Democracy Network of Iran
June 1995 - November 2001

Has ceased all of its activities as of
November 12, 2001

DNI was a net-based network of individuals with focus on social, economical and political development in Iran or in relation to Iran, advocating creation of truly democratic processes in political and social domains. Currently there are no active list on DNI (but this is a historical look at our history):

DNI Discussion list

A closed list where only members can send messages to other members. The number of daily e-mails vary from 0 to 60 per day. Name and e-mail address of members can not be seen by any member of the group except the list maintainer.

Subscribers to this list will automatically receive postings to dni-news list.

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DNI News list

DNI-NEWS is an open news list where anyone can send Iran related news to. All postings to this list are forwarded to dni-disc automatically.

Name and e-mail address of members are confidential and can only viewed by the list owner.

You can subscribe to DNI's news list by sending an e-mail to
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