi, Studen at Oregan University, Portand, USA
 43. Dr. Houshang SoleimaniNejad, Dentist, Los Angelos, USA
 44. Pooya Razavian, Student, USA,
 45. Mohsen Moini, Engineer, MD, USA,
 46. Fariborz M. Farhan, Electrical Engineer, Atlanta, Georgia, USA,
 47. Hamid Arin, Engineer, Sweden,
 48. Dara Faramarz, Political Scientist, Chicago, USA
 49. Tara Marchand, Graduate Student, USA,
 50. Dr. Parvin Darabi, Electrical Engineer, CA., USA
 51. Sonia Maia, Journalist, Brazil
 52. Behrooz Roohi, Student, USA
 53. Aresh Izadi, Business owner, Toronto, Canada
 54. Erik K. Gustafson, Teacher, Madison, WI, USA
 55. Jeffrey G. Gustafson, Computor Technician, Milwaukee, WI, USA
 56. Ben Fiore, Engineer, WI, USA
 57. Dan Rodman, Civil Engineer, Nicaraugua
 58. Frank Ferris, Marketing Student, Atlanta, GA
 59. Sarah Mole, Grad Student, London, UK
 60. leigh klonsky, Art Student, Madison, WI, USA
 61. Josh Michaels, Bar Tender, Madison, WI, USA
 62. Sophi Atkins, Undergraduate Student, Wisconsin, USA
 63. Rich Gibson, Rural Sociologist, WI, USA
 64. Ben Manski, Environmentalist, WI, USA
 65. Dr. Reza Soleymani, Electrical Engineer, Montreal, Canada
 66. Magnus Svenson, Student, Sweden
 67. Mohammad Rahimian, writer/editor, Montreal, Canada
 68. Hirad DinAvari, Student, Virginia, USA
 69. Jaleh Abdolazadeh, Software Design Engineer, California, USA
 70. Dr. David Burman, Dentist, Toronto, Canada
 71. Emmanuel Kerdraon, Trainer, Toronto, Canada
 72. Cathy Viot, Student, Toronto, Canada
 73. Jason Konstantos, Law Consultant, Toronto, Canada
 74. Mercedes Sauvageau, Services, Longueuil QC, Canada
 75. Suzanne Savaria, Make Up Artist, Montreal, Canada
 76. Helene Lafleche, ..., Montreal, Canada
 77. Christiane Theriault,..., QC, Canadda
 78. Claude Cormier,..., Laval QC, Canada
 79. Victor Botelho,..., St Jerome, QC, Canada
 80. Jean-Claude Nader,..., Longueuil QC, Canada
 81. Karen Heaven,..., Sydney, Australia
 82. Donald Tremblay, ..., QC, Canada
 83. Bruno Reufmann,..?,Montreal, Canada
 84. Louise Bourge,..., Ste-Julie QC, Canada
 85. Michel Chabot, Teacher, QC, Canada
 86. Francois Roussel, Monteur Video?, Montreal, Canada
 87. David Simon, Musician, Montreal, Canda
 88. Micheline Healy, Teacher, QC, Canada
 89. Claire Gareau, ..., QC, Canadda
 90. Nicole Bertrand, Teacher, Montreal, Canada
 91. Thomas Carette, Therapist, QC, Canada
 92. Pierre C. Dubrewil, Operateur VTR?, QC, Canada
 93. Josselin Racireh, Service Clientele?, Montreal, Canada
 94. Patrick Mulhauser, Independent Associate, Montreal, Canada
 95. Linda Taciano, Administration Assistant, Toronto, Canada
 96. Victor Muscat, Sales Rep., Toronto, Canada
 97. Joel Percier, Salesman, Mississauga, Canada
 98. Diane L. Daniel, Actress, Mississauga, Canada
 99. Lila Reggad,..., Toronto, Canada
100. Valerie Burgues, Programs Associate, Toronto, Canada
101. Anne Hurtubise, Self-employed, Toronto, Canada
102. Paule Cote, Vacation Consellor, Toronto, Canada
103. Benoit Valhon, ..., Montreal, Canada
104. Denise Belise,..., Montreal, Canada
105. Piere Cherolie, Professor, Longueuil, QC, Canada
106. Professor Charles-Yvan Miroux "Amidrael", QC, Canada  
107. Dick Laflech, Retired, Montreal, Canada
108. Joicoure (sp?) St-Piere, Student, McMasterville QC, Canada
109. Richard Rochen, Bus Driver, Ottawa, Canada
110. Daniel Cauetto (sp?), Graphist, Montreal, Canada
111. Claire Labrie, Masseuse, Laval, QC, Canada
112. Alain Gauthier, Programmer, Montreal, Canada
113. Aurore Vorilhon, Student, Montreal, Canada
114. Stephane Mellul, Student, St-Laurent, QC, Canada
115. Caroline Mimeault, Student, Verdun, QC, Canada
116. Noanie Heffron, Taxi operator, UK
117. Arash BananZadeh, Computer Science, USA
118. Hamid R. Fazel, L.M.B., Iran
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